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Bio vision 2013 lyon


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International meeting about medical research, health goals and society health care.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Bio vision 2013 lyon

  1. 1. BioVision 2013 LyonIl faut donner un nouveau souffle à la recherche et les actions pour favoriser la formation desfuturs chercheurs vont dans ce sens. Ce siècle sera celui du gène, comme les précédents ont étéceux de la vapeur et de lindustrialisation.Biovision 2013. Ouverture de lédition 2013.Mme Fioraso, Ministre de lEducation supérieure et de la Recherche.Le secteur de la Santé enregistre un chiffre daffaire deux fois plus élevé en France quandAllemagne et les indicateurs sont bien plus positifs que les autres domaines industriels. Plus de200 millions deuro sont actuellement consacrés à la recherche translationnelle en France.Génopole Rhône-Alpes et dautres projets ont affirmé les compétences de la Région dans cesexpertises avec des influences sur les activités Européennes et Internationales. Lorientation desrecherches va dans le sens de la guérison des maladies qui infligent des coûts important à notreSociété.Les différentes formes de Recherches doivent maintenant dialoguer et agir pour une synergie desefforts. Les Start-up doivent être soutenues pour devenir les groupes internationaux du futur.Entre avril 2004 et avril 2012 plus dune dizaine de traitements ont été mis en place pour desmaladies enfin vaincues. Principalement dans les pays développés, le potentiel des nouvellesfilières doit être mis en valeur parce quelles représentent des enjeux important pour les jeuneset leur avenir. Biovision est donc un événement décisif en ce qui concerne les orientations deRecherche et la confiance portée aux objectifs de traitements médicaux.Transversal approaches to catalyze innovation.Mr Andrew JACK, journalist.Lyon is a good place for the conference of research on medical treatments. French andinternational speakers have their vision on future of innovation and partnership.Mr Chris Viehbacher.Innovation is important for running a company and also for the Society. There is a virtual cycle ofinnovation and influence on longer lifetime of famillies and health. There are more newtreatments since 2000 than before even if the financial risk is higher. The Bio tech community isfinanced also by pension fund who want to make sure yo have money when you will be retired.39 new medecines and vaccins have been approved in the US lately. They come from emergingcompanies. The most important is not the building or the finance but where you find the bestprofessionals. Some project can create conflict between reality and dream. We have tocommunicate the failing in order to avoid several teams to work on the same issues. Patientprivacy is important and it is not possible to share data. For HIV it has been posible to sharemore details because data was shared without personnal indication.Pr Jean-Marie Lehn.Changing paradygm is needed to come to action. Innovation is under the light for long timebecause it is a way of going forward in economy and discovering new treatments. A scientificresearch must wait for being in time. To publish failure in the Research activity is not very goodbecause it shows bad result, but enquiry about why it failed might be interesting. Innovation is amean for structure while it is a goal for funding partners.
