Renne Compares Virtual Worlds


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This slideshow compares different virtual worlds and Second Life continues to be better than these VW. For a UW course.

copyright 2008 by Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond

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Renne Compares Virtual Worlds

  1. 1. Comparing Virtual Worlds as an Artist and Instructor Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond My beachhaus in Second Life
  2. 2. My list of requirements for a virtual world environment to be successful with my needs as an artist and instructor. Me in Second Life.
  3. 3. Expression through avatar appearance
  4. 4. Cross platform, disability, and international access
  5. 5. Users can build content for collaboration
  6. 6. Intellectual property protection
  7. 7. Real monetary transaction
  8. 8. First blush reactions: IMVU imvu .com
  9. 9. Cute chat room space chatted with a very nice 15 musician. He liked Billy Idol too. Not many choices on avatar appearance without spending money. Windows only. Too much like Bratz Dolls.
  10. 10. Yes No Yes Not sure Yes IMUV
  11. 11. First blush reactions: Active Worlds activeworlds .com
  12. 12. You can teleport to different locations. You have to look like a silly tourist until you pay for an account.
  13. 13. Windows only. You can build! The learning area was ugly. They used the Star Trek teleport sound effect.
  14. 14. $6.95/m No Yes Not sure ? Active Worlds
  15. 15. First blush reactions: Kaneva kaneva .com
  16. 16. You have your own apartment. You can teleport to different locations. Not many choices on the avatar appearance and females are slouching. Windows only.
  17. 17. You can create some content. The art museum had no art in it.
  18. 18. Kinda No No Not sure No Kaneva
  19. 19. First blush reactions: There
  20. 20. The environment was easy to get around in. You can change the appearance of your avatar, but have to pay for red lipstick. Windows only.
  21. 21. Can create content. Best experience there so far, but after telling the people who were helping me I was a college instructor they all teleported away.
  22. 22. Yes No Maybe Not sure ? There
  23. 23. I will continue to build comparisons while investigating more virtual worlds. This brief survey did strengthen my requirements and resolve.
  24. 24. Thank You Very much!