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5-Expert Tips for Pick-off Weld Templates


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Here's 5 Tips from the Weld Fixture Experts at Rentapen on designing Weld Templates. Weld Templates are similar but different to Weld Fixtures. A template is placed on a larger production part and is used to locate smaller parts (like tabs, hinges, and handles) so they can be tack welded or fully welded.

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5-Expert Tips for Pick-off Weld Templates

  1. 1.  Light weight  Easy to lift and put into place by operator  Locates smaller parts to be welded onto bigger parts  Usually (not always) used for initial tack welding
  2. 2. Look at the product weld drawings.
  3. 3. Learn what holes or edges are important to the location of the small production parts that are being tacked on.
  4. 4. If possible touch key surfaces on the larger production part to locate your template.
  5. 5. In this weld template, a pin inserted into a hole on the big production part helps locate the template and thus the smaller production parts to be welded.
  6. 6. This pin is held in place by RAPid Block™ RB03
  7. 7. SHCS threads into bottom of pin
  8. 8. RAPid Block ™ altered with SF C’Bore to hold base of pin.
  9. 9. Pin goes into second hole in large part to locate template.
  10. 10. This pin’s location is adjustable.
  11. 11. Pin block is mounted to RAPid Blocks™
  12. 12. Shim packs In between
  13. 13. Or locate template by edges on the bigger production part.
  14. 14. RAPid Plates™ are perfect for this job.
  15. 15. These RAPid Plates™ are altered.
  16. 16. And have shims to adjust the template to fit the production parts.
  17. 17. This Template uses magnets to hold it down to the production part.
  18. 18. The small parts to be located using this template are placed in corners and round cuts on the template.
  19. 19. To get a sharp inside corner, add a drilled hole.
  20. 20. Easy grip handles
  21. 21. Reduce weight. Add Holes and Cut Outs Use Aluminum if possible
  22. 22. Unlike a table top weld fixture, a pick off fixture gets removed. Where will it be kept? How will it be marked?
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Home of RAPid Tooling Components™
  25. 25. Order 3D Models On-line
  26. 26. Discover more design tips at…
  27. 27. 262-542-8891