India e retail (e-tailing) market, companies revenue analysis & forecast to 2015


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Renub Research ( has announced the addition of the "India E-Retail (E-Tailing) Market, Companies Revenue Analysis & Forecast to 2015" report to its offering

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India e retail (e-tailing) market, companies revenue analysis & forecast to 2015

  1. 1. India E-Retail (E-Tailing) Market, CompaniesRevenue Analysis & Forecast to 2015Renub Researchwww.renub.comPublished: May, 2012Copyright © 2012 Renub Research – All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. © Renub Research Page 2 of 15India - E-Retail (E-Tailing) AnalysisIf online travel and classifieds were the star performers of the last decade, e-retailing seemsto be hogging the limelight this time around. India is rapidly emerging as a rewarding marketfor many e-retailing companies; who are currently present in the market with any one of thethree forms (Non-warehouse, Warehouse and Hybrid) models. The broadband and mobilepenetration, 3G rollout, cash on delivery, internet banking has led to rise in online transactionsby 18.2% for the year 2011 compared to 2010. Indian e-retail market is also expected to bemore than INR 10,000 Crore by 2015.In our analysis we found that Computer peripherals, Camera & Mobile and Life Style segmentsare expected hold 1st, 2ndand 3rdpositions respectively for 2011. Together they account formore than 70% of total market share in 2011. But by the end of 2015 Camera and Mobile isexpected to take the top slot pushing computer peripheral to third position. In companiesanalysis segment Flipkart is the undisputed leader for the year 2011. Flipkart generated 4times more revenue than its nearest competitor Yebhi in 2011. However according to ourresearch findings scenario is likely to change in 2012 as Myntra is expected to take the secondposition leaving Yebhi to third position. For the year 2014 Flipkart and Myntra together isexpected to hold more than 50% market share.In any retail business, some products are returned from the point of consumption. Therefore,the challenge is to set up infrastructure and procedures for reverse logistics. The e-tailorsneed to have an understandable product return policy on the Web. This report provides aclear picture about the e-retailing scenario in India and its various issues like: Types ofbusiness model in Indian e-retail, key companies funding and revenue forecast, driving forcesfor e-retail, challenges in the e-retail.Renub Research report entitled “India E-Retail (E-Tailing) Market, Companies RevenueAnalysis & Forecast to 2015” provides a comprehensive assessment of the fast-evolving, high-growth e-retail space. We recommend this report as must-read insight for e-retailingstakeholders.
  3. 3. © Renub Research Page 3 of 15The report covers the following points E-Retail business model in India India e-retail users transacting online growth forecast from (2010 to 2015) Studied growth forecasts and India e-retail market sizing from (2009 to 2015) Key players revenue analysis, forecast and funding trends of: Flipkart, Letsbuy, Myntra,HomeShop18, Yebhi, Snapdeal and Naptol from (2010 – 2014) Market analysis and forecast for segments: Camera & Mobile, Computer Peripherals,Electronic gadgets, Life style, Books amd Home & kitchen Appliances (2009 – 2015) Researched the drivers and challenges for the e-retail industry in IndiaKey Players AnalysisThis section covers the key facts about the major companies that play an important role inIndia E-Retail Market. The companies analyzed in this section are as follows: Flipkart,Letsbuy, Myntra, HomeShop18, Yebhi, Snapdeal and Naptol. All the companies have beenanalyzed from two headings1) Companies Revenue Analysis & Forecast2) Companies Funding Sources form different private equity venture fundsData SourcesThis report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary andsecondary research and in-house analysis by Renub Research team of industry experts.Primary sources include industry surveys and telephone interviews with industry experts.Secondary sources information and data has been collected from various printable and non-printable sources like search engines, News websites, Government Websites, Trade Journals,White papers, Government Agencies, Magazines, Newspapers, Trade associations, Books,Industry Portals, Industry Associations and access to more than 100 paid databases.
