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Teaching on Teachers: Honoring the Pedagogy of Renee Hobbs

Former students gathered to reflect on Renee's approach to teaching and learning and her influence in their lives. Listen to their reflections here:

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Teaching on Teachers: Honoring the Pedagogy of Renee Hobbs

  1. 1. Teachers on Teaching Series: Honoring the Pedagogy of Renee Hobbs Jiwon Yoon, Roosevelt University Angela M. Cirucci, Kutztown University Nuala Cabral, Temple University David Cooper Moore, YES Philly Zoey Wang, University of Rhode Island Elizaveta Friesem, Central Connecticut State University Yonty Friesem, Central Connecticut State University #NCA16 @reneehobbs National Communication Association Conference, Philadelphia, November 11, 2016
  2. 2. Against Transmission  Recognize that expertise is overrated  Build a learning environment  Cultivate intellectual curiosity  Develop high-interest activities that scaffold the acquisition of knowledge and skills  Demonstrate that everyone learns from everyone
  3. 3. A Pedagogy of Risk-Taking  Experiment and take risks with a playful pedagogy: Novelty matters  Teach learners, not content or subjects  Make students create media to demonstrate learning  Learn from mistakes and failure
  4. 4. Rigor and Respect  Have high expectations and meet people where they live  Teach people what they need to learn  Humility: Be transparent about my own position, limitations and flaws  Rigor: Provide maximum challenge so that learners can grow as thinkers, do- ers and leaders  Respect: Structure learning activities so that I can learn as much as possible from my students #mystudentsareamazing