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  1. 1. YOU WANT TO HAVE A BUSINESS LIKE BAYAD CENTER, DEALERSHIP OF LOADING, REMITTANCE,INTERNATIONAL and LOCAL AIR TICKETTING, HOTEL RESERVATION AND TRAVEL & TOURS OUTLET? HERES GPRS DEALERSHIP FOR YOU! A GREAT HOME BASED BUSINESS YOU SHOULD NOT MISS!GPRS IS BEST FOR THE FOLLOWING:OFW, BUSINESSMAN, INTERNET CAFE, CONVENIENCE STORE, TRAVELAGENCYSARI-SARI STORE, FAMILY BUSINESS, FREELANCER, EMPLOYEE,STUDENTHOME BASED BUSINESS, FULLTIME MOM, JOBLESS, INTERNETFANATICSAND TO THOSE WHO WANT TO EARN ADDITIONAL INCOMEWith GPRS You Can....1.) Work 1-5 Hours Weekly, without having to quit your present job.2.) Earn while you buy loads for your cellphone & selling loads to others.3.) Earn while paying your own bills & others pay their bills thru you.4.) Earn thru REMITTANCES local & abroad.5.) Earn thru AIRLINE TICKETING6.) One click access to discounted airline tickets.7.) Earn Unilevel Bonus and Indirect Referral Commissions up to yourNetworks 10th level8.) Free Online Account as your Virtual Office to manage your Business.And Much more...ALL For A ONE-TIME...NO RECURRING MONTHLY FEESEVER!!!
  2. 2. Why GPRS Should be Your Opportunity of Choice?1.) VERY PRACTICAL Compensation Plan that offers more residual income.2.) Universal Line of Products and Services!3.) You Can SAVE Time and Money, as well EARN while using GPRS Products andServices!4.) Opportunity To Build A Global Business From Home!5.) NO MAINTENANCE per Month nor Monthly Purchases With An Opportunity To TurnA One-Time Php7,499 Investment Into Hundreds of Thousands of Pesos Rolling Your WayMonthly!6.) Worldwide Access anytime, anywhere!7.) FAST Income With Earnings At EVERY Step Along The Way!8.) Free GPRS VISA Card that you can use both for local and international purchaseswithout having to maintain monthly balance nor annual VISA Card fees!!! (Please see thesample of VISA Card below.)Welcome to GPRS Global Pinoy Remittance Services Incorporated, where GreatPeople with Respectable Services are. Great People Respectable Services
  3. 3. SERVICESThe GPRS System has an online (web) transactional and reporting facility poweredby Unlitech. It is capable of doing the following:REMITTANCE – Enjoy this accessible features using our remittance website( to GPRS OUTLETS – send and receive your remittances to GPRS outlets. As ofnow we have 200 remittance partners around world and we have 96 outletthroughout the Philippines and still growing.GPRS TO CREDIT BANK – Send cash via ATM anytime anywhere with GPRS credit tobank feature. This enable you to send your remittance in any GPRS outlet andremit to any bank account and to any bancnet or megalink supported ATM.GPRS Pick Up Thru PERA PADALA – GPRS in partnership with CLSC PeraPadala, isbringing the Pick Up service to the Global Filipino Community.The remittance isclaimed by the beneficiary over-the-counter thru all CebuanaLhuiller’sbranches nationwide. With branches spread all over the country. Customerswill have an easier time to remit and claim money.GPRS to Smart Padala/Smart Money and G-Cash – You can also send and receive cashusing Smart Money/Smart Padala and G-Cash services through GPRS. Receivemoney via cellphone and remit to the nearest Smart or Globe outletsnationwide. You can also remit your Smart Money/Smart Padala and G-Cash toGPRS outlets.GPRS from INTERNATIONAL Partners – GPRS aims the lives of OFWs and their lovedones convenient and easy. They can now Pick-Up money remitted with ourInternational Partners in any of our GPRS outlets nationwide.
  4. 4. TICKETING and BOOKINGYou can also avail our ticketing services at GPRS. We offer Local andInternational Ticketing and Booking. One can avail of cheap airfare and seafaredeals to different destinations worldwide. Experience the comfort of booking yourflights at GPRS and save time and money on your travel.
  5. 5. BILLS PAYMENTThe System is equipped with a payment facility that allows an outlet to enablethe sender to pay for utility bills of his household by just providing your referenceaccount number, type of payment, and all period covered.LOADINGGPRS proposes to offer a new dimension of value added service specifically to thehundreds and thousands of Filipinos. With over 42million of cellphone users today,we developed an accessible air time transfer through our easy and effective loadingsystem. You can now load credits to any GLOBE, SMART or SUN by using one (1)SIM. You can now also load using our website. It is fast and easy. You can alsopurchase prepaid card load through Cellphone or GPRS website.•PLDT Budget Card•PLDT Affordacall•Smart Call and text card•Smart Bro•Globe Tattoo card•Internet Prepaid cards•Online Gaming cards (Ragnarok , Mobius etc...)•Other cards and e-pins availablenote:In GPRS, NO Maintenance or Purchase Maintenance required!