  4. 4. © Renub Research Page 4 of 15About UsRReennuubb RReesseeaarrcchh is a leading Market Research and Information Analysis Company withcenters at Noida India and Roswell USA. We have long-term experience especially ininternational Business-to-Business Researches, Surveys, Business and Consulting. Throughoutthe years we have acquired expertise in most market sectors, including Information Technology(IT), Telecoms, Life Sciences, Medical & Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services (Banking,Insurance, Reinsurance, M&A, etc.), Energy, Chemicals, Automotive, Retail, FMCG, ConsumerGoods, Logistics, Governmental, Social, and Others.Our core team is comprised of an experienced people holding graduate, post graduate andPh.D. degrees in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Bio-Technology, Medicine, InformationTechnology, Environmental Science and many more. Our research help make the businessdecisions: on strategy, organization, operations, technology, mergers & acquisitions etc. Wesupport many blue chip companies by providing them findings and perspectives across a widerange of markets. Our research reports offer a blend of information insight, analysis andforecasting that is essential in today’s ultra-competitive markets.For more information on us or to view any of our sample work you can mailus at
  5. 5. © Renub Research Page 5 of 15PublishedByRReennuubb RReesseeaarrcchh1stFloor,C-86, Sector–10Noida – 201301Phone: +91-120-421-9822, 254-5750 (India)+1-678-302-0700 (USA)Fax : +91-120-424-9780Email:© India E-Retail (E-Tailing) Market, Companies Revenue Analysis & Forecast to 2015Renub Research, 2012Edition 1.0All rights reserved. This publication is protectedby copyright. No part of it may be reproduced, storedin a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or byany means, electronic mechanical, photocopying,recording or otherwise without the prior writtenpermission of the publishers
  6. 6. © Renub Research Page 6 of 15Table of Contents1. Executive Summary2. E-Retail Business Model in India2.1 E-Retail Non-Warehousing Model2.2 E-Retail Warehousing Model2.3 E-Retail Hybrid Model3. E-Retail Users, Market & Forecast in India3.1 E-Retail Users & Forecast (2010 – 2015)3.2 E-Retail Market & Forecast (2009 – 2015)4. E-Retail Distribution Shares & Forecast in India4.1 E-Retail Segment Wise Market Share & Forecast (2009 – 2015)4.2 E-Retail Companies Market Share & Forecast (2010 – 2014)5. E-Retail Market & Forecast – Segment Analysis5.1 E-Retail – Book Market & Forecast5.2 E-Retail – Electronics Gadgets Market & Forecast5.3 E-Retail – Computer Peripherals Market & Forecast5.4 E-Retail – Camera and Mobile Market & Forecast5.5 E-Retail – Life-Style Market & Forecast5.6 E-Retail – Home & Kitchen Appliances Market & Forecast5.7 E-Retail – Others Market & Forecast6. Key E-Retail Companies Revenue Analysis & their Funding Trends6.1 Flipkart Revenue & Forecast (2008 – 2015)6.1.1 Flipkart Funding6.2 Letsbuy (Acquired by Flipkart) Revenue (2010 – 2012)6.3 Myntra Revenue & Forecast (2008 – 2015)6.3.1 Myntra Funding6.4 HomeShop18 Revenue & Forecast (2007 – 2015)6.4.1 HomeShop18 Funding
  7. 7. © Renub Research Page 7 of 156.5 Yebhi Revenue & Forecast (2010 – 2015)6.5.1 Yebhi Funding6.6 E-bay India Revenue & Forecast (2010 – 2015)6.7 Snapdeal Revenue & Forecast (2010 – 2015)6.7.1 Snapdeal Funding6.8 Naaptol Revenue and Forecast (2008 – 2015)6.9 Amazon ( Growth Factors for E-Retail in India7.1 Growing Internet Penetration7.2 Growing Online Shoppers7.3 Increasing Smartphones, Personal Computers & Tablet PCs7.4 Improvement in Telecom Infrastructure & launch of 3G Services7.5 Convenience & Multiple Payment Channels7.6 Investment by Venture Capitalist in E-Retail Companies8. Challenges for E-Retail in India8.1 Distribution Risks8.2 Risks to Scalability and Risks in Payment8.3 Quality of Product/Service8.4 IT & Information Security Risks8.5 Lack of Clear Regulatory and Taxation Frameworks
