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This presentation is a brief introduction to LP Consulting Engineers, Inc.

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LP Introduction

  1. 1. Northern California: Roseville Central California: Clovis www.lpengineers.com
  2. 2. • Firm History • Professional Services • Office Staff and Locations • Key Team Members • Portfolio • BIM Experience • Sustainability • Q&A Agenda
  3. 3. Clovis Office Roseville Office 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 1983 - Lencioni Associates was formed in Clovis by Gary Lencioni. 1988 - Sean Pourvakil joined Lencioni Associates. 1998 - EnerCal Engineering was formed in Roseville by Sean Pourvakil. 2003 - LP Consulting Engineers, Inc. was formed by combining the resources of EnerCal Engineering and Lencioni Associates. 2003 - LP Consulting Engineers, Inc. added Electrical Engineering services. Firm History
  4. 4. Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing • Master Planning • Site Surveying • Engineering • Commissioning Energy Modeling • LEED® • CHPS • Energy Utility Rebate Programs • Title 24 Compliance Professional Services
  5. 5. LP Consulting Engineers consists of 29 professionals in two offices. • Roseville Office……………………………………….………15 Team Members (4) Project Managers, (4) Designers, (5) Technicians and (2) in Administration • Clovis Office…………………………………………………..14 Team Members (4) Project Managers,(3) Designers, (5)Technicians and (2) in Administration • Professional Engineers…………………………….………….5 Team Members • LEED® Accredited Professionals…………………….………7 Team Members • In-training to take LEED® AP Exam this month………….…5 Team Members Offices
  6. 6. Sean Pourvakil President & CEO, Managing Principal MECHANICAL ELECTRICAL Garen Lencioni……Vice President, Principal Peter Kwan…………………..Principal Jason DeDora…Production/Project Manager James Lim……Electrical Dept Manager Steve Zagyi………...Senior Project Manager Tom Schlepp…………Project Manager Ken Kuphaldt…..………….Project Manager Richard Chen………...Project Manager Ryan Ennis………………………..Designer Ciprian Paduraru…………….Designer Jacob Mills………………………...Designer Marco Salazar……………….Designer Key Team Members
  7. 7. We have experience in a wide variety of projects, including the following: • Civic / Community – Community Center, City Hall, Parks • Medical – Hospital, Clinic, MOB, VA • Retail / Commercial – Big Box, Specialty, Restaurant, Office • Municipal – Police, Fire, Military • Education – K-12, Higher Education Portfolio
  8. 8. Civic / Community
  9. 9. LEED BIM Brentwood Civic Center • 60,000 SF City Hall with Council Chambers • 32,000 SF Community Center with Community Hall • 113,000 SF Parking Structure • 2.3 acre Community Park • Goal is LEED® Silver, currently submitting enough points for LEED® Gold • With our high efficiency HVAC and Lighting, we beat Title 24 by over 21% for 4 points on EA Credit 1 – Optimized Energy Performance • As part of the Master Planning, we coordinated to provide the utilities and capacity for the entire site build-out Civic / Community
  10. 10. Brentwood Civic Center New City Hall, Community Center, Parking Structure and Community Park LEED BIM Civic / Community
  11. 11. Rumsey Tribal Center • 22,000 SF, single story. • New Community Center in Brooks, CA. • This building serves as a community center, elementary school and tribal office for the Rumsey Band of Wintun Indians on its Cache Creek reservation. • Facilities include an exhibition space for tribal art and artifacts, an assembly/conference space reminiscent of a traditional tribal lodge, a library, classrooms, daycare rooms and an office suite. Civic / Community
  12. 12. Rumsey Tribal Center Civic / Community
  13. 13. St. Patrick Parish • Located in Merced, CA, this 15,000 square foot church facility included a full kitchen and 7,500 square foot hall. • Because of the high visibility of the grilles, we coordinated closely with the architect to ensure that we maintained the appearance of all ceilings and walls. Civic / Community
  14. 14. Santa Fe Depot • This rehabilitation project brought the historic depot back into a fully functioning rail station. • The main floor serves as the rail station and the second floor is set up to provide future lease able office space. • The completed project has won several awards including a Preservation Design Award from the California Preservation Foundation and a Historic Preservation Award from the Fresno City Historical Society. Civic / Community
