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OrgPublisher Guided Product Tour


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OrgPublisher is an automated org charting and reporting tool. Much more than just traditional org charting, it addresses a number of workforce initiatives including succession planning and organizational modeling.

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OrgPublisher Guided Product Tour

  1. 1. INSTANT ACCURATE ORG CHARTS AND REPORTS Within minutes you can publish Web-based automatic org charts and reports from virtually any data source (SAP®, Oracle®, PeopleSoft® or other leading HR systems). It’s fast, easy and requires very little time to install. WELCOME TO THE ORGPUBLISHER PREMIER TOUR! HCM Data Finance Data Succession Data
  2. 2. INTEGRATES WITH MICROSOFT® OFFICE AND OTHER APPLICATIONS Automatically export org charts and HR data from OrgPublisher Premier to other business applications such as Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Excel®, Adobe® Acrobat and more with just one click. 1/8
  3. 3. With flexible printing options, OrgPublisher Premier enables you to format and print charts and reports in a variety of layouts, including wall chart and book style. POWERFUL AND FLEXIBLE PRINTING OPTIONS 2/8
  4. 4. DETAILED WORKFORCE ANALYTICS 3/8 Quickly produce powerful workforce charts and reports that surface answers to the most difficult workforce questions.
  5. 5. Produce secure, web-based charts and reports from any data source (HRIS System, Databases, Excel, etc.). Security features enable you to provide access to specific charts and information based on access rights you define. GENERATE SECURE, WEB-BASED CHARTS AND REPORTS 4/8 Manager View Employee View
  6. 6. “ WHAT IF?” WORKFORCE PLANNING AND MODELING 5/8 Quickly model organizational structures to determine the economic impact changes will have on the business.
  7. 7. TALENT MANAGEMENT AND SUCCESSION PLANNING 6/8 Use the profile and graph views to review career paths and performance ratings for potential successors. Evaluate your leadership and talent pool using performance vs. potential in 9-Box Matrices.
  8. 8. Automatically generate historical organizational archives and view change reports with OrgHistory™ Chart Archival and Analysis. ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE ANALYSIS 7/8 January 5, 2009 January 15, 2009
  9. 9. Free 30-Day OrgPublisher Trial Download a FREE fully functional 30-Day Trial of OrgPublisher now! Schedule a Web-Demo Request a one-on-one demonstration of OrgPublisher Premier with an Aquire representative. IT’S THAT EASY! GET STARTED WITH ORGPUBLISHER TODAY! Download Data Sheet Learn more about OrgPublisher Premier’spowerful features and functionality. Free 30-Day OrgPublisher Premier Trial Request a trial of OrgPublisher Premier - all the great charting features in OrgPublisher PLUS succession planning and organizational planning!