  8. 8. © Renub Research Page 8 of 15List of Figures:Figure 1-1: E-Retail Business Model – Companies Without WarehouseFigure 1-2: E-Retail Business Model – Companies Having Their Own WarehouseFigure 2-1: India – Users Transacting Online (Million), 2010 – 2011Figure 2-2: India – Forecast for Users Transacting Online (Million), 2012 – 2015Figure 2-3: India – E-Retail Market (Crore INR), 2009 – 2011Figure 2-4: India – Forecast for E-Retail Market (Crore INR), 2012 – 2015Figure 3-1: India – E-Retail Market Share (Percent), 2009 – 2011Figure 3-2: India – Forecast for E-Retail Market Share (Percent), 2012 – 2015Figure 3-3: India – E-Retail Market Share (Percent), 2010 – 2011Figure 3-4: India – Forecast for E-Retail Market Share (Percent), 2012 – 2014Figure 4-1: E-Retail – Book Market (Crore INR), 2009 – 2011Figure 4-2: E-Retail – Forecast for Book Market (Crore INR), 2012 – 2015Figure 4-3: E-Retail – Electronics Gadgets Market (Crore INR), 2009 – 2011Figure 4-4: E-Retail – Forecast for Electronics Gadgets Market (Crore INR), 2012 – 2015Figure 4-5: E-Retail – Computer Peripherals Market (Crore INR), 2009 – 2011Figure 4-6: E-Retail – Computer Peripherals Market (Crore INR), 2012 – 2015Figure 4-7: E-Retail – Camera & Mobile Market (Crore INR), 2009 – 2011Figure 4-8: E-Retail – Forecast for Camera & Mobile Market (Crore INR), 2012 – 2015Figure 4-9: E-Retail – Life Style Market (Crore INR), 2009 – 2011Figure 4-10: E-Retail – Forecast for Life Style Market (Crore INR), 2012 – 2015Figure 4-11: E-Retail – Home & Kitchen Appliances Market (Crore INR), 2009 – 2011Figure 4-12: E-Retail – Forecast for Home & Kitchen Appliances Market (Crore INR), 2012 – 2015Figure 4-13: E-Retail – Others Market (Crore INR), 2009 – 2011Figure 4-14: E-Retail – Forecast for Others Market (Crore INR), 2012 – 2015Figure 5-1: Flipkart – Revenue (Crore INR), 2008 – 2011Figure 5-2: Flipkart – Forecast for Revenue (Crore INR), 2012 – 2015Figure 5-3: Letsbuy – Revenue (Crore INR), 2010 – 2012Figure 5-4: Myntra – Revenue (Crore INR), 2008 – 2011Figure 5-5: Myntra – Forecast for Revenue (Crore INR), 2012 – 2015Figure 5-6: HomeShop18 – Revenue (Crore INR), 2007 – 2011Figure 5-7: HomeShop18 – Forecast for Revenue (Crore INR), 2012 – 2015Figure 5-8: Yebhi – Revenue (Crore INR), 2010 – 2011Figure 5-9: Yebhi – Forecast for Revenue (Crore INR), 2012 – 2015Figure 5-10: E-bay India – Revenue (Crore INR), 2010 – 2011Figure 5-11: E-bay India – Forecast for Revenue (Crore INR), 2012 – 2015
  9. 9. © Renub Research Page 9 of 15Figure 5-12: Snapdeal – Revenue (Crore INR), 2010 – 2011Figure 5-13: Snapdeal – Forecast for Revenue (Crore INR), 2012 – 2015Figure 5-14: Naaptol – Revenue (Crore INR), 2008 – 2011Figure 5-15: Naaptol – Forecast for Revenue (Crore INR), 2012 – 2015Figure 6-1: India – Internet Users (Million), 2006 – 2011Figure 6-2: India – Forecast for Internet Users (Million), 2012 – 2015Figure 6-3: India – Smartphone Sales Unit (Million), 2010 – 2011Figure 6-4: India – Forecast for Smartphone Sales Unit (Million), 2012 – 2015Figure 6-5: India – PC Users (Million), 2010 – 2011Figure 6-6: India – Forecast for PC Users (Million), 2012 – 2015Figure 6-7: India – Tablet PC Unit Sales & Future Forecast (Million), 2011 – 2015Figure 6-8: India – Forecast for 3G Penetration Growth (Percent), 2012 – 2015
  10. 10. © Renub Research Page 10 of 15List of Tables:Table 2-1: India – Top 10 Retail Sites by Unique Visitors (Thousands), November 2011Table 5-1: Flipkart – Funding (Million US$), 2009 – 2012Table 5-2: Myntra – Funding (Million US$), 2007 – 2012Table 5-3: HomeShop 18 – Funding (Million US$), 2007 – 2011Table 5-4: Yebhi – Funding (Crore INR), 2010 – 2011Table 5-5: Snapdeal – Funding (Million US$), 2011Table 6-1: India – Total Visitors Age 15+ Home/Work Locations (Thousand), Nov 2010 – Nov 2011Table 6-2: India – Investment by Venture Capitalist in E-retail Companies, 2009 – 2011
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