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Persuasive writing features


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Published in: Education
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Persuasive writing features

  1. 1. Persuasive Writing Features
  2. 2. Claim State your argument. I believe that reading booksExample: is better for• I am going to you than watching TV! convince you that…• I think that…• I agree with…• I believe…
  3. 3. EmotionGetting people to feel happy, sad orangry can help your argument.Example:“Your donation mightjust get this puppy offthe street and into agood home.”
  4. 4. Believe Me!If people believe and trust in you, yourmore likely to persuade them.Example:“Believe me. I’vebeen therebefore, I’m just likeyou!”
  5. 5. One time offer!Try to convince your audience that thisissue is so important that they must actnow.Example:“This is a one timeoffer! You can’t getthis price after today.”
  6. 6. Big namesImportant people or experts can makeyour argument more convincing.Example:“Celebrity chef JamieOliver thinks that junkfood should be takenoff school lunchmenus.”
  7. 7. Facts, Numbersand InformationExample:“A Snickers bar has280 calories and 30grams of fat. That’snot very healthy.”
  8. 8. researchUsing reliable research can make yourargument seem convincing.Example:“A recent studyfound…