The history of our region vráble slovakia1


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The history of our region vráble slovakia1

  1. 1. Nitra regionVráble, Levice, Zlaté Moravce, NitraSlovakiaMade by Primary school from VrábleComeniusWanderings through the History and Culture of EuropeHISTORY OF OURREGION
  2. 2. Nitra regionur hometown Vráble lies in Nitra region.itra is the town 20 km far from Vráble.ther cities near Vráble :Levice, Zlaté Moravce,villages Jelenec, Hrušov, Skýcov,in which you can find various
  3. 3. Children wiew on the historyn this presentation we used paintings made byour pupils.ecause it is essential how pupils and ourschoolmates see Slovak history.
  4. 4. Vrábleráble is our hometown.he most important sight is the castlecalled Fidvár here.he Castle Fidvár had four bastions and the courtyardstone tower, from which signalswere given to Nitra and Gýmešcastle through invasion.
  5. 5. he first written collection about ourhometown Vráble is from the year 1265rom the beginning of 15th century to 1848our town Vráble was connected withEsztergom archbishop.n 17th century crafts of millers, butchers,shoemakers and furriers started to workhere.he church is writtendocumentedin the year 1359.
  6. 6. t theend of 18th century the lateBaroquecastle(now pastorateoffice) wasbuilt.n 1821 theSeat housewasbuilt.n thecentreof our town on both sidesof Main Street alot ofburgesshouses grew at theend of 19th century.ow they serveasshopsand privatefirms.
  7. 7. The Church of Blessed Virgin Mary.t is significant architectural building in our town.It is Neoromanesque three ship basilica built inyears construction was initiated and financiallysupported by Esztergom archbishop FrantišekKlaudius Vasari.he author of figural wall paintingsis Nitra artist Edmund Massáni.he paintings on the main and
  8. 8. he Calvary is located in front of the church.he Church square belongs to the oldest area inthe town Vrá you can see also the Monument of the heroesfrom the Second World War.
  9. 9. Wineyard area in Vrable regionrable is very popular wine growing regionou can find here The Chapel of St. Urban - the Patronand Quardian of vineyards.he Region Vráble is known also with growing of wine. Ithas got an irresistible aroma, great color and taste.n 1971 Wine factory Bratislavawas established in Vráblepreparing wines of favouritemarks such as Venusmagic, Riesling
  10. 10. Požitavie Mill Museumožitavie Mill Museum – Mašek Mill is located on theriverŽitava, about 2 kilometers north of the townVráble, in the local part Horný Ohaj.
  11. 11. Other sights and castles in our regionitra is 20 km from Vráble and Nitra´s castle was the seat ofprinces Pribina, Mojmír, Svätopluk.he Dominat of this castle is the Cathedral , Bishop Palace andbig fort with bastions.oday the Bishop Office is in the castle.he Nitra principality was herein 8th Century.trong fort was the protectionagainst hostile attacks –
  12. 12. The Statue of Cyril and Methodiusyril and Methodius were important personalitiesin Slovak history .They wrote Hlaholika – the first letters of Slavs.e found their statue also in Nitra under the castle.hey came to Great Moravia when the princeRastislav ruled here.
  13. 13. vätopluk square is known in Nitra. The City Hall wasbuilt here in 1880.he Square offers the relax next to the is also The theatre of Andrej Bagar, newmodern building.very year the Cyril-Methodius festivals are hold here,Christmas and Carnival festivals as well.
  14. 14. Levicecastleeviceisthetown 20 km from Vráblebut to theeast side.ou can find heresomeruinsof gotic castlein fact.heCastleuprised in thesecond half of 13th century with thegoal ofprevent southern accessto themiddleSlovak miner´s cities.t wasthe part of MatúšČákTrenčiansky county, laterit becametheroyal castle.
  15. 15. Topoľčiankyopo ianky is a village and municipality in ZlatéľčMoravce , the town 20 km from Vráble to thesouth.ou can visit the castle from 15th – 16th centurybuilt in Renaissance and Baroque style here.t is surrounded with wonderful park.ational Stud farm ( horse breeding ) is locatedin Topo ianky.ľč
  16. 16. The Castle called Gýmešýmeš is actually only some ruins of gothiccastle from 12th century.t was built for family line Forgáč.t is located nearthe village Jelenec about 25 kmfrom Vráble.
  17. 17. TheCastleHrušovhis historical sight of our region is just ruinedgothic castle in the village Skýcov about 30 kmfrom our town.t was built in 13th century on the hill calledSkalka Rock in the middle of beautifl nature.
  18. 18. How our pupils and schoolmatessee all our historical places andcastles.
  19. 19. n Nitra´s region you can visit a lot of museums,sights and see statues showing personality andspeaking about rich history of our region.e hope, when you visit Slovakia in May 2014 we´llshow you some of them.
  20. 20. Thank you for interestStudents of ZŠ V. Záborského fromVráble
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  22. 22. ources