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Eco innovation action lisbon 2012


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Lisbon meeting about water related innovation. Finance plan for encouraging Small Entreprise in creative solutions. European plan for action.

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Eco innovation action lisbon 2012

  1. 1. Eco-Innovation Action Plan Lisbon 2012 26th November at FIL Lisbon.Mr Peter "Woodward" independant moderator.There is a need for connecting with different sectors, NGO, administrations, research andcompanies. The participants are invited to meet others around their tables.Forum objective.Mr Carlos Nuno Oliveira, (not present) Min of Entrepreneurship.Mr Timo Makela, European Commission.Video from Janez Potocnik.(on behalf of Mr Oliveira) It is a forum about water innovation. There must be talks for newpolicies about water and eco innovations. Jobs may be created in industry, service, researchabout Eco innovation.Mr Timo Makela.This forum is a combination of experts of NGOs, Universities, companies. He introduce the videoof Janez Potocnik. "Water situation is an innovation chain and also an opportunity for business.Water challenges will create jobs and EU may participate to promote these areas of action."First: regulations and policies are necessary.Second: demonstration of innovative technologies.Third: look at standards for innovation.Fourth: finance and support for Small Medium Enterprises.Fifth: expand activities and network outside Europe.Six: to improve skills in EU panorama through Leonardo.Progress in Global Market.Mr Felix Karmazinov, CEO Vodokanal.Mr Adelio Joaquim Rodrigues Da Silva, Manager Hidromod.Mr Slavco Velickov, Water Industry CEO.Mr Felix Karmazinov, (not present) St Petersburg.Mr Anatoly Kinebas, deputy CEO Vodakanal.Being at the border of the sea there is a huge responsability about environment. Even if the citywas decided to be the russian capital, there was not water treatment. Before 1978 nothing wasdone for water, now it is 98% treated. Nitrogen and phosphorus discharge have reducedramaticaly. There is no blooming of blue-green algae in the gulf of Finland. Education ofVodakanal staff have change the habits. Russian Finland and European experts participate withtheir knowledge to improve water situation. There are many cities that want to have better waterprojects from the Western Russia to the far east of Vladivostock. A board of water researchcenter specialists are participating to conferences, activities and trainings. From schoolchildren toManagers, every activity corresponding to the target group. Kids are becoming house police thatlook at how much water is used by household. More than 2200 participants and specialists havebeen trained in the Center.
  2. 2. Mr Slavco Velickov and Mr Adelio Silva.Hidromod is working in water cycle from the source to the treatment. Bentley is about softwaremanagemnt for buildings, and infrastructures. The aim is to move from DATA managementtoward INFORMATION in realtime. The project is to use the knowledge for a better managementof environment. AQUASAFE is a business intellignece platform to sinchronize data coming formsensors and information to people who need to read it. The system aims to receive data andmodels in order to send the relevant information, also adapting its architecture to the newconditions. AQUASAFE wants to highlight prevention. It is also helping to support earlywarningsystem about anomalies.Mr Slavco Velickov. An exemple about water loss reduction: in EU, water loss is alarming becauseof system leaks. A strategy have been developped for checking the reality of water wasted.Active water monitoring is enabling to reduce losses by acting on maintenance and networkmanagement. The GPRS transmission helps to save water by find where the water is lost in thepipe. Energy eficiency is linked to when you pump water, with what pump. Carbon footprint andenergy savings are immediate in study case because it is linked to real action on the system. Alsoanother project is about SIMTEJO, linking forecast predictions to TEJO river level. This wouldavoid environmental disaster if some flooding may occure in the region.Experience sharing.Round Table with 22 case studies.Choice: 9, 22, 17.EU companies in India and China,Solar solution about treating water,Sustainability in portuguese speaking countries.EU companies in India and China, Ms Nicole Zantkuijl.What is the experience about working in India and China. What are the needs forcompanies?WssTP is a european network with 80 members, Industry and Research.How to learn about the existing network, bi lateral projects, disemination. Companies are part ofthe learning process. How to support SMEs. Working on the field show that the indian andchinese markets are difficult. European companies may take part of chinese innovation processbecause there are specific, high pressure concerns in China, high rate of urbanization. Verificationand Certification process will be interesting for India and China as they are creating innovationbut they need the solutions to be approved scientificaly. Environment solutions are Policy driven.Introducing scientists inside partners policy making process is a neutral way of influence. It ispossible because it is not trying to introduce a specific product but improving Environmentalpolicies. But it is important to think about specific solutions wether to try to find a generalsolution. For exemple, instead of cleaning water it can sometimes be used directly because italready contain adequate fertilizers.It is important to consider chinese specific framework about building a cooperative responseinstead of proposing any ready made paper.Local industrial cities in China need to invest in treatment and they are in need of investment. Anintegrated approach will make a difference if it enable to identify priority in investment topics.
  3. 3. Solar solution about treating water, EFACEC.What should be considered to be a good idea?Eco, inventive, usefull, global and cost effective (can compete with existing solution). An idea wasproposed by research in University. A partnership is on going for financing the project andUniversity is making research. If Economical, Research and Experience in waste treatment plantcan be cooperative it should reach a better technology. The tests are done in Portugal first forcost reason, there is no attempt to setup this experience in very sunny country. There is a smallbudget inside the company. The deal of cooperation include a certain Industrial propertyagreement. When University side want to publish it is monitored by the company becausepublished datas can not be patented later. It may come as product on the market within oneyear. The treatment is made in close circuit and the liquid is changed daily. There is no deposit ofsolid or corrosion. The principle of operation is spliting molecules and the, realising the first stepof treatment.Sustainability in portuguese speaking countries.With a trustful cooperation within parties, it is possible to face Climate Change for certain placesand increase funds available for these countries.Making Connections.Ms Lora Pavlova, Eco-Innovera.Ms Karen Bohme, Ecopol Network.Ms Anabela Carvalho, ENV-NCP.Ms Karen Bohme.Encouraging action from a Policy perspective.Ms Lora Pavlova.To build a network for information and experience sharing among Policy makers. Somerecommendations: smart regulation that trigger Eco Innovation and to be adapted to reality.Ms Anabela Carvalho.Supporters and enabelers for innovation. What the challenges?, what are the gaps? SMEs needsto unlock the barriers. Going beyond our borders by going outside together. Being aware of thelocal needs and habits instead of reaching other markets with ready made solutions.Scaling-up progress. Recommendations.What are the next steps?Ideas by participants to be discussed on tables:Patents, IPRs can hinder eco innovation? Do we need a new system?Feedback / inofo on eco-innovation presented to SMEs.Cluster of Eco-innovation technologies / internationalisation of SMEs energy and materialefficiency.Fantastic technologies for water utilities.Your projects, we will spend 10 milions on system innovation.Toilet without water in Turkey, looking for really bright ideas.Collecting best pratice across Europe, can you contribute? What can be done at EU level?Systemic innovation ideas to improve your recommendations.
  4. 4. Supporting water demonstration projects. European water partnership.Sort the things out in Africa, but actual finance policies are limited to european projects.Sorting the things out in Africa: round table.Putting appropriate funds into demonstration projects. Selection of projects. The problem ofincorporating a lot of different culture into joint research is a dillution of work. There is a lack ofcoordination and not enough follow-up during long time projects. The next period for Europeanbudget will have more finance for projects. Countries receiving funds are part of the projects andmust come with the action plan. The action plan fits into priority described by the country. TheEU Commission will encourage participation of diversity of actors inside projects, that is to sayprivate sector, research centers, country administration, NGOs. It is also possible to create abusiness model that enable a structure to raise money from commercial activity.Tuesday 27th November at FIL Lisbon.Presentations to highlight programmes and initiatives.Ms Luisa Prista, DG Research and innovation EU.Ms Claudia Pahl-Wostl, University of Osnabrück.Mr Östen Ekengren, vice president, IVL.Ms Luisa Prista.80 billion euro proposed for Horizon 2020.- single programme/initiatives.- innovation from research to retail.Excellence on Science 24.6 billion euro.Industrial leadership 17.9 billion euro.Societal challenges 31.7 billion euro.Water from FP7 to Horizon 2020.130 billion per year in FP7, 900 projects on water.Horizon will focus on trans sectorial aspects.Priority 5 is Climate action Ressource efficiency and raw materials.Major water initiatives in Europe with 500 million per year in water research. Horizon 2020projects launch starts 1/1/2014.Environment work programme 2013 to be presented 15 january 2013 at Brussel.Ms Claudia Pahl-Wostl.Skills and jobs. Water sector. Water Food Energy Nexus.Increasing uncertainties of the context.exemple: System management for floods.Societal change, context frames, actions, Outcomes.The evolution of the project is linked to constent transformation according to learning process.New skills requiered: Design, adaptative and change management. Uncertainty, market basedand multi-stakeholder processes.Consulting business is a job opportunity at implementation level. Networking is a powerful toolsfor business. Also Governmental agencies must strenghen their capacities. Capacity building andtraining. Cultural, experience, multi approach in Europe.
  5. 5. Mr Östen Ekengren.SMEs from idea to export.Cleantech for growth. Incubator SP5 leading to real technologies and applications. To developDemo Sites.More than 30 technology platform. There is an interest for Indian market. Cooperation of SMEsand large companies is encouraged for working inside a competitive world.Enabling Effective Action/ Table discussion about what is emerging in water issues. Waterstressed areas. Mediteranean investment. Climate change is affecting more southern Europe interm of water scarcity.Panel discussion.Questions from the audience. Water solutions exists, it is important to spread knowledge in othercountries through centers. At regional level it is possible to share experinces and demonstrationprojects. Paper and publications can be done for making information available. Also regional 500million are financed by european states at local level.Finance perspectives. Mr Georgios Floros, EU Com, Competitivenes and job policies.COSME "Actions to improve SME access to finance".Several venture partners are managing investment funds. These structures are dedicating fundswithin specific regions or language based selection. Capital funds are interested because ofexperience in water technologies, expertise, partnership. SMEs must be prepared to show strongarguments to fund holders. Return of investment is a major goals for that structures.International relations. Ms Rita Silva, Innovation agency.ECOPOL is a major tool for joint work of EU commission and member states. It is acceleratingEco Innovation policies and helps to implement new instruments of Eco Innovation.Financial ressources, Qualified Human Capital, Market intelligence and Networking.WP6 internationalisation framework is a system between Policy makers Eco Innovative SMEs. Thisideal system has showed some gaps at each levels of administration.Ms Sonja Van Renssen, Revised recommendations.Strategic Innovation Plan. Value chain on better education and Communication. What aboutAgriculture, Water for energy production. "Smart regulation", horizontal issues rther thansectorial. Starting from a need, not a product, integral approach toenvironmental/economic/social performance.Mr Franscisco Nunes Correia, IST Water ressources.Mr Karl-Ulrich Rudolph, University of Witten/Herdecke.Ms Madalena Neves, Cape Verde Embassy.Mr Timo Makela, European commission.Mr Franscisco Nunes Correia.Use of water in Agriculture, Energy and other sectors must be considered as a whole. Water mustbe considered as a key ressource for business innovation. To resolve problems in a simple andcheap manner would be fine, it is not strategic efficient to develop very complicate technologies.Industry should lead the innovation and take on board University, NGOs and other participants.
  6. 6. Ms Madalena Neves.The Island of Cap Verde is making progress in reaching NDGs. It is becoming a emerging country.Highlights:IPR and Open innovation for driving eco-innovation.-> Go for open market goals.-> Demand should come from users, policy makers, countries."Smart regulation" need for flexibility, standards to be considered by Policymakers.-> Policies have driven the innovation.-> Think to a middle quality for recycled water instead of drinkable standard.-> Stability and good governance is important to enable innovation in small countries, throughAfrica and beyond.SMEs and larger businesses have to understand the market they want to enter.-> It is not a one time market opportunity but a long term view is possible.Partnerships/scaling up to be enanced for reaching european markets and abroad.-> EU Members states have been communicating about innovative technologies, isnt it late topresent technology implementation now?-> ACP Africa Carabean and Pacific companies have a special agreement with EU.-> Move from fencing to bridge building.-> Partnership will create new markets, gender opportunities and more.Closing speech.Mr Pedro Afonso de Paulo, Ministry for Environment and Spacial planning.Mr Timo Makela, Dr Life and Eco-Innovation Unit, EU.Mr Pedro Afonso de Paulo.Closing the European Forum on Eco innovation and focus of water. It is a great potential forfacing the actual trouble in job market. The partnership is welcome. Water policy in Portugal aimsto face the bad situation about water and promote a better use of ressources. Water scarcityperiods show higher costs linked to water. Global scale actions and country based policies mayhelp to improve water efficiency. Storage, transport and usage are among the sectors that mustbe improved. Portugal is highly commited to reach the goals. Daily life will be influenced by newhabits and also global actions.Mr Timo Makela.We are actualy overconsumming our planet, then it must be a real effort for job creation,innovation and ressource preservation. Recommendations will help to make it happen after theforum. Portuguese commitment is welcome for national actions and results.Published by RDM-ROW Dominique Deschamps