  2. 2. Mr Jean-Yves Gilet.A lot of life science structures are supported for bringing success in treatment. Investorsperspective take in account four factors: new model of patient care, increasing regulatorypressure, limitation of public funds but more enforcement of law, a change in research effort thatwill increase the competition, beside major companies some structures with innovative attitudeare emerging. Within the global finance team there is a death valey. What we need is an efforttoward the industrialization. What are the main challenges for investors? To develop partnershipis emerging structure along with public and private structures. Cooperation is a daily work forcapital venture and InnoBio is the symposium of six companies in that matter.Mr Antoine Frérot.Innovation is a key issue for Veolia. The company was fonded in Lyon for providing clean waterto the population. Pasteur said "we drink 90% of our illness". Water, Energy and Wastes must belinked for a better use and recycling. More creativity must develop partnership between Mérieuxand Veolia to detect infections in drinkable water. Scarcity of natural ressource is also an issue interm of research and use of water. Research and dreams must be linked to make a better futur.Mr Fukuda.WHO have an office in Lyon and this is because it is the place of work for health and treatments.The office is working on critical points. Influenza have been a remarkable step in the will toanalyze and cure illness. An Inter-Governmental process is on-going to understand what is themost important way to make the medical world more efficient and relevant. What needs to bedone is linked to major medical issues the world is facing. The next few decades will follow thediscovery of Penicilin. The global issue on parasites, diseases shows that combination of medicaltroubles is life threatening. In addition, drug resistance problem is causing hospitals to close innorthern Europe. The struggle is why are we in a situation where the population is using drugs inuncontroled way and this is a concern for international partners. Sharing of information withtransparency attitude is a complex issue because the structures have to change.Mr Greg Perry.Increasing HIV treatment access is a significant goal we have to focuse on. Where we can bringinnovation together with (...) To full fill the needs of medecines amogst population. The need forimproving regulatory and intellectual property is on of the goals. Economicaly valuable scheemeand Business models can be improved for small scale research. The pulling of innovation andintellectual property should become a norm and following the success it should be a pionneerattitude.Plenary session.Living with micro organisms, risks and opportunities.Pr Jules Offman.Multi resistence to medicines has become an issue. The inside mecanisms is studied and storedfor research. Thousand of cases are under review. It is reasonable to be enthousiastic becausedefense reaction is gradually better known. Contribution to knowledge is huge and there can be10 microbs in each humans cells amongst thousand various kinds. 50 bacterias only are a threatto human life. New strategies are arriving for both research and curation.
  3. 3. Pr Alice Dautry.It is important to remind that one single bacteria can cause huge damage into a Nation as it hashappen before. The disease transmitted by birds is a great challenge because it can cause manyhuman deaths. The big fear is about virus mutation that could make the research more difficult.Samples have been collected in four different markets and it is present on every. It means that itis not so contagious because not so many people are seek. Virus are present everywhere, inmud, house dust, animals etc. Mutations occurs went virus have been in contact with drugs.Receptors study show that it must be under review because it has happened to seecontamination from human to human (really?) and not only bird to human. Promiscuty with birdsis a danger in term of threat to health.Pr Nathan Wolfe.HIV jump from chimp population to humans during the late 1980. 1991, 1992, 1993 wheredifferent steps while AIDS was under research and US President to use the word AIDS. On wayof collecting data is the use of mobile phones. A Big data system collecting health status wouldhelp to study new strategies.Mr Sandeep Juneja.It has been almost thirty years that HIV is under research. Virus affecting immunity system.Affected person can have longer life expectancy now and there is a gap between developpingand developped countries. Health care can be monitored better in developping countries now. Asolution is to put skills together. Generic drugs must be allowed to make profit because it is notpossible to continue.Pr Jean-Luc Belingare.Infectious diseases create a significant number of death, like septism. Every hour that paseswithout treatment is a increasing factor of death. Diagnose tools can help to understand illnesslike melanoma and else. Technologies have been developped for better knowledge andunderstanding. Pathogens are serious issues to be studied.What about "good microorganisms" ?There is significant virus number in Nature that can colaborate and have positive effects. Askingif that colaboration can help to cure desease is very relevant, but also there no worse strategy tobuild poor treatment on eratic data.Who will organize to collect data ?This should happen organicaly, and it just come from a meeting in Roma were major partnerswere discussing.What is the way forward of treating with microorganisms ?The knowledge is thin about the large variety of effects of microorganisms. There is a need ofscience about using microorganisms for curation.
