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Our learning story mother's day


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  • Absolutely touching! Wonderful work! Congratulations to the kids and their second mother at school, their loving and caring Miss Irene!
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Our learning story mother's day

  1. 1. Our Learning Story: “A poem from all, for our mother who love” IRENE PATERAKI 9TH KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL OF GLYFADA, ATHENS, GREECE
  2. 2. Theme: • As Mother’s Day is so close, we decided to make a collaborative poem for our mums and then create a video with photos and drawings that depict the poem
  3. 3. Dream • We discussed the idea • Watched relevant videos inYoutube • Read poems about mums • Discussed about different kind of poems
  4. 4. Map • Students were separated in 4 teams: script- illustration-photography and music/ICT team
  5. 5. Map • Created a mind map, saying why they love their mum and the illustration team made relevant drawings
  6. 6. Map
  7. 7. Map We also created a mind map using
  8. 8. Create • Script team used the mind map to write the poem
  9. 9. Create • Illustration and Photography team met to decide who is going to do what now they have the poem • They decided which parts will be depicted with photographs and which will be depicted with drawings
  10. 10. Create • IllustrationTeam started making the drawings
  11. 11. Create • Photography team used an iPad to take the photos
  12. 12. Create • Music/ICT team choose free music for the video , chose the best photos and scanned drawings. Then usedWindows Movie Maker to make the video
  13. 13. Ask and collaborate • Students showed the result to their peers in the other class and had a video-conference with an expert on video editing, who was the father of an older student at school
  14. 14. Show • Video is uploaded inYouTube and next week they will give it to their mother in DVD with some other gifts
  15. 15. Show • After the end of the activity, a short survey records students feedback.We also had a discussion and here are some of their comments:  I liked when the other teams applauded what we did I liked taking photos with the iPad It was funny to choose the music, some pieces were not good for my mum It was tiring to put the pictures in this programme but the result was magic
  16. 16. So: