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Creative Small Business Basics


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Covering the fundamentals of branding, marketing, creating an active online presence, business licensing and insurance, photographing art, digital storytelling, and selling. As the director of several creative arts events and Peninsula College faculty, she will also encourage opportunities to participation in community arts events like the First Friday Art Walk Sequim, North Olympic Fiber Arts Festival, and Innovative Arts and Crafts Fair, as well as, Multimedia Communication courses to expand creative business skills and networking.

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Creative Small Business Basics

  1. 1. Creative Small Business Basics Workshop with Renne Emiko Brock
  2. 2. Steps to start your small business Conduct market research and write your business plan Fund your business and define return on investment (ROI) Choose your business name Develop a brand and apply digital storytelling Create an active online presence Register your business and apply for license Get federal and state tax IDs Open a business bank account Get business insurance Build your marketing strategy Produce inventory and price it Photograph your art and document it
  3. 3. What is Branding? A brand is defined as a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of business and to differentiate them
  4. 4. World’s Most Powerful Brand Everything Is Awesome! go-tops-global-ranking-of-the-most-powerful-brands- in-2015/
  5. 5. A successful brand will achieve these objectives: Articulate your message distinctly. Demonstrate your credibility. Emotionally connect to your target. Inspire the buyer. Solidify loyalty.
  6. 6. When did you become an artist? When I was three and started to tell my mom how to make my clothes.
  7. 7. Live the brand! Be super!
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  14. 14. What is your story? Marketing is about being authentic and engaging. Brand Trust and Engagement Creating a brand that people trust means they will buy more, pay more, and encourage others to try more too. Branding isn’t just about your company; it is about how an audience reacts to your company.
  15. 15. Define your Call to Action. Make it simple and clear. Ideally, you want to create your own unique content. To appear authentic, produce your own media. People want to engage with your genuine voice. Take your own photos or draw images. If you post any content that is not created by you, remember to give credit to the creator. Contribute value to
  16. 16. Marketing needs to: Attract Interest Strengthen Your Brand Educate and Entertain Engage and Interact Create a Transaction
  17. 17. Basic Marketing Terms Public Relations (PR) - Managing the public image of a company, product, or person and creating a stream of information and news about them with the public. Advertising – Communication used to promote a product, service, or event to persuades the public into action mostly through consumption. You pay for it.
  18. 18. Press Release – An official statement to media outlets about events or news pertaining to a company, product, event, or person with the goal to receive media coverage. Marketing - Marketing is the vital activity of presenting products or services to potential and current customers to encourage them to consume more. Publicity – Activity to get public attention and invite public action or
  19. 19. Building Your Marketing Strategy Remember your four Cs of marketing: Call to Action Clarity Consistency
  20. 20. Make it easy for other superheroes to market for you.
  21. 21. Use Social Media to build and foster essential community creation that is necessary to build a world audience.
  22. 22. #fiber #fiberart #fiberarts #shopsmall
  23. 23. Free blog that acts like a website and is your social media super friend! If you can attach an image to an email, you can blog!
  24. 24. Your WP blog posts share in your feeds for you!
  25. 25. Super service, education, and Wordpress hosting. This is my affiliate link:
  26. 26. Use Instagram to fill your feeds and Wordpress!
  27. 27. Add Applets at (if this then that)
  28. 28. With Sharing, one stop posts at your Wordpress blog or website! Be sure to include Sharing Buttons!
  29. 29. U.S. Small Business Administration business/
  30. 30. State of Washington Business License Choose a business structure that best suits your business needs.
  31. 31. Artists, Crafters, & Tradesman (ACT) Insurance
  32. 32. Less is more. Photographing your art or products doesn’t require expensive equipment. Lightboxes make grand cat beds. You need a simple space that is well lit or has natural light. Use a plain background that is white, gray, or black. Use a tripod or something steady for your camera or phone.
  33. 33. Make your white right! Use Levels, Brightness, Tint, and Saturation! Get Photoshop Express for your phone or tablet.
  34. 34. Dip and swipe! Foster opportunities and start selling! Network and build partnerships!
  35. 35. Come take a class with me at Peninsula College on campus or online! #PenColMedia Intro to Multimedia Web Wordpress Web Design Social Media Marketing Intro to Digital Video Directing and Production Digital Video Projects Digital Storytelling Infographics and Data Visualization Intro to 3D Design Art + Technology: Photoshop 1 – 6 Color Theory Computer & Tablet Basics
  36. 36. Thank you very much! Be super! @renneemi ko