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CIM Digital PR Bootcamp 5th Nov 2015 [Content Marketing]


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The slides from my presentation to the CIM Digital PR Bootcamp held at MMU in Manchester on 5/11/15 discussing better distribution and reach of PR & content marketing.

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CIM Digital PR Bootcamp 5th Nov 2015 [Content Marketing]

  1. 1. @visionb2b @renepower Distributing content for maximum reach & interaction René Power Founder, Vision B2B
  2. 2. @visionb2b @renepower About Rene & Vision B2B • B2B marketing and training – 20 year business marketing professional – 5 years client-side in PPE – 15 years in agency • 7 years in pharmaceuticals • 8 years in B2B • Well networked and connected • Published, blogger, speaker, trainer • Vice Chair, Manchester CIM
  3. 3. @visionb2b @renepower Session objectives • To understand new ways to get content distributed, found and interacted with • To create an initial action plan for distributing content after the workshop
  4. 4. @visionb2b @renepower Your content mission isn’t…
  5. 5. @visionb2b @renepower …but your content mission is…
  6. 6. @visionb2b @renepower Does everyone in the room see themselves as a publisher?
  7. 7. @visionb2b @renepower Simple view of distribution Owned • Website • Email • Social profiles Earned • PR • Awards Paid • Advertising • Exhibitions • Social boosting • Direct marketing Marketing
  8. 8. @visionb2b @renepower Want content do they want? • Where are they in their purchase process? Credit: Gary Magnone How much of this involves earned/owned content?
  9. 9. @visionb2b @renepower What content works when?
  10. 10. @visionb2b @renepower Ten ways to enhance the distribution of your content tomorrow
  11. 11. @visionb2b @renepower 1.Optimise SEO • Ensure keyword density across meta and on the page – Focus keyword – SEO title – Article heading – Page URL – Meta description
  12. 12. @visionb2b @renepower 2.Maximise ‘on website’ presence • Top listing on blog • Feature on home page – latest content – Home page slider? – Specific call to action button? – Dedicated landing page
  13. 13. @visionb2b @renepower 3. Add to email footers • Include a link to latest content in your email footers across the business
  14. 14. @visionb2b @renepower 4.Tell people directly • Email them with an update
  15. 15. @visionb2b @renepower 5.Maximise Linkedin reach • Post a personal update • Post a company update • Place in relevant groups as a prompt for discussion • Re-publish a version to Pulse • Share with your connections through messaging
  16. 16. @visionb2b @renepower 6.Post to Facebook
  17. 17. @visionb2b @renepower 7.Post to Google+
  18. 18. @visionb2b @renepower 8.Post blog image to Instagram / Pinterest board
  19. 19. @visionb2b @renepower 9.Post to social bookmarking sites • Add URL to sites like StumbleUpon, Digg & Reddit
  20. 20. @visionb2b @renepower 10.Page link to/from blog posts
  21. 21. @visionb2b @renepower Trade media Trade associations Search engine indexes Social media Bloggers Main- stream press Website Top Internet sites Discussion portals Trade shows Conferences Distribution/links Main stream press Directories News sites Apps/viral newsfeed News sites Email
  22. 22. @visionb2b @renepower Summary • Getting the right eyeballs is key • Some are hard to reach • Some will never visit your site, follow or like you • Play to your strengths • Use the best channels to reach the right people
  23. 23. @visionb2b @renepower Content distribution breakout • Create your own action plan to distribute your content – Who needs to see it/does it help? – Where do they hang out/go for information? – Who can help you reach a wider (relevant) audience?