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Realty Connect - Full Service Real Estate Team


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Realty Connect - We have a full service residential real estate brokerage.Contact us today about any of your Real Estate needs.

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Realty Connect - Full Service Real Estate Team

  1. 1. Erik Laine - Realty Connect Buy, Sell, Lease, Manage – Full Service Real Estate Team I have broad experience arranging the buy, re-hab, and offering or leasing of bank claimed REO properties. We have a full administration private land financier.
  2. 2. Property Management Realty Connect Property Management: When we have associated you with an ensured resident, we can also relieve the burden of being a landlord. Realty Connect gives full-benefit property Management to properties going from single family homes and large apartment multiplex.
  3. 3. Rest guaranteed you are in great hands with Realty Connect. Give us a chance to deal with: 1. Property reviews 2. Lease implementation 3. 24*7 Hour maintenance calls 4. Year end Accounting 5. Owners have direct online access to their properties at anytime
  4. 4. Realty Connect How Social Media Can Benefit Realty Connect? Social media can be highly beneficial to the realty Connect real estate industry. Erik Laine has worked in the real estate industry. Social media can be used to build a real estate professional’s, or a company’s, reputation. A real estate company can create a Facebook page in order to help provide potential clients with all information. A Facebook page can be a great way to gain a wide client list. LinkedIn is also another important social media site for professionals. This social media website can help professionals connect related to your field.
  5. 5. For More Information Visit at :