  6. 6. This business opportunity is open to all Filipinos and all other Nationalities worldwide! ---------------------------------------------- THE GPRS BUSINESS PACKAGE ----------------------------------------------The GPRS "GLOBAL DEALER" Business Package!Investment: 14,998 pesos* Global Dealer Web-tool account for Remittances, unified e-Loading, & Bills Payments,* Domestic and International Ticketing,* Hotel & Resort Booking,* 2 GPRS Visa Debit Card,* FREE 65 pcs. Retailer Activation Cards, worth 300 pesos each Retailer Card,* 5 pcs. Franchise Brochure,* 5 pcs. Loading Brochure,* 1 pc. Tarpaulin or poster whichever is available International Airlines Ticketing Includes:Philippine Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Thai, Asiana Airlines, Singapore Airlines, HawaiianAirlines, Delta Airlines, Japan Airlines, Jet Asia, Heli Air Monaco, Korean Air, AirChina,China Southern, KLM, Kuwait Airways, Continental Airlines, ANA, MalaysiaAirlines, China Airlines
  7. 7. Ways to Earn in the GPRS Business Package:13% earnings from sold e-loads.
  8. 8. 2% earnings from load wallet overrides.15% to 50% earnings via remittance service charge.
  9. 9. P5 - P15 for every payments of billsCASH PICKUP IN MORE THAN 5,215 BRANCHES & pick up money in just minutes.SM Shoemart
  10. 10. CebuanaLhuillierGlobe G CashSmart MoneyM LhuillierRemittance : Credit to BanksPhilippines National Bank - PNBBank of the Philippine Islands - BPILandBankBanco De Oro - BDOAllied BankChina BankPhilippine Savings BankUnited Coconut Planters Bank - UCPBUnionBankNationlinkMegalink, Bancnet and ExpressnetHOME DELIVERY fast and safe nationwide.Remittance Local Partners:Kwarta Gram, CebuanaLhullier, Smart Money, Villarica Pawnshop, Gemcraft PawnshopInc., GCash, Tambunting, and PureGem Pawnshop, and more to come...Remittance International Partners:XOOM, MoneyGram, SpeedRemit, RemitX, IME, EasyRemit, Celcom, OraMismo, Trans-Fast, FASTREMIT, PNB, Swift Cash, AL Fardan Exchange, Mabini Express, and more to come...The GPRS "DEALER" Business Package!Investment: 7,998 pesosMaximum Income per day is 60,000 Pesos* Send and receive money both local and international with the lowest rate so far.* Online and Non-Online Shopping using your own International GPRS VISA Card.* Bills Payment System ? Pay your own bills (e.g. electricity, water, telephone, etc..).* Sell Airline Tickets both domestic and international.
  11. 11. * Sell electronic LOAD for Smart, Globe or Sun Cellular using ONE SIM CARD.* Earn 13% net profit by selling e-loads.* Earn 2% override commission from load wallet.* Your own WEBTOOL Account ?sell loads online (via internet).* Use your current SIM* Use 1 Cellphone* Use 1 Load Wallet* Load All Prepaid Products (Globe, Sun, Smart, PLDT, Online Games, etc)* Very short command. Ex: AT10 09431017067 or For Globe products: 50 09351017067* Online loading and online inventory* You can transfer Load Wallet from Retailer to Retailer (GPRS)* You can transfer Load Wallet from Retailer to Retailer (Traditional retailers)* Earn 10%-12% in load discount or profit* Earn 1%-2% in load wallet replenishment to GPRS Retailers or to Traditional Retailers* Transfer load wallet to GCash/SmartMoney or vice versa* Transfer load wallet to e-cash (if you have GPRS ATM)* Realtime load wallet replenishment Inclusion:* 1 GPRS VISA MultiCard* FREE Dealer Account activation* 40 pcs. Retailer Card activation (300 x 40 = 12,000 R.O.I)* Free Webtool Account ( for internet loading and inventory system)* Free operation manual and marketing materials* Free All-in-1 Poster9 Ways To Earn:1. Sales Commission P600.00 per dealer card (Direct Referral)2. Override Commission P1,000.00 per pairing bonus.3. Indirect referal P40 per dealer4. Earn 13% selling eloads.5. Earn 2% load wallet overrides.6. Earn selling Airline Tickets ( income: P300 to P1,200 per ticket)7. Earn 15% to 50% of Remittance service charge.8. Earn maximum net income P60,000 per day9. Earn in PAYOUT service charge From Local and International Remittance
  12. 12. Dont let time pass you by.Grab this once in a lifetime business opportunity that will help improve your outlook and wayof life. APPLY NOW! JOIN OUR FAST GROWING TEAM NOW!!! wait! theres more GOOD NEWS!GUSTO NYO BA NG NEGOSYO NA MAY SAPAT NA PUHUNAN? GUMAGAMIT KABANG CREDIT CARD SA PAG SHA-SHOPPING AT KUNG ANO ANO PA? BAKIT DI MOGAMITIN SA BAGAY NA MAY BALIK AT MAY MAS MALAKING KITA PARA SAYO?INTRODUCING THE NEW SERVICE AVAILABLE IN OUR GPRS SYSTEM..FUND YOUR E-CASH THROUGH CREDIT CARD!NGAUN ANG PUHUNAN MAS PINADALI PA.Di nyonakailanganmaglabasngmalakingperagamitinlanganginyong credit card to usethe GPRS Business, No cashout needed Use your credit card saMahusaynaParaan, use itwisely, to EARN and EARN BIG.No Credit Card? NO PROBLEM!Fund you E-CASH through these Other Options:1. Smart Money2. G Cash3.Bancnet4.Megalink5.expressnet6. payalert7. paypalWhat are you waiting for?! Take advantage of the GPRS System Now! Be the FIRST to have itin your PLACE.