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How to get on the property ladder


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a panel of property experts to educate
young professionals

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How to get on the property ladder

  1. 1.                 The UK’s Graduate & Young Professional Network     HOW TO GET ON THE PROPERTY LADDER EVENT    
  2. 2.       THE NET LOCATION   “We believe unity breeds growth, so let’s come together and help each other create better opportunities and benefits.”     Who we are? The Event:   The Net Location brings together a diverse mix of After the success of our first property event in   young professionals, graduates and entrepreneurs March 2012, attended by over 108 professionals, to network, connect, learn, share ideas and seek The Net Location is now introducing a series of   property events from March 2013. top advice from some of Britain’s leading   professionals and entrepreneurs. With over 1000 Many young professionals have a keen interest in members we hold business and social networking property, whether as a first time buyer or future   events throughout the year. investor. However, discouraging press coverage   surrounding this topic can be highly daunting for young professionals. Therefore, we aim to bring   together a panel of property experts to educate young professionals.     Headed by founding member 26 year old Denis   Asamoah and 23year old Keletchi Oluigbo both recent first time buyers.          
  4. 4.  PROPERY EVENT DETAILS Name of the Event: How to get onto the property ladder? Event Timeline: Event Date: 21st March 2013 6:45pm | Registration, Drinks & Networking Number of Attendees: 100 7:00pm | Host to introduce speakers & event agenda Previous Event Attendance: 108 7:05pm | 1st Speaker: Property Expert Analysis Time of event: 6.30pm – 9.30pm (3hrs) 7:25pm | 2nd Speaker: Mortgage Broker Purpose of the Event: 7:45pm | 3rd Speaker: First Time Buyer Expert 8:05pm | Break (Discuss competition) Ø To educate young professionals on the various avenues available to get onto the property ladder 8:15pm | Host to introduce two first time buyers and Ø To inspire and motivate discouraged professionals ……………open the floor for Q&A Ø Provide a platform for young professionals to ……………First time buyer who bought a house under a network and connect with like-minded people ……………Government Scheme that have an interest in the property market. ………… First time buyer who bought a house without ……………any financial help Entertainment: 8:45pm | Competition: To win an award winning Ø Complimentary drinks & canapés for attendees ……………property book 8.55pm | Closing message & introduce next event ‘The ……………Property Search’ 9:00pm | Networking 9:30pm | Finish Planned Future Events:   Name of Event: The Property Search Date to be held: May 2013 Purpose: Provide professionals with a starting search plan, search itinerary and search tips. In addition, to educate professionals on a number of surrounding topics such as locations, property structures, property deals (auctions), etc.   Name of Event: How To Make My Property Work For Me Date to be held: September 2013 Purpose: Explore and educate professionals on the different avenues to generating a second income from property.  
  5. 5.       LAST PROPERY EVENT Last 3   events SOLD OUT!         Why the next event will be a success?   The Net Location team consists of highly motivated and hardworking young professionals who have benefited from the   power of networking and possess experience in organising large scale events.   During the UK 2012 global entrepreneurship week, we held an   event which was recognised as a high impact event. Moreover the last four events we have held have been attended by over 600   professionals combined. We have also managed to attract top entrepreneurs, professionals and corporate companies to   sponsor/speak at our events.   To name a few: Google, Caroline Marsh (Property expert & Ch.4 Secret millionaire), Deloitte, Poppy Dinsey (Founder of,   Venn Group Recruitment, Paul Croft (Director of Mediatonic), StyleSuzi (Youtube Guru) & somewhereto_.   Additionally feedback from our last property event indicated that   young professionals are keen to learn more about how to get onto the property ladder.          
  6. 6.   WWW.THENETLOCATION.COM     PAST SPONSORS & SPEAKERS                                
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