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Digital in Kenya, Social Media Kenya, Digital Marketing in Kenya.

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  • Partnership with Content providors
  • It’s a waste of time just duplicating content that is already existent on your companies Website. Social media platforms should never be user to push generic information.It’s all about your one on one conversations with your Target audience it’s also about engaging with them about real time issues.
  • Tips for first time investors, what’s happening in the stock market, Explain some terms in insurance, warnings, tips, Comment on the current financial market….
  • Digital media in kenya

    2. 2. What to Expect? What is Digital Media? “Introducing SOMOLOPA” Digital Landscape in Kenya.(Who, what, where) British American in the Digital space.
    3. 3. INTRODUCTION: DIGITAL MEDIA 411“The internet is an information storage place and company websites are there to feed consumers heavy content about brands/services. #FAIL In fact it’s the worst place to read a lot of heavy content. The internet is more of an actionsplatform, for doing stuff. What we need to crack is the “WHAT WE ARE DOING?”If I shift some of media spend to online advertising like I hear it’s the in thing to be doing these days I am most definitely going to see an increase in sales. #FAIL The value will only be realized if you are talking search and display. Digital is simply a relationship platform for brands and consumers.
    4. 4. Digital Media is not driven by Technology. Its driven byinsight driven innovations that are created to make liveseasier for consumers. In turn this helps the relationshipbetween brand and Consumer. widgets rich mediaPOD file-sharingAdWordsbluecaseCRMplayliststagsintegration tvideo API Social networks WiFiwireless QR-codes RSSGPS 3G targeted banners BroadbandVOiP virtual worlds WIKIPodcastsgames blogsAI search DVR user-generatedPOS call centresmobileweb services
    5. 5. 4 Digital Truths to Live by:Every day is election day.Fish where the fish are.Success revolves around genuine, compelling contentYou will never fully own the voice of your brand,
    6. 6. Introducing the “SOMOLOPA” way ofthinking Digital.
    7. 7. What is Social Media
    8. 8. Social Media is Not Face book and it’s Not twitter. Its whatever you want it to be as long as it meets your needs. 1,000,000 + Face book users in Kenya, 40,000+ Twitter users.You want it to be a way of finding cool and interesting websites thatyou would never have found before? Sign up to Stumblupon. Youwant to know what blogs are popular? Get yourself a Technoratiaccount. History of all the comments you’ve ever left? Backtype. Andthe list goes on.
    9. 9. What are new Web usages ?
    10. 10. Consumers behave differentlyFollow them !• They meet in different placesSocial networks, blogs, forums• They share content and spread thevoiceViral videos, blogs, Twitter• They influence• They comment• They advertise themselves
    11. 11. Consumers communicate moreGo where they are !• People regroup on communities• Word-of-mouth is stronger• People read blogs and consume more usergenerated content• People tend to take part in onlineconversations and are happy to communicatewith brands
    12. 12. Why set up a Social MediaStrategy ?
    13. 13. With or without you……the conversations will happen !• For a better control of your brand, you must participate in theconversations• Once you trigger a conversation, you should not leave it
    14. 14. The ultimate effectBrand community !• Build a non-marketing community outreach to deliver a voicefor your organization• Use the buzz power• Reach people where they regroup
    15. 15. The other effectsReach the right people !• Long tail effectReach the small communities on the web• Connect with peopleReach the people where they are• Keep brand positioningKeep brand awareness to relay offline marketing campaigns• Generate more traffic
    16. 16. What are the expected results ?Much more than before !• Leverage current marketing results• Get better brand awareness• Get better brand management• Get better user stickiness• Get better quality products• Get more sales
    17. 17. MobileOver 21 million mobile subscribersin the country. •Mobile Advertising •App Development •Push-Pull Messaging
    18. 18. Is this doing mobile?iPhone-only App Callout • Only available mobile experience is an app for iPhone users • Website not mobilized for any device • Limits dialogue to iPhone users who take the time to download appProprietary Tag • Consumer must download proprietary reader before engaging with the brand • Engage the consumer in the way they choose
    19. 19. LocationLocation-based social networks allow users to interact, share,meet up, and recommend places based on their physicalcoordinates.Access Real time discounts.Rewards for checking in.
