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Poland PPT

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Poland ppt 80, 1 10-12b

  1. 1. World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors ofthe HolocaustInternational Conference of ChildSurvivors & FamiliesWarsaw, PolandAugust 19-22, 2011Part 1:Conference,Irena Sendler Teachers Awards,Righteous Among the Nations
  2. 2. PolandConferenceWarsaw Conference leaders Anna Drabikand Aleksandra Kopystynska open theconference. WFJCSH President StefanieSeltzer joins them.
  3. 3. Rabbi Michael Schudrich leads lighting of MemorialCandles. Top right, Stefanie Seltzer, President ofWFJCSH. Bottom left, Philipp Sonntag, Germany.
  4. 4. Memorial candles lit by Helena Roth, 3G, USA. Back row, Renata Zajdman(Poland/Canada), Hania Rosenberg (Poland/Sweden), Philipp Sonntag(Germany), Stefanie Seltzer (Poland/USA), Jozef Walaszczyk (Poland).
  5. 5. Above, Havdalah service, RabbiSchudrich, Dasha Rittenberg,Poland/USA. Bottom left: AleksandraKopystynska, Anna Drabik, IsraelAmbassador Zvi Rav-Ner, StefanieSeltzer, US Ambassador Lee A.Feinstein.
  6. 6. Anna Drabikintroduces speakers:Polish CabinetPresident, Mr. JacekMichalovski, bottomleft, Warsaw MayorHanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, bottom right,Prof. Adam Rotsfeld
  7. 7. Top, Prof Felixs Tych, bottom left, Israel Ambassador ZviRav Ner.
  8. 8. Prof. Aleksander Skotnicki speaks about Jews in Pre-war Krakow.
  9. 9. Top left, Plenary speaker Helena DatnerTop right, Greg Schneider, ClaimsConferenceBottom left, US Ambassador Lee A.Feinstein.
  10. 10. Top, panel on Jewish identity:Bottom, panel on Holocaust Education:From left: Norm Conard, USA, Judge SanjaTabakovic, Croatia, Karen Brass, USA,Charles Silow, USA.
  11. 11. Panel on Anti-Semitism in Europetoday: Moderator Stephen Adler,USA, Phill Sonntag, Germany,Melita Svob, Croatia, Max ArpelsLezer, Netherland, HaniaRosenberg, Sweden, Prof. AndrzejJonas, Poland.
  12. 12. Panelists, above left, StefanieSeltzer, USA, Max Arpels Lezer,Netherlands, above right, MelitaSvob, Croatia, bottom left, HaniaRosenberg, Poland/Sweden.
  13. 13. Meals, time to schmooze, get to know each other….
  14. 14. On left, including:Marta Shemtov, Canada,Anita Ekstein , Canada,Tamaro Root, Hanila Levitt,Betty Berman, DashaRittenberg. USA, AnnaCheszes, Avram Cheszes,Canada.Bottom right, Miriam andFred Ferber, Poland/USA,and friends.
  15. 15. Multiple generations were present,from Poland and outside of Poland:Top left, Gun family from Detroit, USABottom left, Silbergleit family, Detroit,Bottom right, family from Lodz, Lublin.
  16. 16. The younger set, Third and FourthGenerations.
  17. 17. Righteous Among the NationsTop left: Jozef Walaszczyk, Ewa Rudnik andAlicja Schnepf .
  18. 18. Members of the Second and ThirdGenerations, from Poland and outside ofPoland. Top left, Polish artistMalgosia Malinowska ; bottom left,Charley Silow, USA, and friend from Lodz,Charley’s family’s town, Mirka Gluck.
  19. 19. Above: 2G’s from USA, CharleySilow, Karen Brass, SusanSondheimer, friends…Bottom, from left: Mark Clemen,mother, Marion Weinzweig,daughter Cindi Katz, USA, and newfriend Anna Piasecka from Poland.
  20. 20. “The People of the Book…”
  21. 21. Back to us. Teresa Langner, behind are:Danuta Cukier, Ela Lesiak, Renia Szymanska
  22. 22. Top left: Norm Conard, USA,Bieta Ficowska, Poland,Prof. Joanna Michlich, BrandeisUniversity, USABottom left Prof. Skotnicki receives warmthanks.
  23. 23. Marian Tyrowicz and Jagoda Hofmokl
  24. 24. Bulletin Boards help people stillsearching for childhood friends, lostrelatives.
  25. 25. Interviews for Polish TV
  26. 26. Singing and dancing….
  27. 27. Closing Banner given to Rose Gelbart, Cleveland, USA, for 2012 conferenceCeremony
  28. 28. Left: Elzbieta Ficowska, Norm Conard, USA, and friends. Bottom: Norm and old friend Renata Zajdman, Poland/CanadaIrenaSendlerTeachersAwards
  29. 29. Renata Zajdman receives special Award fromPolish State for building Polish-Jewishfriendship.Bottom right, long time friend Bieta Ficowskagives bouquet and embrace.
  30. 30. Irena Sendler Teachers Awardees, main winner, center, is Grazyna Ferenc.
  31. 31. RighteousAwardsCeremonySponsored by Yad Vashem,Israel EmbassySee website for theRighteous Programdetails.
  32. 32. World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors ofthe HolocaustInternational Conference of ChildSurvivors & FamiliesWarsaw, PolandAugust 19-22, 2011Part 2:Jewish WarsawLodz, Majdanek, LublinKrakowAuschwitz-Birkenau
  33. 33. JewishWarsaw
  34. 34. Above: synagogueRight: New Museum of History ofJews in Poland.
  35. 35. Warsaw
  36. 36. Lodz
  37. 37. Charley Silow visited his family’stown, Lodz, the ghetto and thecemetary where his grandfather isburied.
  38. 38. CampsMajdanek
  39. 39. One of the gas chambers.Bottom left, phony “showers”.
  40. 40. Memorial composed of ashes, bottom left. Bottom right, the town in the distance.
  41. 41. Lublin
  42. 42. KRAKOWKazimierz
  43. 43. Krakow Memorial
  44. 44. CampsAuschwitzBirkenau
  45. 45. Bottom: crematoria blown up by SS.
  46. 46. Kaddish at Birkenau, end of railroad tracks
  47. 47. AuschwitzPreservation Director of The Auschwitz explains the educational aspects and need for preservation.
  48. 48. In order to teach thefuture generations,everything at Auschwitzmust be preserved.
  49. 49. Some Auschwitz items needing care,preservation, to be viewed by futuregenerations.
  50. 50. Leaving Auschwitz
  51. 51. Jewish Music Festivals, Klezmer groups, Yiddish Theatreperformances, in Yiddish by non-Jews, are big touristattractions, “About us, without us.”
  52. 52. Karen Brass, USA, brought a family plaqueto be put on her family’s home.
  53. 53. Sayinggoodbyes
  54. 54. THEEND