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The mobile revolution is in full force –
in fact, all research suggests the mobile market will experience rapid growth in the near term and sustained growth moving forward.

To succeed, hotels should be implementing mobile optimized websites for smartphone and tablet users to create enjoyable shopping and booking experiences that match their needs and expectations.

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Total mobile-website-optimization-8-essential-elements-for-hotels-to-implement-vfmleonardo2012

  1. 1. Total Mobile Website Optimization:8 Essential Elements for Hotels toImplement Tweet this Email this
  2. 2. Before reviewing the eight essential elements for total mobile website optimization, it’s important to understand the following mobile hotel shopping trends: These facts cannot be ignored. To succeed, hotels should be implementing mobile optimized websites for smartphone and tablet users. This guide will walk you through eight very important elements of mobile optimized hotel websites that you can use to improve your existing site or consider as you build one.-1- Tweet this Email this
  3. 3. 1 Multimedia Gallery Humans are naturally drawn to visuals. Rich visual media showcases a hotel’s story and allows consumers to imagine the experience they could have there. Consumers expect to see visuals, even on the smaller screens of their smartphones and tablets. But, all too often they find mobile sites that lack the visual experiences they expect. Here’s what a proper mobile optimized multi-media gallery includes: • Quick loading media • Large, high-resolution images, video, virtual tours • Media that fits the screen dimensions of each device in portrait and landscape • Organized and easy to navigate layout 2 Descriptions of Amenities and Services Providing descriptions of what your hotel has to offer gives travelers a greater understanding of your property and builds upon the visuals shown. Unlike PCs, smartphones and tablets have much smaller screens and are often navigated using fingertips so scroll bars don’t work well. 73 per cent of online shoppers do not want to scroll through lots of text.6 Ideally short descriptions should accompany each of the items in your multi-media gallery to provide context. Here are some guidelines for your text descriptions: • Include the most relevant details about what your hotel offers that are not conveyed visually • Ensure text is appropriately sized to be readable on smartphones and tablets (it can be larger on tablets) • Use short, one or two line paragraphs and bullet points for easy skimming-2- Tweet this Email this
  4. 4. 3 Booking Engine A recent Google study found that 67 per cent of online shoppers are more likely to buy from a company with a mobile optimized website7. Ensure you are not losing any business by creating an easy booking process for your mobile customers. Be sure to include these features on your mobile website: • Provide a prominent ‘book now’ button on every page • Link to a mobile optimized booking engine • Make sure all steps are optimized for mobile touch screens and keypads67%of online 4 Special Offersshoppers are Everyone loves a good deal – and mobile shoppers are no different. In fact,more likely to buy the number of active mobile coupon users is expected to grow from 2.7from a company million in 2010 to nearly 35 million by 2014.8 Promoting special offers onwith a mobile smartphones and tablets not only grabs consumer interest and attention, butoptimized website it will also encourage them to book through your mobile sites. Follow these pointers to make the most of this win-win situation: • Include a special offers tab in your smartphone website navigation • Add a visual button promoting special offers on your tablet website • Link directly to your mobile booking engine with pre-populated offer codes • Promote offers that are exclusive to mobile website visitors • Update your offers often to keep your site fresh -3- Tweet this Email this
  5. 5. 5 Optimized Browsing by Device There are a number of different operating systems out there and it’s important to ensure travelers experience a mobile site that is optimized for their device. Over 50 per cent of online shoppers have said a frustrating experience on a (mobile) website would hurt their perception of the brand.9 Providing a poor (or non-optimized) mobile experience can be crippling not only to your brand perception but also to your conversion rates. Focus on these main device variations: • Screen size and capabilities – tablets offer more page real estate that you can take advantage of • Touch vs. click – smartphones can be either a touch screen or include a keypad • Loading time – these may vary from device to device so ensure it loads as quickly as possible 6 All About You Many online shoppers – especially smartphone users – want the ability to easily contact a hotel through their mobile site.11 Providing interactive contact information gives travelers the chance to easily connect with you on-the-go. Here are some of the main sources of information to offer: • Click-to-call and ‘e-mail now’ options • Address that links to a map and directions to your hotel-4- Tweet this Email this
  6. 6. 7 Social Sharing Social media has become a major outlet for people to share opinions, photos and other sources of content – including travel experiences. Just as you would on your main website, make it easy for your mobile website visitors to connect with you through social media and share your website with their friends and followers. • Include a social sharing widget that enables travelers to tweet, email or Facebook your website link out to their social networks 8 Real-time Updates Keeping your mobile website up-to-date with relevant information is essential. It is important to maintain your site so that it accurately reflects your hotel to meet customer expectations and ensure satisfaction. An easy-to-use process that will allow you to update your mobile websites in real-time will help save you valuable time and money. Remember to always update your mobile website when changes like these occur: • Seasonal changes or renovations that affect your offered amenities • Photos should be changed every couple years • When a new special offer is launched The mobile revolution is in full force – in fact, all research suggests the mobile market will experience rapid growth in the near term and sustained growth moving forward. With that in mind, it’s important to start ramping up your mobile marketing strategies today. Applying these eight elements to your smartphone and tablet websites is crucial for total mobile website optimization.-5- Tweet this Email this
  7. 7. VFM Leonardo’s VBrochure™ helps hotels connect with business and leisure travelers via compelling, engaging online experiences. VBrochure™ makes it easy to tell your hotel’s story through rich multimedia and narrative content across the web, on your own websites (mobile and desktop), online travel agencies, social media and more. A VPowered Mobile Hotel Website is included with VBrochure Ultra Premium, which provides mobile users with a seamless, multi-media experience on their smartphones and tablets. Visit VFM Leonardo online to see more examples of what VBrochure™ can do, and contact us today to learn how you can take a leadership role in mobile hotel marketing! @VFMLeonardo Tweet this Email this
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