  4. 4. Impact of Climate change, Diversity of microorganisms.Pr Jean Jouzel.We will face a serious problem because of Climate change and it will affect many life sectors.Increase of temperature, floods and impact on Biodiversity are linked to our industry and use offossil fuels.Agriculture modification and emerging deseases.64% of human deseases comes from animals. By the end of 2050 there will be 9 billion people tobe fed. Then, food production must be increased of 50%. The problem is linked to the fact thatdesease can affect humans through food. Food processes can create bad conditions, alsotravelers with planes and animals. Prion, SARS, Influenza H5N1 and H1N1 have been the lastglobal infectious outbreak. 10 million cattle were killed in UK to prevent more human infection.Also Schmallenberg affected Europe and this is a serious issue on european market. Chikungunyaand Dingues are two infectious deseases that have been brought to french riviera by urbanmoskito.Breading animals with high intensity, without choice of desease resistence is also a serious risk. Atripartite concept note by WHO states that health is a public good. Holistic approachs must beused for research about non hypothesis-driven studies. We must also be carrefull about the useof insecticides because it may increase resistence. Modeling and prediction must followobservation to have a clear overview of risks. There is a need of surveillance and management indeseases outbreak.Eradication is not a goal but protecting the population from infection is an appropriate strategy.Dr Tanja Wolf.Health and global environmental change.Speaking to the audience because we are first humans, before being representatives of industry.Health is at the center in the picture of all sectors that are affecting human status. Industry,atmosphere, activity, gases are all connected. The dimension of the challenge have visible andinvisible points. All moving fast or slow, linked to poverty and human behaviour, but not easy tochange. Example can be a good strategy for influencing the Society. Now health and livingenvironment are really in direct connection as we can make observation of premature deathbecause of air pollution. In Europe, WHO regional office have been aware of the problem since1989 Frankfurt meeting. The frame of action is leading in term of information sharing andreduction of greenhouse gases. Actually Health indicators can show the positive impact ofsustainabiity on the society. Four examples of better attitude for energy, food, activity andhousing show good results. Air pollution have rapid effect on health, so it may be the easiest wayto immediatly create an impact.Health system must be improved for eastern europe countries and partnership to helpcoordination and allocation of funds for a better action.
  5. 5. Pr Henry Dicks.The risk of reducing water to an abstraction.It is a speech about philosophy. Scientists and philosophers are studying phenomens.Phenomenology is then a way to look at water through this filter. In the consummer society it ispossible to see the products but not to realize how it was produced. Water as become a risk withheavy metal, and other pollution. It would be a good idea to let water appear. The example ofLyon shows that there is no more car park along the Rhone and there are walking path. Thechange did not contribute in a significant maner to reduce climate change but it shows how it canbe done.Risks and responses.Dr Nathan Wolfe.In the old times people were living where the food was grown-up. Now we have created a largemarket where desease as well as products are shared. We see forces changing our life.Dr Maria Naria.Places where people dont have access to water will be multiplied by two, while climate changecontinues to kill our environment. Causes of death are linked to water conditions, availability, andimpact of human activity on the ressource. If we move to a green society we will see the impactof better attitude. Prevention is the major goal and climate change adaptation for healthcommunity means access to health care. The equity question shows that the Nations creatingclimate change are the best protected and those affected by climate change are those whichhave less funds to face. Using bicycles in european cities has not only an effect on reducing C0²emission but also on individuals health.Pr Sylvie Joussaume.Climate have impact on everything. There is an impact of weather conditions on allergies, and fora precise example, dust can increase meningitis and there is a study ongoing about thishypothesis.Dr Alexandre Brailowsky.What does mean a solution from industry point of view ?Human activity will turn into behavior role. The participation to change of behavior is a strategyfor efficient involvement of the population. The "river keeping" movement in USA say you cantextend the use of water without damaging the environment. Nile water ressource managementwas the reason for creating the notion of "state" in Egypt.What is the future for human capacities?Research shows great results in term of new way of "producing" mobility. In the first case, a ratthat had a spine injury could walk again after injection. The fluid is based on typical fluidspresent in the brain. It is described by the team leader as puting the brain inside the spine, as itis encouraging the recovery of nervous signals. The main goal of the process is to force themobility and tell the brain to take over legs movement command.
