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CIM Digital PR Bootcamp, 5th Nov 2015 [Blogging]


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The slides from my presentation to the CIM Digital PR Bootcamp held at MMU in Manchester on 5/11/15 discussing business blogging best practice, blog writing & managing the process.

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CIM Digital PR Bootcamp, 5th Nov 2015 [Blogging]

  1. 1. @visionb2b @renepower Blogging for business René Power Founder, Vision B2B
  2. 2. @visionb2b @renepower Session objectives • Understanding the power of a company blog • Blog writing tips • Being creative with your blog • Blogging to achieve greater visibility and engagement
  3. 3. @visionb2b @renepower Is everyone producing a blog – or some kind of frequently updated web content?
  4. 4. @visionb2b @renepower Blogging tops content tactics
  5. 5. @visionb2b @renepower Good for business
  6. 6. @visionb2b @renepower 7 reasons to blog for business 7. Draws in prospects 6. It stimulates community 5. Blog content fuels an entire marketing programme 4. It creates experts 3. It gives a company a face, voice and personality 2. Frequent relevant content is great for search engines 1. Frequent relevant content is great for customers
  7. 7. @visionb2b @renepower Blog writing tips • Walk before you can run • Select keywords and known industry problems • Create a calendar • Create a template • Set criteria for tone, titles, topics, images • Create a team to write, edit & post new blog content • Play up subject experts • Consider options/alternatives to written posts (variety) • Mix up topical with evergreen
  8. 8. @visionb2b @renepower Starting (or breathing new life into) your business blog • Repurpose existing material • Comment on industry news • Comment on new research or data • Write an industry round up • Provide an industry resource list • Write up an event, conference, seminar, trade show • Create customer case studies • Identify and solve industry problems • Interview an industry leader • Make a case for change
  9. 9. @visionb2b @renepower Driving traffic by getting off your blog • Sharing strategy • Commenting strategy • Posting on Linkedin • Posting on trade media • Business media • Business portals – Guardian Small Business Network – Huffington Post • Business associations (membership) • Reciprocal blogging • Independent publishers
  10. 10. @visionb2b @renepower Using a blog for lead generation • Compelling Call to Action – Offer exclusive content – Offer recommended reading – Provide email subscription – Provide RSS subscription – Offer downloads – Offer social sharing – Ask for feedback – Build community
  11. 11. @visionb2b @renepower Acting as editor in chief • Job role – Briefing – Interviewing – Editing – Handling feedback – Posting – Promotional plans for each piece
  12. 12. @visionb2b @renepower Management • Content calendar vs. boards vs. mindmaps
  13. 13. @visionb2b @renepower Analytics led content • Use analytics to improve focus and quality of content • 10 standard metrics that you need to monitor & impact  SALES  Conversion to sales  New vs. returning visits  Behaviour (content)  Dwell  Bounce  Social referral  Exit path  Device  Geography
  14. 14. @visionb2b @renepower Summary • Blogging works if it is on topic and relevant • Think about different types and format when it comes to blogging • Consider the logistical management required • Use analytics to sense-check blog content
  15. 15. @visionb2b @renepower Blogging action plan breakout • Create your own action plan to create a high impact and engaging blog – What problems can you solve; what topics can you advise on? – Who can produce the content? – How will you manage getting it delivered?