World war II Secret Weapons


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World war II Secret Weapons

  1. 1. World War II Secret Weapons Stealthier and Weirder!
  2. 2. What is this advanced weapons?• If I ask you a question: “What arms and weapons do you think used in World War II?” You will only just answer “Bomb, Battleship, Guns, Men & Airplanes.”• But your answer is just only a basic answer.• The countries who started WWII (Allies & Axis) made weapons that did they never see before. It can be useful and sometimes………….WEIRD to be used!
  3. 3. Allies Secret Weapons Soviet U.S.A Britain Union
  4. 4. The Ice Aircraft Carrier (Project Habakkuk)
  5. 5. Ice Aircraft Carrier (Project Habakkuk)• This weird warfare was suggested by a brilliant inventor, Geoffrey Pyke.• His ambition was to build an Aircraft Carrier made up of…..ICE.• There were two reasons he suggested this type of invention:1. Because steel is in very very short supply during World War 2.2. Because ice floats and couldn‟t sank!• But there‟s one small problem…..
  6. 6. Geoffrey Pyke (Right) Pykrete (Left)The Man Who Discovers Pykrete Mixture and his discoveredmixture.
  7. 7. Ice Aircraft Carrier (Project Habakkuk) CAN ICE SURVIVE IN THE RAPID BULLET OF AN ENEMY?• Before you can figure it out, Pyke knows already the solution.• Mix it with an natural insulator…The Wood Pulp! He name this mixture “Pykrete” .• Because of this mixture, Ice can never be shattered, destruct and even destroy with a single bullet.
  8. 8. Ice Aircraft Carrier (Project Habakkuk)• Because of this, Lord Louis Mountbatten, chief of the Combined Operations, get excited to it that he went to Winston Churchill‟s Residence and showed it to the Prime Minister that by that time, he was in his bathroom.• Churchill got impressed too. They met with the U.S military in a top secret level.• Mountbatten demonstrated it to the U.S Commanders and General by shooting the Pykrete.
  9. 9. Ice Aircraft Carrier (Project Habakkuk)• When he shoots it, Pykrete survives and the bullet fired in different areas in the room and ended up in the wall.• The Commanders and Generals got impressed. They planned Habakkuk with three Variants. BUT THEY FORGOT ONE THING.• If they will build this monster, they will need a big refrigeration plant that has a temperature of -22 degrees Fahrenheit.
  10. 10. Ice Aircraft Carrier (Project Habakkuk)• Later that year Habakkuk began to lose priority. Mountbatten listed several reasons:1. The great demand for steel.2. Increased numbers of escort carriers.3. The introduction of long-range fuel tanks that allowed British-based aircraft extra patrol time over the Atlantic.4. Permission had been received from Portugal to use airfields in the Azores which facilitated the hunting of U-boats in the Atlantic. THE PROJECT WAS ABORTED AND NEVER SUCEEDED.
  11. 11. Antonov A40 Tank Wing
  12. 12. Antonov A40 Tank Wing IN THE FIRST PLACE, THERE WAS ALREADY PROBLEM Tanks are heavy…..REALLY HEAVY while planes in the other hand, lifts lighter bomb. But Stalin knew that Hitler runs Europe and will invade Soviet Union. So he need a Super weapon that fast. So, Russian Aviation Engineers come up with a plan, building a Antonov A40 Tank Wing that made from wood and fabric to make a wing and attach a long swing tail and put the tank on!
  13. 13. Antonov A40 Tank Wing The first prototype was in 1942 and it was truly flying in the air! But a problem were faced by the engineers:1. Tanks who flew has a few armor and it‟s smaller than the combat tank which is the advantage To the enemy combat tank. THE PROJECT WAS CANCELLED BECAUSE NO POWERFUL AIRCRAFT CAN DEFEAT A TANK INTO THE AIR.
  14. 14. Antonov A40 Tank WingTrue Prototype Image in 1942
  15. 15. Aunt Jemima (HMX Explosive Pancake)
  16. 16. Aunt Jemima (HMX Explosive Pancake)November 1942 – OSS Secret Agency in Japanese - occupied Mainland China are working with the residents to sabotage Japanese supply lines.The OSS have a simple plan…..get the explosive into a simple gesture. They make 80% of high explosive with 20% of Pillsbury Best Flour.OSS named the explosive after America‟s best pancake maker, AUNT JEMIMA.
  17. 17. Aunt Jemima (HMX Explosive Pancake)Fortunately, this simple explosive can pass through the Japanese soldiers and they will think that the flour will use as making pancakes.HOW CAN YOU MAKE A PANCAKE OUT OF IT??1. Take 3 cups of military-experimented Aunt Jemima.2. A little baking powder.3. Milk4. One Egg5. And melted fat. Start grilling AND PRESTO!!!!!
  18. 18. Aunt Jemima (HMX Explosive Pancake)The secret lay in the high explosive they used is called “HMX”. This is not like flour only thus, it is resistant to heat too.And the advantage of it is that it can be eaten and POISONOUS FREE! Uneaten pancakes or unused dough could still be used later for its original explosive purposes.In China during WWII, 15 tons of the "Aunt Jemima" HMX mixture was used. None was ever "discovered" by the Japanese.