  6. 6. Enabling technology for Biomanufacturing challenges and opportunities by 2020.(Protest of CGT, Confederation of Workers is on going since monday morning and we can heardrums beating. They came from various plants to alert about SANOFI project about research)Private companies which are producing equipments, drugs and experts will discuss market trendsand strategies.Global market 2015 is about 150 billion. Novel technologies and regulation have an impact onproduction design and quality. Clinical-trial products and production are traditionally made byhand with CMO equipment and hybrid, or product maker own plant (wich can be fixed ormodular).New procedures are to be taken into account. For example about specific enveloppes, packagingmust be in good shape and checked. A single small pinch made by wrong handeling or badmachines will create a dammage. It is good to learn from community experience. A smallcompany can be helped for first experience.What about the coming decade and market potential ?1- newest trends in novel therapies ?Sciences are to be mixed.2 - what are the biggest opportunities for growth ?By the end of this decade the market will represent several billion of USD. Chemical drug is madeby reaction that can be reproduce by generic because same reaction produce same drug. Biologicmedicine needs complex work for building its structure and is really difficult to copy.3 - how to release cost pressure and improve process efficiency ?Analytics is a big part of the cost and pressure of the regulatory. Halogeneic, immunoterapy andcancer are emerging opportunities. Gene therapy cost is 1,250 million euro per dosis, then formoment very narrow market but it will be transformed by production technology to anaffordable treatment.4 - technologies and workforce to manage risk and meeting the regulation ?The workforce needs to have relevant skills for the new challenges and then be trained to. Cleanrooms will be installed for the new investment and improving effectivness with cost reduction.Flexibility of equipments for different kind of production is requiered. Cooperation is acceleratingthe development by puting together the development teams and production, sharing skills andcreating synergies.Innovation approach shows that much work has to be done. R&D must be done in chemistry tounderstand exactly the reaction instead of creating trials of 10% dilution. Cost solving solution isnot yet found but there must be a way with halogenic products. With manpower you can save 30to 40% of the workforce. Also, automatisation is not the best and only solution because it needsto invest on devices and adding daily consumming of side products.70% of new drugs are very difficult to develop because of complexity of creating productionlines. Plant based products, and acellular also show good expectation of production. It needs
  7. 7. high professional skills and then good training for changing the existing workforce into efficientteams. For example chemist must also be able to manage bio-ingeneering. Conversion of workerscan be long because technologies require precise activity.In Germany it is easier to work by combining University and Work. The most difficult part is notto train people but to find an adequate situation for each.Quality by design is based on understanding the structure and clinical effect of a drug. If you dothat well you can save time and money. Time management, manufacturing and distributionthrough commercial readiness. As suppliers, companies must bring in the correct intrants to helpdrug development.Focusing on quality and reducing the risk of polutant during process are the main goals. To workwith partners for developping efficient industrialization and controled production.Lifescience research in Brazil. San Paolo.Pr Eduardo Kriger. Fundacion for medical research.Pr Raul Machado Neto. University of San Paolo.Building trust and reliability. The country is not only sunny picture for tourists but also has arelevant University training. Certificates are possible in many and almost all carrers. San Paolorepresent 52% of brazilian scientific papers in the country. Between 2000 and 2009, more than58.000 articles about life sciences. There is an evident increase of publication and 24% of thepapers are written with international colaboration. Life science Post graduate programs areamongst the more numerous within the total of graduations in Brazil. Interdisciplinary researchoffice establish a program for this specific groups. 123 groups are actually financed for this work.Internationalization strategies are both symetric and asymetric programs. An agreement is signedwith Ohio University. Both students and teachers have to be internationaly experienced.Pr Eduardo Kriger.San Paolo Research Fundation have 20.000 proposals of research per year. 11.000 fellowshipsand up to 11 year long financed program. There is even on approval per week about life scienceresearch. Nature publication mentionned that 152 projects in Brazil are about Life Science. Therate of funds involved for each researcher have increased. 47% of energy in Brazil arerenewable, 18% is sugar cane. Renewable use in the World is 13% and OCDE 7%. FAPESPBioenergy research project is about bio fuels. Sugarcane research have the most importantnumber of research. BIOTA virtual institute is about collecting and disseminating data aboutscience in Brazil. Resolutions are made thanks to the work of BIOTA.The supercomputer of 15 Tflops sustainable is used for several areas of research about Climatechange.Also San Paolo is believing that exchange of scientists and students enable better work. Focus onscientific research is not only utilitarian but also in Academic research for Humanities. Challengesare about the impact of scientific production, international cooperation and the number ofscientists in Academia and Industry.The Academy of UK showed a report where 50% of reports are international, and it has betterimpact in the society. Then the same goal must be applied to Brazilian Academy.
