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International performances in slovakia and sicily


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International performances in slovakia and sicily

  1. 1. International performances in Slovakia and Sicily For Erasmus+ project Let´s save the life on our planet 2015-2017
  2. 2. We love our planet • Performance in Slovakia was full of drama stories, songs, dances, pantomimes related to the topics: the Universe, Global problems, Protections and traditions. • Students from all schools wrote the anthem of our project. • There ere the parts in each partnership language and also in English. • Students sang this anthem during this
  3. 3. • Students from all countries showed us their skills in English, music, folk dances, modern and folk songs. • We showed to all parents and local community our results of this project: How we contributed to the protection of our planet. • We informed about all local activities – separation of waste, growing trees, taking care of greenery in school areas and in the cities,...
  4. 4. Our beautiful traditions • This international performance was organized especially for older people- for our grandparents. • Students of each school showed spring traditions, folk songs and dances, they remember the life in the past. • We again showed some of our results- visits of older people in all partnership countries, healthy lifestyle of students, some healthy recipes,...
  5. 5. Meeting in Slovakia and Sicily
  6. 6. Meeting in Slovakia and Sicily