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Doc photovoltaïc assembly 30 june 2011 brussel


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Brussels 2011's european PV platform annual assembly

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Doc photovoltaïc assembly 30 june 2011 brussel

  1. 1. www.eupvplatform.orgEuropean platform photovoltaïc assembly 30 june 2011 Brussels“Benefits of photovoltaïcs forEuropes Energy and Economy”Opening speaker: WIN SINKE – Photovoltaïc technologies are in transition. – European actors may communicate for being a group, not individuals working on photovoltaïc.Discussions are tough after Fukushima. Must be calm about what happened and think about thefuture. The future in photovoltaïc is increasing power efficiency an reducing cost of production.Public intervention can help, but the cost must be in line.Long term priorities are set, road map is clear but discussions are not always easy because ofnational representatives that comes for National lobbies. Research organisations are asking for helpin creating, but they realize they must be complementary inside competition. Researchorgnisationcanno be efficient on everything. The shares will be a greater result. There is a need forgood repartition of finance even if each research organisation wants to develop is own technology.Energy technologies are actuly at the top of interest for development. It was not the case severalyears ago, it has changed. 2020 is a goal on this topic. End.Speaker Josche Muth from EREC European Renewable Energy Council (full report document)Re thinking 2050Goal for 2050 100% electricity from renewable technologies. All scenarios thinking energy demandwill increase from now to 2050. For electric vehicles consumption 77 Twh for all vehicles. Electricengines are much more efficient than classic engines (all included). Heat sector is supposed to be96% renewable energy by 2050 (because fossil fuel still used in transport)2.090 bilions economy realised by developing renewable energies (included development cost andcarbon cost avoided) Also social benefit is increasing in term of employment.Policy measures: – supporting transition – full implementation of renewable energies measures – 2020 ambitious energy savings – 20% GreenHouseGas reduction by 2020 – targeting 45% renewable energy by 2030 – implementing Carbon european taxEnergy system is conservative system, that is why investmet in renewable technologies is a battle.Also CO² transportation network shouldnot be an investment if we expect CO² emission to becomezero, otherwise someone will look for return.
  2. 2. Speaker Fabrizio Bonemazzi from ENEL Green Power: Utility point of view.Outlook on world market. Africa consuming equal USA. When PV doubling installed systemsproduce decrease of 22% in same period. Reduction is in fact more than half. PV have the bestposition for competition with other renewable in electric production. Sunny countries will see boostmarkets due to high efficiency of PV in that condition compared to other technologies. Solar isbecoming more and more competitive, that is why future plans will be modified accordingly.ENEL is partner in DII Desertec Industrial Initiative.Renewable and efficiency will be the main drivers to combine sustainability and development.Solar PV is the main technology for the reasons of solar power availability and efficiency.It has impact on the grids, and is ready to compete with fossil fuel in term of cost, technology andefficiency.Speaker Martin Braun from University of Stuttgart about High penetration of PV into the grid.900.000 plants, 80% on low voltage systems. One day example: In Germany PV is 13 gw, 30% ofpower generation. PV + Wind = 50%. Another day PV is 6 Gw, 50% of power generation, 100%PV + Wind.Desertec grid is a super grid. Also small equipments connected in network are a real solution.Information and communication may help developing and raise interest into population. – Support voltage disturbance and support unstable frequency are main problems in grids. – With low voltage grid, reduction of cost for system installation. – Remote control is necessary for power control. – Power generation on site for local consumption.Speaker Windfried Hoffman EPIA European Photovoltaïc Industry Association PV competingPV price is decreasing and should be 50% lower by 2020. – wafer thickness – kerf loss – efficiency – automation – (social benefit)Speaker Dr Ramamoorthy Ramesh from Sunshot Initiative US of Energy Importance of PVThe DOE SunShot Program in USAMoonShot Kenedy → SunSHot Obama2004 8$ per watt2010 3.8$toward 0.10$Speaker Sven Teske for GreenPeace International Solar Generation 6Nuclear powerplant to be shut down in Germany.
  3. 3. Global need of CO² reductionGreat window of oportunitySolar is part of Energy revolutionSolar generation define role of Solar in Electricity demandSolar technology to developEurope is rising in PV development until 2010Solar is the best way to fight CO² generation, and then, helps to achieve reduction goals.1 expand solar scheme development2 electrification in rural areas and stop subsidies to nuclear and fossil fuel3 support solar technologiesNo expression for negative side on PV because it is a relevant solution. Not possible to highlightsome bad side of PV because if we fight against all sources of energy (coal, nuclear, fossil fuel) wejust fight against ourselves. Then promoting the solution of PV is an opinion showing that thissolution is a relevant way to reduce fossil fuel and nuclear technology.Speaker Michel Catinat for High level Group/Industrial growth (and Winfried Hoffman EPIA)Precise technologies and research about elements. This is called key technologies use.The report is proposing implementation, real recommendations.Case example of electric car: (also valid for sustainable product creation) – integrated approach – nano-technologies – micro, nano-electronics – PhotonicsLithium Ion resource, 35% Asia, 30% Europe, 30% USALithium Ion production, 87% Asia, 0% Europe, 1% USAChinese industry is trying to build the process from basic research to large production.Non EU value in photovoltaïc systems: 70%Non EU value in module and inverter: 55%From 75 Gw to 150 Gw for PV installation in the world. (base line, scenario or high line scenario)Speaker (Thomas Chrometzka) for BSW-Solar, Germany Photovoltaïc roadmap 2020real speaker is finally Winfried Hoffmann. – Transformation of PV
  4. 4. – Advantage of PV – Competitive german industryPotential in environmental and climate protection, security of power supply and germanIndustry as production location.Goal 8.5 Gw of german PV electricity.132.000 employees in PV sector.Grid schematic PV connection.Complete vision and 9 targets in action process in Germany. Direction for the Solar economy.Closing.Final statement:PV is here to stay.German laboratoryCompetitivenessGoals of 2020 2030 may happen during next decadePV will be able to make it at right price and right timeThere is industrial policy with support for global successSlides will be available on the website: european platform for PVJoin the platform. Make documents and visions. Strategic plan is available.