Out of this world success through culture


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very useful tips to manage life and work

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Out of this world success through culture

  2. 2. OUT OF THIS WORLD SUCCESS THROUGH CULTURE     Hire people with a sense of humor. Quit pretending. Give yourself the freedom to be yourself. Train for skill. Hire for spirit, spunk, and enthusiasm. Be religious about hiring the right people. If you make the wrong hiring decision, within the first ninety days make the tough decision to say good-bye.  Do whatever it takes. Remember, there is very little traffic in the extra mile.  Treat everyone with kindness and equal respect; you never know whom you’re talking to. Treat family members as best friends; don’t take them for granted.
  3. 3. OUT OF THIS WORLD SUCCESS THROUGH CULTURE  Think like an entrepreneur.  Stamp out bureaucracy. To ignite the entrepreneurial spirit, abolish unnecessary meetings, minimize paperwork, and simplify communication.  Stop analyzing, start taking action, and act with a sense of urgency.  Anticipate the unexpected. Practice the art of asking “What if…?”  Be flexible; bend without breaking. Adjust your policies, procedures, and rules in the best interest of customers (internal and external).  Focus on individuals and capabilities, not titles. Deal with people, not positions. Make rules, systems, and procedures your servants, not your masters.
  4. 4. OUT OF THIS WORLD SUCCESS THROUGH CULTURE  Take on a childlike curiosity. Seek to learn something from everyone.  Develop a genuine interest in the knowledge of others: ask to learn, listen to learn, watch to learn.  Train yourself to look beyond what you see.  Create a “Cutting Edge” program of your own. Find ways to understand other people’s jobs.  Make information interesting, meaningful, and relevant to everyone. Show everyone what’s in it for them.  Give people more responsibility to develop their strengths and grow.
  5. 5. OUT OF THIS WORLD SUCCESS THROUGH CULTURE  Blaze new trails. Don’t rest on others’ laurels.  Ask yourself how you can do it before you ask others how it’s been done.  Become a “risk doctor”: help people recover from mistakes by accepting, encouraging, and laughing.  Own mistakes, share mistakes, learn from mistakes, and move on.  Stand behind your commitments and those of your people.  Play to win!  Make your life and work adventurous.
  6. 6. OUT OF THIS WORLD SUCCESS THROUGH CULTURE  Memorialize and display your fondest memories. Make pictures of people your artwork.  Make the BELIEFS the boss.  Re-enforcing the culture you want doesn’t just happen: make it purposeful, not accidental. Support the culture committee that protects, promotes, and projects our culture.  Do what you value: practice what you preach, walk the talk.  Become a storyteller for your company and your family.
  7. 7. OUT OF THIS WORLD SUCCESS THROUGH CULTURE  Use celebrations to create memories.  Have celebrations acknowledge what is important, what we value.  Let celebrations give people the opportunity to say hello and goodbye  Use celebrations to build relationships.  Celebrate to make the mundane fun and unusual.  If you’re going to celebrate, do it right.
  8. 8. OUT OF THIS WORLD SUCCESS THROUGH CULTURE     Show your gratitude to the community for supporting your success. Give more than your money. Give your time, heart, soul. Make serving the community a team-building event for your employees. Volunteer for the greater good and become better for it.
  9. 9. OUT OF THIS WORLD SUCCESS THROUGH CULTURE       Market to employees, not just to your customers. Promote our culture as well as your product. Look for creative, unusual ways to tell your story. Collaborate with others in creating SUPER associate stories. Use SUPER stories as a way to build. spirit, service, and performance. Publish stories of extraordinary service on the extranet.
  10. 10. OUT OF THIS WORLD SUCCESS THROUGH CULTURE      Defend your people. The customer may not be right all the time! Make service a way of life, not just a business technique. Give people the flexibility to transcend rules and regulations to better serve the customer. Ask yourself, “Whom can I serve today?” Then do it. When it comes to serving others, make sure that “good enough” is never good enough.
  11. 11. OUT OF THIS WORLD SUCCESS THROUGH CULTURE     Do what you ask others to do. Inform your people. It teaches them to care. Show people what legendary service looks like, then trust them to do the right thing. Make it a practice to give everyone-customers, coworkers, friends, family- more than they expect.
  12. 12. OUT OF THIS WORLD SUCCESS THROUGH CULTURE        Show love more often it’s a decision, not just a feeling. Love not to get, but to give. Let love be the motivator. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and express your needs. Life is short: forgive and forget! Love people by speaking the truth in loving ways. Be gracious. Polish your politeness. Don’t withhold love when you disapprove of others. Don’t view others’ disapproval as holding back love.  Treat your friends and family like your most valued customers.