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Business math syllabus2009 2010

  1. 1. Foster Meade CTC OST 213 Business Mathematics Course Syllabus 2009-2010 Instructor: Renee J. McCane Course: Business Calculations OST 213 Office Hours: LCHS/WIA Credit Hours: 1 hour- /3hours College Credit Email Address: Contact Hours: 1 Phone Number: 606.796.6106 or 606.796.3600 Class: Fifth Period Catalog Description: This course enables the student to explore mathematical content for personal, business, and industrial use. Math concepts and skills are applied through study and problem-solving activities in real-world situations in the following areas: banking, measurement, borrowing and investing, consumer purchases, and financial management. Course Objectives: Students who successfully complete this course should: • have an understanding of and competence in basic math topics such as percentages; • have an understanding of and competence in calculating simple and compound interest; • have an understanding of and competence in calculating annuities and sinking funds; • have an understanding of the amortization process, depreciation, and balance sheets; • have an understanding of and competence in calculating discounts, markups and markdowns; • have an understanding of and competence in financial planning, buying, borrowing, saving, budgeting, investing, insurances, and taxes. Additional Requirements: A hand held scientific calculator. Grading: Tests will be announced and will represent 30% of grade. Quizzes will be given weekly and will represent 30% of grade. Homework must be completed weekly, also 10% of grade. Attendance is a MUST- 20% of grade Final Exam will be comprehensive – 10% of grade. Final Examination: There will be a comprehensive final, which may include multiple-choice, true – false and calculated problems. The final exam will be count as 10% of student’s final grade. Attendance: Attendance will be recorded daily and will be part of the class grade as noted above. Makeup of one quiz will be permitted and must be prearranged with the instructor. If no quizzes are missed by the end of the term, the lowest quiz score will be dropped. Also, punctuality is expected and the attendance grade will be affected if you are habitually tardy for class. Homework: Assignments will be given at the end of each class meeting and questions regarding the assignments will be discussed at the beginning of the next class. Quizzes may be taken from your homework; therefore, it is imperative that you complete all homework. The instructor reserves the right to accept or reject your homework based on its completeness and regularity.
  2. 2. Tentative Class Schedule Chapter Core Content/ Date Lesson/Unit Topic Text OST 213 Task No. Completed Le Gross MA-HS 1.4.1/ Pay Tasks 3-7 Chapter 1 1 Net MA-1.1.1/ Tasks 8-10 Pay 2 Chapter 2 3 PL-HS 3.2.1/ Tasks 1, 2, 22 Chapter 3 Banking Services
  3. 3. Loans & 4 Credit Cards PL-HS 3.2.1/ Tasks 12-14 Chapter 4
  4. 4. PL-HS 3.2.1/ Tasks 11 Chapter 5 Spending Wisely 5
  5. 5. The Cost of PL-HS 3.2.1/ Tasks 15, 16 6 Home or Car Chapter 6 Ownership
  6. 6. Insurance MA-1.2.1 and PL-HS 3.2.1/ Tasks 23 Investments Chapter 7 7
  7. 7. MA-HS 1.3.4 Chapter 10 PL-HS 3.2.1/ Tasks 24b Inventory 8
  8. 8. PL-HS 3.2.1/ Tasks 24a Depreciation Chapter 11 9
  9. 9. MA-HS 4.1.1 Chapter 12 PL-HS 3.2.1/ Tasks 17-21 Sales & Marketing 10
  10. 10. Final Exam