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Export deals: 7 steps to international promotion for West Wales Export Assoc


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My presentation for the West Wales Export Association event in Swansea 13 May 2014, where I took the group through a seven step approach to international marketing which included focusing on research, brand, PR, lead generation, sales tools, face-to-face and your digital footprint.

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Export deals: 7 steps to international promotion for West Wales Export Assoc

  1. 1. I N T E R N A T I O N A L M A R K E T I N G T H A T C O M M U N I C A T E S Presentation to: Making an export deal more likely West Wales Export Association – Tuesday13th May 2014 7 steps to promoting yourself more effectively in international markets @renepower
  2. 2. Why BDB?  BDB – independent, full service, industrial marketing communications agency Active in 25+ countries Winner of 2011 Queen’s Award for  Enterprise for International Trade 85% of work international Help businesses grow and develop export markets René Power business development and digital director @renepower
  3. 3. Routes to business growth Existing products New products @renepower
  4. 4. Scale of the opportunity Source: http:// @renepower
  5. 5. The reality of international trade @renepower
  6. 6. Making export deals more likely Knowledge Insight Audience Watering holes Contacts Communication Promotion @renepower
  7. 7. 7 steps to creating more export deals 1. Insightful market research 2. Unique branding positioning 3. Helpful PR & content 4. Qualified lead nurture 5. Effective sales tools 6. Trade shows (face-to-face) 7. Digital marketing @renepower
  8. 8. Throughout... Think watering holes
  9. 9. Step one: Knowledge to make intelligent solutions
  10. 10. Market research  Building a comprehensive picture to limit risk and ensure success – Primary/secondary research  Know your audience  Competitive landscape  Market and consumer demand  Trading conditions  Regulations / legislation  Cultural considerations – Online surveys – Telephone research – Desk research – Euromonitor / Mintel reports etc – Research trips – UKTI OMIS reports @renepower
  11. 11. BDB tip: Use publisher databases to create your own opted in data set
  12. 12. Step two: Achieving standout in competitive markets
  13. 13. Branding and advertising  Market research informs brand strategy – Sub brand required? New brand? – Product bands? Adaptations required? – Meaning of words, colours – check  Advertising = creating awareness – One clear, simple message (market research) – Tailor for each region – Check colours, wording, concept translates @renepower
  14. 14. BDB tip: Ask for feedback regularly to track and anticipate market changes
  15. 15. Step three: Creating an expert profile
  16. 16. PR & content – raise profile  Awareness + demand  Credibility  Broadcast – Generate news  Opening of office / distribution agreement  Launch of new products / services  Appointments  Investments  Research results  Educate – Train local, native/fluent media spokespeople – Hold press event/s – Generate informative content  Understand differences between US and international trade press @renepower
  17. 17. BDB tip: Set clear content goals to evaluate against
  18. 18. Step four: Generate and handle enquiries
  19. 19. Lead generation  Supports / stems from building awareness  Traditionally, targeted DM  Trade shows  Advent of online... – Text / banner advertising – Whitepaper downloads – Blogging – Social media @renepower
  20. 20. Lead generation  Email newsletter text advertisement  Whitepaper download  530+ leads  Targeted follow-up @renepower
  21. 21. BDB tip: Create a system to immediately capture contact data and create meaningful and frequent touchpoints
  22. 22. Step five: Facilitate helpful sales support
  23. 23. Effective sales tools  A great salesperson needs great tools  Regional relevance is key  ‘Transcreate’ – adapt, THEN translate  What works in one region may not in another  Seek regular input and feedback from sales teams  Embrace technology – Success story database – Interactive sales tool  iPad app and widget for PC  Lead capture mechanism included  Search function  PDF downloads @renepower
  24. 24. BDB tip: Review and understand each step of your sales process and create relevant tools to assist at each stage
  25. 25. Step six: Swim in the right waters
  26. 26. Face to face – trade shows  Be present at key regional shows  No need to break the bank  Pop-up systems  Sponsorship  Conference speaker opportunities  Awards  Networking @renepower
  27. 27. Trade show checklist  Stand space  Stand / graphics  Literature (languages?)  Product demo / showcase  Invites (customers, prospects and press)  Manning staff  Sponsorship / attendance  Press packs – languages  Press / customer event?  Lead follow-up @renepower
  28. 28. BDB tip: It’s all in the planning – put a multi-functional team together to plan every aspect of the show
  29. 29. Step seven: Create a digital footprint
  30. 30. Digital marketing  Big area. But get the basics right!  View your website as door to your company – Regional pages & contact details – Regional micro site – Full site translation – Multilingual SEO – Mobile friendly – Campaign landing pages – Content marketing / social media strategy later @renepower
  31. 31. Digital marketing examples @renepower
  32. 32. BDB tip: Purchase regional URLs for key countries you may move into in the future
  33. 33. Next steps
  34. 34. Next steps Arrange a visit, trade mission or use UKTI OMIS reporting service Develop real brand differentiation Build credibility and expertise with PR Strengthen relationships with ‘opt in’ direct communication Develop sales tools that help customer see the benefit and make selling easier Use tradeshows for research and networking Create an online home and online hub for your business @renepower
  35. 35. What next? Download our free guide: Thank you for listening @renepower