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SWORD & ResourceSync - Stuart Lewis


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Stuart Lewis, University of Edinburgh's presentation on SWORD & ResourceSync. This was presented on Thursday 1st August 2013 at Repository Fringe 2013

Published in: Education, Technology
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SWORD & ResourceSync - Stuart Lewis

  1. 1. Stuart Lewis Library & University Collections Information Services, University of Edinburgh * @swordapp / #swordapp #resourcesync
  2. 2. * *Technical introduction *SWORDv2 *ResourceSync introduction *Comparison *Demo? *Purpose: introduce ResourceSync, understand the key functions of SWORD and ResourceSync, and how they can work together
  3. 3. * *It’s useful to know about CRUD! *Create *Read *Update *Delete
  4. 4. * *Also useful to know about HTTP verbs *GET – retrieve information *POST – create new content *PUT – update or create new named content *DELETE – delete existing content *…others (HEAD, TRACE, OPTIONS, CONNECT, PATCH)
  5. 5. * *Also useful to know about HTTP response codes *404 Not Found *200 OK *201 CREATED *202 ACCEPTED *200s = good, 300s = further actin required, 400s = client error, 500 = server errors
  6. 6. * * SWORD *Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit *Create objects in repositories *Interoperability *A protocol, not a piece of software!
  7. 7. * *SWORDv1 *Create *Read *SWORDv2 *Create *Read *Update *Delete
  8. 8. * *Synchronising web resources *Generic web problem *Applicable to repositories *Can be used as OAI-PMH replacement *Find changes items: *Files or metadata or both *Lots of use cases: *Archiving, mirroring, statistics gathering *NISO / OAI initiative + Sloan funding *JISC input + funding (implementations) *Interoperability *Not a piece of software!
  9. 9. * *Layers of the protocol: *Discovery *Capability description *Baseline sync *Changelists *Dumps
  10. 10. * *Based on sitemaps: <url> <loc></loc> <lastmod>2013-01-02T19:00:00Z</lastmod> <rs:md change="updated" type="application/xml"/> <rs:ln rel="describes" href="" modified="2013-01-02T19:00:00Z" hash="md5:1584abdf8ebdc9802ac0c6a7402c03b6" length="8876" type="application/pdf"/> </url>
  11. 11. * *SWORD *Putting things INTO a repository *POST / PUT / DELETE *ResourceSync *Discovering what is in a repository and what has changed *GET
  12. 12. * *Example: *arXiv ReosurceSync feed: * *Mirror into local DSpace using SWORD: *Spare time + brave enough for demo?
  13. 13. * *SWORD: *ResourceSync: *OAI-PMH using ResourceSync: *ResourceSync use cases: Ariadne Issue 70 *SWORD & ResourceSync: