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Toy Fair 2007-2009


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An overview of my work on the three year Inspiring Growth campaign.

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Toy Fair 2007-2009

  1. 1. TOY FAIR 2007 - 2009 Inspiring Growth - A Three Year Campaign
  2. 2. BACKGROUND In the summer of 2006 I began working with FDTdesign as Copy Director on a three year marketing campaign for the American International Toy Fair, an event with over 100 years history and the iconic trade show for the booming $22B toy and youth entertainment industry. I was responsible for establishing the overall campaign tagline (Inspiring Growth) and each annual theme along with ads, direct mail, banner ads, on-site show elements and other marketing pieces. In response, attendance from buyers and exhibitors has consistently risen .
  3. 3. CAMPAIGN THEME - INSPIRING GROWTH One of the most exciting aspects of the toy industry comes from recognizing the integral role toys play in the development of young children. It’s an inspiring place to be. This inspiration fuels the innovation and strategy of how the toy industry does business around the world. The world meets at Toy Fair each year to do business and celebrate the inspiration and growth that exemplify a thriving, vibrant industry. From the emotive values of childhood development, to the nuts and bolts of building business, these four days in February inspire growth in a truly comprehensive sense.
  4. 4. 2007 - Inspiring Growth What’s Cropping Up? Gardening, like business, requires the timely recognition of opportunities, the adjustment of decisions to the conditions at hand, and the reaping of rewards. By celebrating the growth of the industry, this garden theme bl ossomed into a dynamic event that delivered measurable growth in attendance and buzz .
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  6. 6. 2007 - Tri-fold Postcard
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  8. 8. 2008 - The $22B Playdate The physical, emotional, and intellectual growth of children took center stage with a $22 Billion Playdate theme. Industry professionals and exhibitors were invited to bring their toys, meet new friends, and dare to dream during these four prosperous days.
  9. 9. 2008, - The $22B Playdate Postcard
  10. 10. 2008 - The $22B Playdate Postcard
  11. 11. 2009 - Make a BIG Deal Postcard Everyone can Make a Big Deal out of Toy Fair! The 2009 campaign focused on building your business; with community, connectivity, inspiration, and creativity. Run the numbers, do the math, check the stats... Toy Fair keeps on Inspiring Growth!
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