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Brain	  Tumor	  	                                     Awareness	  Month	  	                                             Ab...
What is a Brain Tumor?                                  The	  growth	  of	  abnormal	  cells	  in	  the	  Hssues	  of	  th...
Symptoms of a Brain Tumor     No	  screening	  tests	  exist	  for	  early	  brain	  tumor	  detec?on.	  These	  tumors	  ...
How are brain tumors treated?                   There	  are	  several	  treatment	  op?ons	  available	  for	  those	  dia...
How can I help?                                                                                                           ...
Our Center      Reno	  CyberKnife	  is	  service	  of	  Saint	  Mary’s	  Regional	  Medical	  Center	  and	  provides	  th...
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Brain Tumor Awareness Month


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May marks the recognition of National Brain Tumor Awareness Month. Since its establishment in 2008, community organizations and support groups celebrate this month with increased efforts to raise awareness of brain tumors, increase funding for research and educate the public on symptoms and treatment options.

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Brain Tumor Awareness Month

  1. 1. Brain  Tumor     Awareness  Month     About  brain  tumors  and  treatment    645  North  Arlington  Ave  Suite  120  Reno,  NV  89503                  (775)  348-­‐9900      
  2. 2. What is a Brain Tumor? The  growth  of  abnormal  cells  in  the  Hssues  of  the  brain.  Brain  tumors  can  be  benign   (not  cancer)  or  malignant  (cancer).     •  There  are  more  than  120  different  types  of  brain  tumors;  some  are  malignant  (cancer),  many  are   benign  (non-­‐cancerous).         •  The  Central  Brain  Tumor  Registry  es?mates  66,290  new  cases  of  primary  non–malignant  and   malignant  brain  and  central  nervous  system  tumors  will  be  diagnosed  in  the  United  States  in  2012.       •  A  large  number  of  brain  tumors  are  metastaHc.  Metasta?c  brain  tumors  begin  as  a  cancer  elsewhere   in  the  body  and  migrate,  or  metastasize,  to  the  brain.      645  North  Arlington  Ave  Suite  120  Reno,  NV  89503                  (775)  348-­‐9900      
  3. 3. Symptoms of a Brain Tumor No  screening  tests  exist  for  early  brain  tumor  detec?on.  These  tumors  can  be  hard  to  diagnose   some?mes,  as  their  symptoms  mimic  other  diseases.       Common  symptoms  of  brain  tumors:       •  New  or  increasingly  severe  headaches   •  Changes  in  vision     •  Nausea  or  vomi?ng   •  Abnormal  fa?gue   •  Tremors  or  seizures   •  Speech  problems   •  Memory  loss     •  Personality  changes   •  Weakness  on  one  side  of  the  body   •  Sudden  facial  paralysis   •  Impaired  sense  of  balance  and  problems  with  spa?al  orienta?on      645  North  Arlington  Ave  Suite  120  Reno,  NV  89503                  (775)  348-­‐9900      
  4. 4. How are brain tumors treated? There  are  several  treatment  op?ons  available  for  those  diagnosed  with  brain  tumors,  including   chemotherapy,  radia?on  therapy,  conven?onal  surgery  and  stereotac?c  radiosurgery.   Radia?on  Therapy:  Usually  a   Chemotherapy:  Usually  administered   secondary  treatment  following  surgery.   as  a  secondary  treatment  following   Can  be  noninvasive  or  invasive  and   surgery  or  radia?on  therapy.   possibly  damage  normal  cells  as  well  as   cancer  cells.     Conven?onal  Surgery:  Open   surgery  can  benefit  pa?ents  with  a   Stereotac?c  Radiosurgery:   single  metasta?c  brain  tumor  that  can   Delivers  precisely  targeted,  high-­‐dose   be  safely  accessed  and  who  don’t  have   radia?on  to  brain  tumors  and  lesions   cancer  elsewhere  in  the  body.   without  surgery  or  seda?on.  645  North  Arlington  Ave  Suite  120  Reno,  NV  89503                  (775)  348-­‐9900      
  5. 5. How can I help? •  Educate  Yourself:  Learn  more  about  brain   tumors  and  treatment  op?ons   •  Get  Ac?ve:  Find  a  walk,  run,  or  other   community  event  in  support  of  brain   tumor  research.     •  Speak  Up:  Tweet,  update  your  status,  or   talk  to  friends  about  brain  tumor   awareness.     Visit  the  Na?onal  Brain  Tumor  Society  or  the   American  Brain  Tumor  Associa?on  for  more   informa?on.  645  North  Arlington  Ave  Suite  120  Reno,  NV  89503                  (775)  348-­‐9900      
  6. 6. Our Center Reno  CyberKnife  is  service  of  Saint  Mary’s  Regional  Medical  Center  and  provides  the  only  CyberKnife  technology   in  northern  Nevada.  The  center  frequently  treats  brain  tumors  and  brain  metastases.  Reno  CyberKnife  is  part  of   Saint  Mary’s  Cancer  Center  and  is  a  partner  of  Saint  Mary’s  Brain  Tumor  Center.  Call  or  visit  the  website  to  learn   more  about  CyberKnife  treatment  for  brain  tumors.       Medical  Director:  Dr.  Jonathan  Tay     Medical  Physicist:  David  Chamberlain       Neurosurgeon:  Dr.  Hilari  Fleming   Connect  with  us    645  North  Arlington  Ave  Suite  120  Reno,  NV  89503                  (775)  348-­‐9900