  15. 15. Medical
  16. 16. Sutter Roseville – MOB II • Provided our engineering services to the mechanical design-build contractor, we designed the mechanical and plumbing systems. • This two-story medical office building is located on the same site as the Sutter Roseville Hospital. • Through close coordination with Sutter Health, we ensured that all plumbing requirements for equipment were provided. • The HVAC system included two large rooftop air conditioners; variable air volume (VAV) boxes with reheat at the exterior zones provided by a roof- mounted boiler. Medical
  17. 17. Fresno Imaging Center • This 10,000 sq.ft. medical building houses the first San Joaquin Valley M.R.I. • This project won the National AIA and Modern Health Care Design Award of Excellence. Medical
  18. 18. Veterans Affairs Kaiser Permanente • We have worked on a wide variety • We are a Kaiser Permanente of medical projects on VA facilities approved consultant including: • We have worked on a variety of • Hospitals projects including: • Clinics • Modernization • Pharmacies • New Construction • Tenant Improvement Medical
  19. 19. UC Davis Medical Group PeachTree Healthcare • We have performed site Clinic investigation and OSHPD • 13,300 SF clinic in Linda, CA compliance reports on MEP systems. • New OSHPD III facility. • We provided mechanical, • Provided mechanical engineering plumbing and electrical services to the design-build engineering services to bring an contractor. existing facility up to OSHPD III requirements. Medical
  20. 20. Retail / Commercial
  21. 21. Uptown Monterey Retail • 20,000 SF Retail/Restaurant Center LEED • Provided MEP design, energy modeling & documentation, commissioning and submittal of MEP credits to USGBC. • Reduced water use, high efficiency package unit system, and high performance lighting. • We provided commissioning services to meet the LEED® requirements. • This project was the first retail center in California to obtain LEED® certification. Achieved LEED® Silver. Retail / Commercial
  22. 22. HealthNet Office Building • We designed the mechanical and plumbing systems for this three-story office building in Sacramento, CA. • The mechanical system consisted of large rooftop air conditioners and variable air volume (VAV) boxes with reheat at the exterior zones provided by a roof-mounted boiler. • Split into two packages, we provided plans for the shell building including everything installed on or penetrating the external surfaces of the building as well as running the ductwork mains and all underground plumbing. In the tenant improvement package, we ran all above slab plumbing and placed VAV boxes, low velocity ductwork and grilles/diffusers. Retail / Commercial
  23. 23. Merced County Bank • Located in Merced, CA this three story 30,000 SF building serves as a bank on the first floor and corporate administrative offices on the second and third floors. • A combination of rooftop package units and split-system units were used to provide the necessary zone control in the tight ceiling spaces between floors. Retail / Commercial
  24. 24. State Comp Corporate Office Building • This 120,000 SF four-story office building includes an underground parking structure for 120 cars. • The HVAC system includes: state of the art packaged variable frequency chilled/hot water pump system, (2) high efficiency screw chillers, (2) hot water boilers and fan powered VAV system with re-heat. • The building exceeded Title 24 requirements by 20% and received a rebate from PG&E. Retail / Commercial
  25. 25. LEED Blue Shield - Lodi • 167,000 SF, two-story office building. • The project included open office, kitchen/cafeteria, data room and conference facilities. • We served as the plumbing engineer as a consultant to the design-build contractor. • Coordinated on production LEED® documents including: basis of design, owner project requirements, water use reduction templates. Retail / Commercial
  26. 26. Municipal
  27. 27. LEED Cotati Police Station • 4,000 SF Police Facility • One of the first LEED® certified public safety projects in the nation. • Yuba City Police Expansion We implemented methods of water conservation to help the building • Remodel and Expansion of existing Police achieve LEED® certification. Facility • Provided MEP services for remodel and addition of new office, exercise, locker room and restroom facilities. • Close coordination was required to keep this 24 hr emergency facility operating during the expansion. Municipal
