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Hating with Sam by Cassandra


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Published in: Spiritual
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Hating with Sam by Cassandra

  1. 1. Hating With Sam<br />BY: CASSANDRA BUTKOWSKI<br />
  2. 2. Rationale<br />Why does this matter? <br /><ul><li>Parents are trying to raise their kids to be kind and caring.
  3. 3. iCarly uses vocabulary and actions to promote children to discriminate against each other.
  4. 4. We need to understand what their media is teaching them.
  5. 5. Sam is violent, sadistic and selfish. Everything we hope children don’t become.
  6. 6. We need to know if her behavior is teaching children to be like her.</li></li></ul><li>Questions & Research!<br />Otherwise this would be pointless.<br />Questions<br /><ul><li>Does iCarly’s use of hate words and violence promote bullying to children?
  7. 7. What was the rationale of creating a character as mean-spirited as Sam? </li></ul>Research Methods<br /><ul><li>I researched what other scholars have written about hatred in media.
  8. 8. I watched more episodes than I am comfortable admitting.</li></li></ul><li>Defintions!<br />According to Mr. Weber and me.<br />Hate (noun): 1. intense hostility and aversion; 2. an object of hate.Hate (verb): 1. to express or feel extreme enmity; 2. to find distastefulHatred (noun): prejudiced hostility or animosity.Hate word (noun): a word that expresses animosity or inspires hostility towards anyoneHate action (noun): actions or mannerisms that express animosity or inspire hostility towards anyonePut down Humor: Language or actions that imply something or someone to be distasteful in a light or subtle manner and is found funny by people who empathize that distaste.<br />
  9. 9. Some Episodes I Researched<br />*iHurtLewbert *iChristmas *iMake Sam girly *iSaw him First<br />Some great examples:<br /><ul><li>iHurtLewbert: Sam says she chooses to not think of anyone other than herself.
  10. 10. iSaw Him First: Sam tells Carly its obvious she has a date because of the “helping” bra.
  11. 11. iMake Sam Girly: Sam asks if its really wrong to rip a girl’s head off.
  12. 12. iChristmas: Sam offers to help Freddie out of his outfit, only to drop him on the ground and leave him to squirm free.</li></li></ul><li>What are Scholars Saying?<br />Not much actually.<br />Larry Williamson's and Eric Pierson's article " The Rhetoric of Hate on the Internet: Hateporn's Challenge to Modern Media Ethics“<br /><ul><li>“hate group” as anyone who advocates, “ beliefs or practices that attack or denigrate an entire class of people, typically for their beliefs or immutable characteristics”
  13. 13. Is iCarly acting as a hate group?
  14. 14. I think they are and if you disagree, you are a loser.
  15. 15.  Hate groups create hateporn that entices people by being funny and playing on already existing stereotypes and bigotry.
  16. 16. iCarly often presents their hatred in a comical light.
  17. 17. From being at school children already have an understanding that being anything other than “cool” means you are a “loser”.</li></li></ul><li>Why is Sam so mad?<br />And why don’t parents care more?<br />
  18. 18. Sidekicks don’t have to be nice.<br />That is Carly’s job!<br />"Producing Children's Television" by Robby London<br /><ul><li>Child relatable characters are a must!
  19. 19. Children can easily relate to a self-center and violent character like Sam.
  20. 20. She is the show's outlet for those negative emotions that the main character shouldn't have.
  21. 21. Carly as the main character, is seen by parents as a potential role model for kids, Sam is not.
  22. 22. Sam being the violent sidekick helps bring a sense of balance to the show's characters but still allows for ample amounts of violence for children to enjoy.</li></li></ul><li>So did I discover anything?<br />Yeah and it wasn’t what I was expecting.<br /><ul><li>There is no evidence that iCarly teaches put down humor.
  23. 23. iCarly enforces already learned biases.
  24. 24. The show often states that Sam is not someone you should desire to be like.
  25. 25. Sam’s job is to add dry humor, violence and attitude to an otherwise happy-go-lucky show. </li></li></ul><li>In Conclusion:<br /><ul><li>iCarly may not be teaching violence but promoting instilled hatred is still an issue.
  26. 26. Instead of put down humor, iCarly should focus on more positive ways for children to view their peers.</li>