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ArchivesSpace - Scott Renton, University of Edinburgh


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ArchivesSpace - Scott Renton, University of Edinburgh. This presentation was part of Repository Fringe 2014, which took place from 30th to 31st July 2014 in Edinburgh.

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ArchivesSpace - Scott Renton, University of Edinburgh

  1. 1. ~ a new tool for archives management~ ~a new tool for archives management~ S COT T RENTON, L IBRARY DIGI TAL DEVELOPMENT UNIVERS I TY OF EDINBURGH JULY 201 4
  2. 2. Archives at Edinburgh  Part of Centre for Research Collections  Categorised under Special Collections & Archives  Wide and Varied Selection of Archives  Laing Archive  ECA Archive  Carmichael Watson Archive  Roslin Archive  Godfrey Thomson’s Psychology  Lothian Health Services Archive
  3. 3. Edinburgh College of Art Archive  Includes Sean Connery’s life modelling contract  Don’t believe it? EU3153 A.Fairweather, Sean Connery as a Life Model, 1952
  4. 4. Current Management  Standard ISAD(G), Schema EAD (XML)  Laid down by GASHE and NAHSTE projects  CMSyst: in-house built MySQL/PHP application  Data feeds Archives Hub, ARCHON, CW site (EDINA)
  5. 5. Which System?
  6. 6. Archivists’ Toolkit  Predecessor to ArchivesSpace, and trialled extensively  Structured to work with EAD, ISAD(G) standards  MySQL database  Good authorities control  No front end!
  7. 7. ArchivesSpace  All archivist functionality in one place  Web delivered  Open Source  Lyrasis network
  8. 8. Infrastructure  MySQL database  Runs under Web Server (often Jetty, but we use Tomcat)  Code developed in JRuby, available Open Source through github  Four webapps:  Public front end  Admin area  Backend (communicator)  SOLR
  9. 9. Migration  Data all available from CMSyst  Exported in EAD  Some obstacles getting EAD to map correctly to loaded authorities using application  Some obstacles getting Authorities to map to ArchivesSpace table structure in JSON load
  10. 10. Digital Objects  ArchivesSpace has functionality to link out to illustrative digital objects- LUNA system  CSV Import of data
  11. 11. Uptake  Popular in America  We are the first European institution to take it  Charter Members (54) executive  General Members (100+) can contribute  Include Auckland and Hong Kong now
  12. 12. collections.ed  ArchivesSpace will effectively be the expression of archives within  Need to brand seamlessly through CSS  Need to surface Archives as CLDs  1000s of collections
  13. 13. Collaborative Project  Good training delivered to Archivists  Curators, archivists, projects and innovations staff and digital developers all involved  User manual collaboratively composed  Good collaboration with other institutions- ArchivesSpace list is lively…  Interns
  14. 14. Next Steps  Conferences in Madrid and Newcastle  Sister application for museums- CollectionSpace
  15. 15. Further Info  Coming soon:  Our collections portal:  ArchivesSpace site:  ArchivesSpace code:  Gateway to Scottish Higher Education:  Navigational Aids for the History of Science, Technology and the Environment:  Carmichael Watson website:  Towards Dolly website:  LHSA website:  ARCHON:  Archives Hub:  Images Online at University of Edinburgh:  Our contact: