Understanding assessment


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This is a brief overview of Assessment Educational

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Understanding assessment

  1. 1. Northcentral UniversityUnderstanding Assessment
  2. 2. Northcentral University Assessment Is systematic and intentional Is iterative and endless Allows us to demonstrate that students are learning what we say they are learningA commitment to student learning is identical toa commitment to assessing student learning andusing data from assessment to improve learning
  3. 3. Any assessment process should provide Northcentral University data to answer these questions:1. Are students learning?2. Is the learning aligned to the needs of the field?3. How do you know?
  4. 4. Northcentral UniversityThree Tiered Approach Program level (encompasses many points) Specialization level looks at program/specialization level outcomes Course level looks at student learning in each course
  5. 5. Northcentral University Program Assessment Evaluates the  Usually done every 2 overall results of a years: program using:  Identifies large areas of  Student surveys concern  Faculty surveys  Sets goals for the  Student grades/rubric program in future data  Examines program  Student evaluations outcomes against  Retention data professional requirements  Enrollment data  Used to assure  Alumni Surveys accreditors of overall  Graduate Surveys program quality  Employer Surveys
  6. 6. Northcentral University Specialization Assessment Evaluates the overall results of learning in a specialization against program outcomes  Aligns program level outcomes to national standards or other set of standards (curriculum mapping)  Examines data around program outcomes  Reviews overall student performance by course grades and overall rubric results  Can be done using artifacts assessment
  7. 7. Northcentral University Student Learning Assessment Evaluates individual student learning:  At the course level  At the learning outcome level  Uses a set of identified standards (curriculum mapping) Consistent measurement at the course level  Rubric to measure student learning and provide data to inform grade AND evaluate effectiveness of assignment/activity  Provides data to support specialization and program assessment  Collects data around the effectiveness of faculty mentors
  8. 8. Northcentral UniversityAssessment System Program Assessment Specialization Assessment Outcome Assessment DATA DRIVEN ASSESSMENT SYSTEM