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Horecon services 2012


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Addressing the needs of BRAND managers and COMMUNICATION executives Horecon International unites the brands and tribes built on commerce, sustained by trust, and inspired by experiences and abundant opportunities. Horecon International optimises the brand awareness, reputation and encourages inspiring services and bonded loyalty between brands and their tribes.

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Horecon services 2012

  1. 1. HORECON INSIGHTChallenging routine thinking,answering burning questionsimpacting your marketplace, andoffering inspiring newperspectives to fuel practicalbusiness solutions. We willprovide you with the latestinternational research, ConsumerInsight and Innovation updatefrom near and far.
  2. 2. RMP22REPUTATION RISK AUDITGathering reputation insight andunderstanding your customersand your business. Awareness of the importance and the value of reputation Clear picture of your current reputation compared to competition Insight to top performers around the globe. Suggestions for further development.
  3. 3. RMP22GAMEPLANBetter reputation means betterprofits! Gameplan takes you tonext level with optimising andcoaching the Risk Audit findingsinto operations.
  4. 4. RMP22AMBIENTWe want to become a part ofyour team when you are readyto take full advantage of yourBrand Tribes and SocialNetworking Services.
  5. 5. HORECON SOCIALWe’ll help you in optimisingyour social networking servicespresence, create a plan tomultiply your reach, entertainand offer timely information atright places and at right time!