  28. 28. Ebbetts Pass Fire Station • 14,700 SF Fire Station • 3,354 SF garage designed to accommodate winter weather conditions • Radiant floor heating at the apparatus bays • Key site amenities include an on- site 750 gallon fueling station, 1250 gallon diesel fueling station, an emergency generator Municipal
  29. 29. Education
  30. 30. CHPS BIM South Lake Tahoe High School • 30,000 SF, two-story ORG building. • 30,000 SF, two-story CTE building. • Both projects are in the process of achieving CHPS certification. • BIM – The projects were designed collaboratively using Revit® MEP 2009 to create an integrated building model. • Collision detection was performed between: architectural, structural, lighting and mechanical systems. • More information will be discussed in the BIM section of this presentation. Education
  31. 31. CHPS Hurd Barrington Elementary School • 55,000 SF, Five building campus. • New Elementary School in Newman, CA. • The buildings have many green features such as displacement ventilation, water conserving fixtures, PV system and solar water heating for the Cooking Kitchen. • Provided MEP design, energy management system design, energy modeling & documentation, and submittal of MEP credits for CHPS-Verified Certification. Education
  32. 32. Central Valley High School • This new High School campus opened for the 2005-2006 school year. • The campus mechanical system consisted of a central plant system with (2) 244-TON air- cooled screw chillers and (3) 2 million BTU boilers. • As a part of the master planning, we made provisions for plant expansion for the future expansion of an auditorium and additional classroom wings. • Fabric duct systems were used in several of the buildings to provide cost savings and blend in with the architecture. Education
  33. 33. LEED Livermore High School • CTE Agricultural Facility. • New agriculture and technology complex with an agriculture lab, animal science lab, metal shop and fabrication lab as well as classroom space. • Energy efficient components were incorporated such as daylighting and a green roof for the animal science building. • Registered under LEED® Schools. We are providing the commissioning services required for LEED® certification. Education
  34. 34. Ruby Bridges Elementary School • Located on the site of the decommissioned Alameda Naval Airbase, is this 49,906 SF, 600 student elementary school. • Efficient HVAC and lighting design allowed us to secure a rebate from the utility company through the Savings by Design program. Education
  35. 35. Ruby Bridges Elementary School Education
  36. 36. Sierra College • We provided Mechanical engineering services to provide new load shifting thermal energy storage systems for (3) existing chilled water plants. • The projects included full storage chilled water plants with chillers, variable flow pumping and ice banks totaling more than 1,300 ton-hours of cooling capacity during on-peak demand. Education
  37. 37. CHPS Buchanan High School Energy & Technology Center • 8,000 SF building in Clovis, CA. • Provided MP design, energy modeling & documentation of MEP systems, and submittal of MP Credits for CHPS certification. • LP Consulting Engineers, Inc. also provided consulting to the Architect on LEED® process and possible points to attempt. • This classroom building will serve as an alternative energy technology learning center for students. The building will be constructed to allow the students to explore and learn from the building. Key items of interest are a vegetative roof, a displacement ventilation HVAC system, radiant floor heating, photovoltaic system, wind turbines and wall modules that allow the students to test the thermal conductivity of the walls. Education
  38. 38. Building Information Modeling
  39. 39. Brentwood Civic Center AutoCAD® MEP BIM
  40. 40. South Lake Tahoe High School ORG Building Revit® MEP BIM
  41. 41. South Lake Tahoe High School ORG Building Revit® MEP BIM
  42. 42. South Lake Tahoe High School CTE Building Revit® MEP BIM
  43. 43. South Lake Tahoe High School CTE Building Revit® MEP BIM
  44. 44. Sustainability
