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Calendar slovakia


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Calendar slovakia

  1. 1. SlovAkia Calendar Created by Základná škola Viliama Záborského Vráble Slovakia For Erasmus+ „Socialize, observe, learn“
  2. 2. Slovakia  Slovakia is a country in the heart of Europe . It is quite small country with beautiful nature, mountains, hills, dams and mountain lakes , caves , waterfalls and ski resorts. Slovakia is divided into regions , which offer a variety of historical attractions and natural museums .
  3. 3. Bratislava – the capital city Bratislava lies on the river Danube. Tourists can visit the castle and Old town with well- known Michal´s gate. St. Martin´s cathedral is in Old town. There is the Slovak National Theatre and a lot of other historic buildings.
  4. 4. Kysuce - Vychylovka Kysuce is the region over the city Žilina in the North - West of Slovakia surrounded with hills of Javorniky and Kysucké Beskydy. Mountain railway „Vychylovka“ together with natural museum of life in Kysuce in the past is famous touristic atraction.
  5. 5. Orava Orava is a beautiful region in the North of Slovakia surrounded with hills of Orava Beskydy and West Tatras. Tourists can visit the castle, dam and Natural museum Zuberec.
  6. 6. Bojnice castle
  7. 7. The Low Tatras It is protected national park. Tourists can get to the peak Chopok with cableway. From it they can see the highest peak of Low tatras called Ďumbier. There are two famous caves- Demänovská Cave of Liberty – stalactite cave Demänovská Ice Cave
  8. 8. The High Tatras Štrbské mountain lake Gerlach The High Tatras are protected area. Tourists can see beautiful forests , mountain lakes, wonderful waterfalls and rocky peaks . Gerlach peak is the highest in Slovakia.
  9. 9. Spiš castle
  10. 10. Košice Košice is the biggest city in Eastern Slovakia. It is the second largest city in Slovakia after the capital city Bratislava. In Košice you can see many heritage protected buildings in Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles with Slovakia's largest and very famous church: St. Elisabeth Cathedral. State theatre in Košice
  11. 11. Sources        ,%20ZILINA%20REGION,_Slovensko),17.42981&iwloc=0004d32a1caef18c2ccce&msa=0&spn=2.081179,3.532104&mid=zUpU205AymX 8.kNxfAol87lzE
  12. 12. Nitra  Nitra is one of the greatest and oldest cities in Slovakia situated at the foot of Zobor Mountain. Nitra castle is located in the Old Town. It is a dominant of the city and a national cultural monument. It was built in 11th century. St. Emmeram's Cathedral is the part of the castle. It was originally built in the Gothic style.