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E business process for companies


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e-business for traditional companies, companies, social marketing, web 2.0, empresas 2.0, business models

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E business process for companies

  1. 1. E-business process for brick and mortar companies Rene Rojas E-business consultant 2010
  2. 2. Things to do before 1. Understand how the Internet's architecture works 2. Understand the reach that the Internet has achieved both, globally and in terms of specific markets 3. learn about new business models that has brought e-business and especially how your business can be benefited or harmed 4. Decide for yourself and convince your board 5. Allocate adequate resources for e-venture 6. Try, learn, and try again
  3. 3. E-business evolution for brick and mortar companies Network construction Network construction INTEGRATION •“Universal medium for TRANSACTIONS •Integration of •Social Networks data, One -way comm Purchasing, logistics, •Social information and •Buy/Sell on line Production and sales Marketing knowledge” •Public Relations •Product Information •Acceptance of •Coordination •Social •Design •Branches rights between Marketplaces Principles •“Contact us” obligations Suppliers and Clients •Social Suppliers •Collaborative •Product information •Catalog •Leverage off-line •On line campaigns and Clients working groups •Promotions advertising •On line marketing •Social Web sites •New tecnologies •Stock availability •E-marketing •Groups WEBSITE E-COMMERCE E-BUSINESS WEB 2.0 WEB semantic Evolution