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Building Student Engagement Using Blackboard


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Building Student Engagement Using Blackboard

  2. 2. About VoiceThread Collaborative multimedia slideshow Commenting feature allows for asynchronous discussion Comment in 5 ways – voice, text, audio or video Simple to use It’s free
  3. 3. The set up Works just like a Power Point presentation Click the arrow to move forward Several question prompts
  4. 4. Learning Goals What is student engagement? What does the student need to do in order to be actively engaged? What do you need to do to engage your students? How does Blackboard fit into all of this?
  5. 5. What is student engagement? Inquiry-oriented instruction Students are involved in actively trying out new ideas Students use prior knowledge to transform knowledge on their own Apply knowledge to new situations. How have you been engaging your students?
  6. 6. To achieve engagement studentsmust…. Have opportunities to talk to each other Have opportunities to talk about and reflect upon their own thinking, questioning, negotiating and problem-solving strategiesDo you currently provide these opportunities for your students? If so, provide one example of how you have created opportunities for engagement? If not, come up with one way in which you could engage your students.
  7. 7. To achieve engagement teachersmust… Pose challenging questions Encourage discussion between students about the problem Allow sufficient time for students to wrestle with the problem and work through its multiple facets. Does your teaching strategy allow for this?
  8. 8. How does Blackboard fit intothis? Discussion Boards Surveys Tests Learning modules Assignment tool Adaptive ReleaseHow you used any of these tools?Pick one or several tools and describe one way you could use it to engage students.