  45. 45. We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of sustainability: • Cotati Police Facility – One of the first LEED® certified Public Safety project in the United States. • Uptown Monterey Retail – First LEED® certified retail center in the State of California. • Our company policy is all Mechanical and Electrical design team members must become LEED® AP (LEED® AP+). • We have designed 17 projects that have or are in the process of achieving LEED® and/or CHPS certification. Sustainability
  46. 46. Photovoltaic System • Renewable energy generation system. • We have extensive experience in PV systems. • We work as a consultant to SunPower on a variety of projects. • We are currently under contract with SunEdison to place PV systems on existing Walgreens buildings throughout the country. • We design systems on rooftops, parking structures, ground arrays. • PV systems are becoming more cost effective making them more attractive to owner occupied buildings; such as K-12, Higher Ed., corporate offices, large retailers, etc. Sustainability
  47. 47. Thermal Energy Storage Full Storage Partial Storage Demand Limiting Sustainability
  48. 48. Evaporative Condensing Air Conditioning • Cost effective energy efficiency. Typically, add $1,000 per ton. • Can be installed in a standard packaged rooftop unit system. • Up to 13.5 EER. (Title 24 min. is 10.8 EER for this type of system.) • Available for both constant volume and variable volume mechanical systems. Sustainability
  49. 49. Daylight Harvesting • Adjusting the output of electric lighting in a daylight area adjacent to a window or skylight via a daylight photo sensor that detects light levels in the space that can turn lighting ON/OFF or dimming control. • The light level is the user-defined day-light level that must be reached before the lights are turned on/off or dimming is turned up or down. Sustainability
  50. 50. Occupancy Based Lighting Control • Switching lighting on and off in response to the occupancy of a particular space via occupancy sensors that respond to the individual usage of a controlled space are effective at eliminating energy waste. Occupancy sensor types include: o Passive Infrared Technology (PIR) o Ultrasonic Technology o Dual Technology combines the best of both PIR and ultrasonic technologies • Scheduling control manages lighting according to time schedules based on when buildings are open/occupied and closed/unoccupied via a master lighting control system panel that automatically turns all lighting on/off with the exception of emergency lighting. Sustainability
  51. 51. Classroom Lighting Integrated Classroom Lighting System (ICLS) • Achieve classroom lighting requirements • Achieve maximum energy performance points • Easily integrated daylight harvesting strategies • In the “General Mode”, it provides recommended light levels and illuminates ceilings and walls (using the ceiling suspended direct/indirect lighting) • In the “A/V Mode”, it ensures presentations are clearly visible while providing enough light for proper classroom communications • In the “Focus Mode”, light can focus attention. A/V Mode combined with the whiteboard light fixture results in a calming environment where attention is focused on the whiteboard Sustainability
  52. 52. High Efficiency Lighting • T5 and T5HO fluorescent lamps produce the same amount of light using 28 watts as a 32 watt T8. They have an average life of 20,000 hrs, compared to 24,000 hrs for the T8. • LED light fixtures produce more light per watt than incandescent bulbs. They have an average life of 50,000 hrs, compared to 10,000 to 24,000 hrs for fluorescent lamps. Using 60% less energy, they are available for indoor and outdoor applications. • Induction lighting are similar to conventional fluorescent lamps. They have an average life of 100,000 hrs, which is 11.4 years of continuous operation or 22.8 years of day or night use. They are primarily used where replacement costs are high. Sustainability
  53. 53. Summary
  54. 54. • Serving California since 1983 • Offices in Roseville and Clovis • Experienced professional team • Experience in a wide variety of project types and sizes. • BIM knowledge and experience using both AutoCAD® and Revit® • Cutting edge of LEED® and CHPS • Dedicated to Sustainability • Please feel free to contact us for an MEP proposal on your next project • Thank you for your time Summary
  55. 55. Questions?