  19. 19. Tall boy Bomb
  20. 20. Tallboy Bomb It is started when Nazi‟s Le Blockhaus was known by the Allies and questioning themselves, “How to destroy a massive bunker specially designed to repel attack from above? Barnes Wallace, the inventor of Tallboy Bomb realized that somehow he can get the same average on his another invention, Bouncing bomb on water if he can somehow manages to bury the bomb under Le Blockhaus.
  21. 21. Tallboy Bomb He doesn‟t want to bomb above ground but underground. That will damage the foundations of the structure. So Barnes Wallace come up with a strange plan, An absolutely massive, self – tunneling mine! The Tallboy bomb is the weirdest bomb ever built. It‟s tip is made up of heavily armored steel that put in a specially modified bomber designed to carry it‟s weight and drop from four miles high.
  22. 22. Tallboy Bomb That cause the bomb to accelerate 2,500 miles per hour more than three times the speed than it‟s sound. It‟s hard to knows what tunnel seek into the ground. Then it will explode! creating a mini earthquake that could crashed Le Blockhaus. June 19,1944 – a heavily modified Lancaster bomber from RAF 617 Squadron flew into the English Channel with Tallboy on board. Destination? Le Blockhaus. German Soldiers don‟t expect this thing. The bomb enters the ground and crashed Le Blockhaus as Wallace predicted. SUCCESS :p
  23. 23. Axis Secret Weapons Nazi Fascist ImperialGermany Italy Japan
  24. 24. Maus Tank
  25. 25. Maus Tank• In this current time, Tanks rule most of the battlefield. They says tank help to rapidly finish the war, taking many casualties.• But if you had like a lunatic and war freak Adolf Hitler, He wants to build 2x bigger than a regular tank..He called it the MAUS TANK. He named it after the MOUSE, which is bigger than rat .• The basic design known as the VK7001 / Porsche Type 205 was suggested by Ferdinand Porsche to Adolf Hitler in June 1942, who subsequently approved it.
  26. 26. Maus Tank• The size of this monster is 4 BLOCKS OF A REGULAR TANK with a canyon from a BATTLESHIP!• The bigger and wider of this tank, the more casualties it take and can destroy the whole building down…… BUT THEY FORGOT ONE THING.• The big size of this monster can lead to fail. BIGGER TANKS CANNOT PASS THROUGH NARROW PASSAGES and CAN BE STUCK TO MUDS.• They finally abandoned it with a fail 
  27. 27. Fire Balloon (Fu – Go)
  28. 28. Fire Balloon (Fu – Go)• Japanese Generals think to bomb America, not Pearl Harbor, MAINLAND AMERICA!• But their planes were not capable of flying across pacific, so they made a plan. BALLOON BOMBS.• The idea was simple; Put the balloon in the air, get the bomb on it, float across the pacific and hopely, make it to America.
  29. 29. Fire Balloon (Fu – Go) BUT HOW WILL YOU FLOW IT TO THE RIGHT DIRECTION?• It does not preclude Japanese Party, they have one deception, they want to use the power of nature, THE JET STREAM.• The Jet Stream in Japan is strong. Which is why flight from Tokyo to L.A is 10 hour advance while flying against Jet Stream takes 11 hour.• The Japanese would certain to the Jet Stream that they can carry their bomb all the way to America.
  30. 30. Fire Balloon (Fu – Go)• The problem is…. The Jet Stream over the pacific is less than three miles thick and balloon aren‟t capable of that flight.• At night, the balloon cools down and contracts, its sinks out of Jet Stream. So the Japanese rigged it to fire out ballast to maintain the correct altitude. In the day time, balloon warms up and rises up again. So advancing the expanded hydrogen to solve the effect, it works!
  31. 31. Le Blockhaus
  32. 32. Le Blockhaus• In 1943, they began constructing a colossal bunker near the coast of France, not so far from Britain.• This mammoth structure is 73 feet high and 38 feet deep with walls up to 16 feet thick made entirely out of concrete.• If would work, it can launch 6 V-2 Rockets every single day.• The allies mobilize massive raids against the Le Blockhaus. But the bunker was typically designed to resist the conventional bombs that exploded above ground.
  33. 33. Le Blockhaus• When you bomb on the top the bunker, it can absorb the blast that came from the bomb but, if you will bomb to underground, which is the fundamental pillar of the structure, can lead to a massive destruction. „• Allies gave already a solution that could defeat Le Blockhaus, The tallboy bomb.
  34. 34. V-3 (Vengeance Cannon/Supergun)
  35. 35. V-3 (Vengeance Cannon/Supergun)• The barrel alone was 490 feet long, twice as Jumbo jet. To maximize range they need to built 45 angle and dug into the ground. To fly the rocket all the way to London, they will pass into the shells. For every shell they pass, they accelerate.• V-3 was built in Normandy, France. It‟s first fire was a success. It hit London very badly but never continued operating.• It was bombed by the Tallboy of the R.A.F……….THIS IS NOT ONLY THE WEIRD WEAPONS BOTH AXIS AND ALLIED POWERS BUILT. HOPE GLAD YOU RESEARCH THE OTHERS…………
  36. 36. Watch Weird Warfare in History and HistoryHD.