The roots of vocabulary


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The roots of vocabulary

  2. 2. Learning Objective We will use Greekand Latin word roots to * determine the meaning of words. *de te rm ine = fig ure o ut Track with me; read with me; tell partner. What are we going to do today?
  3. 3. We know that words are broken into parts that help us figure out their meaning: Prefixes:Prefixes: un-un- undoundo re-re- refillrefill pro-pro- for,for, forwardforward Prefixes are at the beginning o f wo rds. pre- m e ans be fo re fix m e ans attach, re pair White bo ards: Suffixes:Suffixes: -ful-ful joyfuljoyful -ly-ly sadlysadly -ness-ness kindnesskindness Suffixes are at the end of words. So, “prefix” means “attached before.” Which word part is found at the end of words?
  4. 4. We know that words are broken into parts that help us figure out their meaning. Prefixes Prefix Meaning Example re- back, again refill tri- three triplet un- not undo Suffixes Suffix Meaning Example -ful Having careful -less Without, missing joyless -ly In the manner of hopefully Tell your partner: An example of a prefix is ______ which means ______. How do word parts like prefixes and suffixes help us _______?
  5. 5. A root is a set of letters that have meaning. It is the most basic form . Affixes are added to the root to create a new word.  A root can be at the front, middle or end of a word.  Many words in the English language are based on Greek & Latin word roots  What is a word root? Example: The Latin root ject means “throw” So project can mean “to throw forward”
  6. 6. English words can have all three parts: prefix + root + suffix ab + duct + ed away fro m + to le ad/pull + ve rb: past te nse abducted m e ans ”pulle d o r le ad away fro m ” i.e. The general was abducted by masked gunmen. Concept Roots can appear more than once, and anywhere in the word. Word Meaning geology earth study / study of the earth telegraph distance writing / writing that travels far tricycle three wheels asocial not being companionable / not wanting to join others
  7. 7.  Which one of the following shows a root with an affix? 1. bicycle 2. hippopotamus How did you know?
  8. 8. Importance  Knowing and using Greek and Latin word roots can help you figure out the meaning of words you don’t recognize.  This will make you a better reader and writer. Why is it important to know how to use Greek and Latin word roots? Can anyone share a different reason?
  9. 9. Skill Skill Steps 1.1. HighlightHighlight the word root (or roots).the word root (or roots).  What does the word root mean?What does the word root mean? 1.1. Look at the remainder of the word:Look at the remainder of the word:  What does the prefix mean?What does the prefix mean?  What does the suffix mean?What does the suffix mean? 1.1. Use the word root table to determine the meaning.Use the word root table to determine the meaning.
  10. 10. root + suffix  I Do astrology astro = stars -lo g y = study o f So it m e ans: "the study o f stars”  We Do biology bio = life -lo g y = study o f So it m e ans: “the study o f life ” How did I determine the meaning of astrology? Frame: “We determined the meaning of astrology by ______________.” How did we know biology meant ‘the study of life’? Frame: “We knew that biology meant ‘the study of life’ because _______________________.”
  11. 11. prefix + root  I Do empathy e m - = having pathy = fe e ling So it m e ans: “having fe e ling ” The soldier had empathy for the prisoner.  We Do enamor e n- = having am o r = lo ve What do e s enamorm e an? “having lo ve ” Ho w do yo u kno w that?
  12. 12. root + root  I Do pseudonym pse udo = false nym = nam e ”false nam e ” Sam ue lCle m e ns wro te unde r the pseudonym“Mark Twain. ”  We Do aqueduct aq ue = wate r duct = to le ad/pull What is an aqueduct use d fo r? Ho w do yo u kno w that?
  13. 13. prefix + root + suffix  I Do retrospective re tro = backwards spe ct = lo o k -ive = having q uality o f “q uality o f lo o king backward” Histo ry is a retrospectiveway o f lo o king at life .  We Do carnivore carni = m e at vo r = e at -e = o ne who “o ne who e ats m e at” What do e s carnivoremean? Ho w did yo u kno w?
  14. 14. Closure  What do we call the most basic form of a word that has meaning? • What does portable mean? • Why do youthink kno wing and using Gre e k and Latin wo rd ro o ts is im po rtant?
  15. 15. Independent Practice  Follow the steps and directions.  Write the meaning on the line following the word.
  16. 16. A List of Greek and Latin Word Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes Root Meaning Root Meaning Root Meaning Prefix/Suffix Meaning duct to lead/pull micro small phobia fear of ab- away from tele distance spect look, see auto self a-, un-, -less not, without graph write, draw aque, aqua water rupt break em-. en-, -y, -ful having, marked by bio life astr, aster stars scope see, watch retro- backwards geo earth logy, ology study of pseudo false -ive, -ic having quality of rium house cycle wheel dynam power -al result of trans across nym, nom name ject throw -able, -ible ability pathy feeling for amor love pro forward -oid resembling, like cent, centi hundred derm, derma skin vor eat greedily -or, -er, -e one who carn meat chron time soci joining in, being together ex- out of omni all, every meter measure ped, pod foot, footed bi- two struc, struct build cent hundred con, com together, with tri- three hydro water trans across -ly in the manner of
  17. 17. The Greek Alphabet Capitals Small letters Name A α αμπθαμζ B β βενα Γ γ gamma Δ δ delta Ε ε epsilon Ζ ζ zeta Η η eta Θ θ theta
  18. 18. Capitals Small letters Name Ι ι iota Κ κ kappa Λ λ lambda Μ μ mu Ν ν nu Ξ ξ xi Ο ο omicron Π π pi Ρ ρ rho The Greek Alphabet
  19. 19. Capitals Small letters Name Σ ς, σ sigma Τ τ tau Υ υ upsilon Φ φ phi Χ χ chi Ψ ψ psi Ω ω omega The Greek Alphabet
  20. 20. Prefixes multiple prefix symbol sub- multiple prefix symbol 101 deca da 10-1 deci d 102 hecto h 10-2 centi c 103 kilo k 10-3 milli m 106 mega M 10-6 micro μ 109 giga G 10-9 nano n 1012 tera T 10-12 pico p 1015 peta P 10-15 femto f 1018 exa E 10-18 atto a
  21. 21. Roots Base Meaning Origin aqua water Latin circ, circum around Latin compute to compute Latin labor, lab work Latin mod, medi middle Latin meter, metr measure Greek
  22. 22. Base Meaning Origin opt eye Greek ortho straight Greek phon sound, voice Greek photo light Greek son sound Latin term boundary, limit Latin vac empty Latin Roots
  23. 23. Base Meaning Origin ant, anti against Greek auto self Greek deca, dec, deka ten Greek di, dis two, twice Greek dia through, across Greek extra beyond Latin hemi half Greek hypo, hyp under, less then Greek Prefix List
  24. 24. Base Meaning Origin inter between Latin intro within Latin iso equal Greek kilo thousand Greek macro long, large Greek mega great Greek micro small Greek mono one Greek Prefix List
  25. 25. Base Meaning Origin multi many, much Latin non, ne not Latin penta five Greek pro before, forward Latin quad, quatr four Latin semi half Latin sub under, below, up from below Latin Prefix List
  26. 26. Base Meaning Origin super, supra above, done Latin syn, sym, syl together, with Greek tele far off Greek trans over, across Latin tri three Latin un not Latin uni one Latin Prefix List
  27. 27. Homework (submitted on September 3th )  Find ten words based on Greek and Latin roots in book of physics and write the meaning of it.  Translate one paragraph from book of physics into Indonesian.