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On the edge Manchester: 7 steps to brilliant b2b digital marketing 10 Oct 12


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My presentation from On the Edge Manchester, 10 October 2012 where I presented a 7 step approach to brilliant b2b digital marketing - incl strategy and objectives, websites, search, content and inbound marketing, social media, landing pages and CRM and evaluation and analytics. Tweet me at @renepower for notice of when the 200 page ebook hits Amazon and iTunes.

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On the edge Manchester: 7 steps to brilliant b2b digital marketing 10 Oct 12

  1. 1. ldigita 10 October 2012 #edgemanc @ontheedgelive @renepower
  2. 2. Step 1 strategy 10 October 2012 #edgemanc @ontheedgelive @renepower
  3. 3. Channel influence on b2b 10 October 2012 #edgemanc @ontheedgelive @renepower
  4. 4. Step 2 websites 10 October 2012 #edgemanc @ontheedgelive @renepower
  5. 5. Key questions for a b2b site 10 October 2012 #edgemanc @ontheedgelive @renepower
  6. 6. Step 3 search 10 October 2012 #edgemanc @ontheedgelive @renepower
  7. 7. Clickthrough rate b2b v b2c 10 October 2012 #edgemanc @ontheedgelive @renepower
  8. 8. Step 4 content 10 October 2012 #edgemanc @ontheedgelive @renepower
  9. 9. Average cost per lead 10 October 2012 #edgemanc @ontheedgelive @renepower
  10. 10. Step 5 social 10 October 2012 #edgemanc @ontheedgelive @renepower
  11. 11. Digital tools used (clients) sold by agencies 10 October 2012 #edgemanc @ontheedgelive @renepower
  12. 12. Step 6 Lead gen & CRM 10 October 2012 #edgemanc @ontheedgelive @renepower
  13. 13. 10 October 2012 #edgemanc@ontheedgelive @renepower
  14. 14. Step 7 Analytics & improvement 10 October 2012 #edgemanc @ontheedgelive @renepower
  15. 15. buzz by time of day seasonal buzz competitive buzz category/topic buzz Buzz by no of posts buzz by impressions shift in buzz channel buzz by stage in DM process mainstream media mentions installs downloads buzz asset popularity buzz by customer type mainstream media uploads favourites likes comments ratings mentions growth rate of fans follows friends contacts no of pass increase in searches %of buzz with links no of views/interactions polls alongs recommends embeds bookmarks subscriptions page virtual gifts tags popularity contest entries leads generatedviews clickthroughs changes in search ranking type reach channel products sampled store visits trialsgeography volume of posts impressions time spent clicks contributions customer acquisition & retention complaint handlingby bloggers chatrooms wikis online sales offline sales savings satisfaction feedback change in share AEV event response event attendance 10 October 2012 #edgemanc @ontheedgelive @renepower
  16. 16. 7 steps summary 7 step summarySet a strategy (SWOT & objectives)Get your website right – as a content hubBuild search around a variety of keywordsUse inbound fuel to engage influencersSelect social platforms your customers useCreate calls to action in integrated campaignsSet goals and funnels in Analytics 10 October 2012 #edgemanc @ontheedgelive @renepower
  17. 17. Further readingWebsites Smart Insights blog Content Marketing Institute blog Hubspot blog ProbloggerBooks Inbound Marketing: Get found using Google, social media and blog Dharmesh Shah / Brian Halligan Content Rules CC Chapman 10 October 2012 #edgemanc @ontheedgelive @renepower
  18. 18. More? 200 page eBook on b2b digital marketing - available to members of 20% off promo code: SMARTB2B @renepowerblog Coming soon Slides will go up on 10 October 2012 #edgemanc @ontheedgelive @renepower