  8. 8. RIDC Research, Innovation and Dissemintation Centers have a goal of cooperation betweenGovernmental, non-governemental, laboratories and Academic structures. Each center is ran by ateam that is managing the work.Participants at the workshop are asking about future international cooperation with Egypt, Franceand another brazilian state away from Sao Paolo area.Plenary sessionCan we avoid lifestyle diseases-individually or collectively ?The incidence of lifestyle deseases count for several ten of million per year. It is linked to dailylife, food and activity. Being seated during one hour per day, instead of having physical activityincrease the risk of death by 5%.It is possible to reduce life style desease. Yes it is possible to modify risk factor for heart troublesby having better food habits and activity. Billions of dollars are still made by selling junk food andtobacco smokers continue to raise up.Dr Sushila Chang, Singapore.Taking example of the study of crustaces. It is easy to see that humans and animals are not verygood at daily life. Crabs doent make good job on filtering water and are not so usefull. Smokinghave been said to be bad for health. People are walking more instead of taking a lift. But is thatgoing to change anything ? Even after cancer some people can have a aadiction to tobacco.How do we measure health behavior ? Working with very young children means to have 10minutes of dance or funny activity because it will decrease fat. It reduces body indicator.Infectious desease are decreasing due to vaccins. Smallpox is not anymore present. Also it is aneed to educate the population. Regulation about food is to avoid sanitery troubles but it is not apromotion of good nutrition. Food consumption should be adapted to a better lifestyle. Modelshave been included in a software that can help people to monitor their daily food habits andphysical activity. Technology can help to make some change into the society. Innovation is animportant work for better public health.Approach of food and desease is very complex. Academic researchers have good reputation forstudies. Governments have the power to raise money through taxes and use it localy. Green andhealthy products are coming to the market through new industrial offer.One million people died because of tobaco last century and they will be one billion during thenext one.Closing session European commission horizon 2020.EU plan for funding: research program to be discussed by the european council. FP7 have beenlaunched in 2007 and the economic situation have changed. Prioritizing medical research is alsoprotecting employement and activity. Europe to be a better place for investment by supportinginnovation and activity up to 20 billion euro. Lifescience Horizon 2020 means less burocraty andbetter access to funds. Growth and jobs will benefit from the program.
  9. 9. We are facing a crisis in industry because of energy cost. Plans for investments are focusing onUSA because of energy price. The innovation is important to rebuilt a new network ofBiofactories. Clear market standard to be set. Public-private partnership works well anddevelopping activities in rural area for Biotechnologies is a part of the game. Industry can affordthat investments together with DGs Europe that will focuse on its own role. The roadmapstresses that research in Europe is a priority. The potential risk of lack of research funds inEurope is that researchers may go away.A serious problem comes from the fact that the population does not follow the advices, forexample about condoms/AIDS or Tobacco/Cancer.Energy is not the only critical point for european industry but also the weakness of capacity forraising funds. Pension funds and other investors are wondering if they can make money with thatprojects. Buraucratic process for investment must be faster because opportunities can disappearfast. The current generation that is still managing industry is part of the problem and carrying thewastes. The next step is to use wastes for creating building material or else.Partnership in Europe is mandatory for research, but it will also be opened to overseascooperation. Thinking to work only with european members would be forgetting the globalisation.Commercialisation of products is the aim of investment, research and industrialization.Awards Ceremony was the time of rewarding research of seven teams working in the field.Published by RDM-ROW Dominique Deschamps