Religions made in asia


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Do you know the Religions made in asia???? well............. let's explore this site ppt!:)

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Religions made in asia

  1. 1. Religions In Asia West Asia & South Asia LOGO
  2. 2. Religions In South AsiaJainism, Hinduism, Buddhism & Sikhism LOGO
  3. 3. Buddhism Siddharta Gautama - The Founder of this religion. 6th B.C.E - The year which Buddhism found. Bodhi/Pipal Tree - Name of the tree which Siddharta sat. Buddha - Means “The Enlightened One” Mahayana & Theravada - The two branches of Buddhism. Four Noble Truths & Eightfold path Siddharta - Summaries of Doctrine of Buddhism. Gautama LOGO
  4. 4. Sikhism Guru/Baba Nanak – The Founder in This Religion. Guru – Means ” The descent of the divine or sacred guide humanity through the ten enlightened guru. Guru Granth Sahib – Holy Bible of Sikhism. Guru Gobind Singh – 10th Guru of Sikhism. Nirankar – Amorphous God of Sikhs. Guru Nanak LOGO
  5. 5. Sikhism Talvandi – The place where Guru Nanak born. Five Cardinal Sins - The five sins of Sikhism ( Deep desire, Uncontrolled longing, Concupiscence, Sensuality & Lasciviousness.) Guru Gobind Singh LOGO
  6. 6. Jainism Vardhamana/Mahavira – The founder of Jainism. Kundragrama – The place where Mahavira born. Jaina Parshva – Great Teacher Kevala – Means ”Glory” in Jainism. Ahimsa – Means “Non – Violence”. Siddharta – Father of Mahavira that became a head in Licchavis. Yashoda – Name of the princess that Mahavira married. Mahavira LOGO
  7. 7. Hinduism Aryans – A group that teaches this Religion in the first millennium. Vishnu – Guardian god Shiva – Wrecker god Brahmin – Means “world soul and the end and true reality” and a kind of priest. Caste System – System Society of Hinduism. Reincarnation – Cycle of Born and death. Aryans LOGO
  8. 8. Hinduism Karma – Overall Behavior of a human. Moksha – The Freedom in the cycle of born & death. Nirvana – Means “Endless of Joyfulness”. Nirvana LOGO
  9. 9. Religions in West AsiaZoroastrianism, Christianity, Judaism & Islam LOGO
  10. 10. Zoroastrianism Zarathustra/Zoroaster – The founder of this religion. Ahura Mazda – Lord of Zoroastrianism. Zend Avesta – Holy Bible of Zoroastrianism. Ahriman/Angra Mainyu – Head in hell. Zoroastrianism – The eldest religion. Zoroaster LOGO
  11. 11. Judaism Religion of the Jews Torah – Holy bible of the Jews. Genesis, Exodus, Deterenomy Leviticus & Numbers – 5 Moses’s Books. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - Other Jew Patriachs. 10 Commandments – The famous commandments of the lord. Canaan – the promised land. David – The first King of israel. Moses LOGO
  12. 12. Judaism Abraham – Father of the Jews Exodus – The book which content the event how the jew set their f reedom from being slaves by moises. Abraham LOGO
  13. 13. Islam Mohammad – The founder of this religion. Koran/Qu’ran – The holy bible of Islam Hegira – Means “The Flight” Mecca – Where Mohammad Born. Al Masjid al Jaram – The Great Mosque. Sawm, Hajj, Shahadah, Zakat, Salat – The Five Pillars of Islam. Muhammad LOGO
  14. 14. Islam Ka’aba – The Holy Establishment of Islam. Muslim – The followers of Islam Black Stone – The Holy Stone inside the Ka’aba. Allah – The Lord of Muslims. Black Stone LOGO
  15. 15. Christianism Jesus Christ – The founder of Christianism . Bethlehem – The place where Jesus Christ Born. 6 B.C.E – 4 C.E – The year when Jesus Christ born. 30 Years old – The age when Christ started to teach. Galilee & Jerusalem – Places where Jesus Christ teach. Bible – the Holy Bible of Christians. Jesus Christ LOGO
  16. 16. Christianity Arianism - Found by Arius in 4th Century Santisima Trinidad - Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit. Santisima Trinidad LOGO
  17. 17. Thank you for visiting!Search the: World War II: The Story of Man & Gun soon! LOGO