    20. 20. PaymentAlso know as the “Mobile wallet”. Instead of paying withcash, cheque or credit cards, a consumer can use a mobile phoneto pay for a wide range of services and digital or hard goods.
    21. 21. Evolution of online Media
    22. 22. Social branding: Distribution will seeEach time users interact, 5 - 7% of their friends the action BRAND Bought Media Earned Media Owned Media
    23. 23. TODAY- Digital assets/ FacebookFacebook FanpageVanity URLCustomized landing page
    24. 24. British American Website
    25. 25. 76%Of consumers don’t believethat companies tell the truthin advertisements Yankelowich
    26. 26. •Media Spend to direct traffic •Interactive real time conversations (Push to Pull). •Guidelines to participation. •Think across platforms. •Key “Content Schedule”. •Varied and Valued Tweets. Newsworthy items from your Industry. •Active and Continuous network Development. •Reciprocity •To raise satisfaction index, provide consistent engaged interaction. “Ask for input and add value”. (Polls)Tap into employees already on these Social platforms
    27. 27. •Create British American InvestmentCompany Business Profile•Establish your expertise byresponding to discussion questions.•Recruit Talent•Network with potential and Currentbusiness partners and Clients.•Add linked in URL to email signatures
    28. 28. •Get key employees tomake use of thisplatform•Once you have amasseda good number in yournetwork startdiscussions.•Include Social Plug-inson all ATL material.
    29. 29. •IPO Website with a Client service Portalaccessible to non account holders.•Training of key BAIC figures to get Digitallyenabled. With focus on Managing Director-Benson Wairegi’s Social Media accounts.•Creation of Value added Services on Website.•The Blogging platform. Capitalize on it. Realtime content will push traffic to the site and atthe same time improve BAIC online image.•Are there any online tools we can create foryour target audience?
    30. 30. You need to Buy media so that you can push traffic to your OwnedMedia so that you can eventually get Earned Media.Recommendations: During Corporate Campaign.1. Facebook AdsRecommendations: During IPO Period.1.Google Adwords.
    31. 31. Internet Penetration inKenya Ratio M:W 83:16Source Synovate.
    32. 32. Top Brands In Kenya: 1. Facebook 2. Googke 3. Youtube 4. Blogger 5. WikiPedia 6. Twitter 7. Nation 8. DealfishFemales between the ages of 14-25 have grow up in the Digital Media era, where the inthing is creation. Thus theres more user generated content online that attracts that agegroup online.The interest seems to be growing what we now need to do is to generate content onlinethat our audience can relate to.
    33. 33. Where we are doing wrong?
    34. 34. Lack of visibility of localcontent on Search. Why? Very few brands pay attention to search and Display and have websites that undergo SEO.
    35. 35. Don’t just plunge inwithout a plan, Orwhat we refer to as aDigital Blue Print.•Know who you are talking toand what platform works bestwith them.•Set goals in terms of growth andinteraction .•Always be two steps ahead ofyour audience.
    36. 36. You might lose control !Results : You lost the opportunity to express yourself easily from the first time and you lost alot of time and credibility in one shot.
    37. 37. Some actions to undertake……to start with• Go and meet users on the InternetAnswer comments left by users on multiple blogs. Read what they say about yourbrand.• Set up collaborative toolsMake sure you offer tools to your customers to share with you about your products (blogs,forums, online surveys).• Connect with your customersBe present on online social networks and create a profile for your brand.• Replay offline campaigns on the Internet
    38. 38. Some actions to undertake……to start with• Engage users in product testingCreate restricted communities who will be able to test the product and help in itsdevelopment. Create user communities.• Engage users to buzzShare and present your products to bloggers in order to engage a viral wave.• Trigger the conversationEngage the conversation on your blog and over chat rooms. Post on other blogs.• Develop an honest and viral state of mindBe open, do not be afraid, be honest and share as much as you can.
    39. 39. Combine the toolsUse multiple tools and spread yourpresence !• Leverage the effect by using multiple tools• One media or one profile is not enough to see the effects• It is the combination of multiple tools that will make yousuccessfull• Share quality content
    40. 40. How to measure success?
    41. 41. What actions to measure ?Buzz !• Responsiveness of a communication that should be lower than24h• Number of quality blog posts• Number of meaningful comments• Quality of content shared