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App 125 Safety Agencies


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App 125 Safety Agencies

  1. 1. Safety Agencies Safety Agencies
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES • What are Safety Agencies? • What is Underwriters Laboratory and what  y is their purpose? • How does UL work? How does UL work? • What is the role of Renco Electronics  pertaining to UL? pertaining to UL?
  3. 3. Safety Agencies Safety Agencies • UL‐Underwriters Laboratories • CSA ‐ Canadian Safety Agency • TUV ‐ German Agency • VDE E VDE ‐ European Safety Agency S f t A p • CE ‐ European Union
  4. 4. What Is Underwriters Laboratory and What Is  Their Purpose? • Began in 1894 in Delaware • Began as Not for profit laboratory Began as Not for profit laboratory • Examination and testing of devices, systems, and  materials to determine their relationship to hazards  of life and property Translation: Set standards that try to protect us  from Electrocution and Fire hazards from Electrocution and Fire hazards
  5. 5. Electrocution Hazards • SELV circuits 72 Vdc max • Galvanic Isolation • Creepage and Clearance
  6. 6. Fire Hazards • UL 94 Standard • Spread or extinguish the flame Spread or extinguish the flame • Ignition resistance of a plastic
  7. 7. How Does UL Work? k • A material, product, or system is submitted for  testing to meet some standard. • Typically submitted by manufacturers, developers or  yp y y , p authorized agents. • A detailed material list, samples, construction  breakdown, and intended use are required. breakdown and intended use are required • Process can take 4 weeks to 16 weeks and cost  several thousand dollars
  8. 8. UL Certification Levels • UL Listed and follow‐up service • UL Recognized • UL Classified
  9. 9. The Role of Renco Pertaining to UL  h l f and Our Customers • Design and manufacture using materials that  are UL recognized are UL recognized • Design and manufacture to meet a specific UL  system listing. system listing. • Submitting magnetics to UL on behalf of  custo e customer 
  10. 10. Design and Manufacture Using  f Materials Which Are UL Recognized Cosmo C Rynite R it FR530 E69578 DuPont TFE Teflon Lead Wire E54681 Furukawa TEX E or TEX F Triple Insulated Wire E206440 Permacel Glass Cloth Tape E20392
  11. 11. Design and Manufacture to Meet a  Design and Manufacture to Meet a Specific UL Insulation System  • This means all the materials used as  insulation in the construction of the product  are on a list of pre approved materials that  are on a list of pre‐approved materials that meet the criteria of a particular temperature  class individually or with any other material  listed in the system listed in the system • Renco owns and maintains 5 UL insulation  systems • Renco has adopted 9 other UL insulation Renco has adopted 9 other UL insulation  systems
  12. 12. Submitting Magnetics to UL S b itti M ti t UL • Renco can submit the magnetics for UL testing • Renco can assist the customer who is submitting their g end product for UL testing • Renco can provide varnished and unvarnished samples along with UL gathering sheets containing d t il d l ith th i h t t i i detailed information such as: material composition and construction details
  13. 13. Linear Transformer Design Li T f D i • Design is driven by the standards required g y q • UL 5085 – 1 (Class 1) – Galvanic Isolation – Materials must meet minimum UL94 rating • UL 5085 – 2 (Class II) – Typically uses 2 ‐ section bobbin T i ll 2 ti b bbi – Thermally fused or inherently protected – Must be encased Must be encased – Increased Galvanic isolation – Materials must meet minimum UL94 rating
  14. 14. Switch Mode Transformer Design • Design is driven by the standards Design is driven by the standards  required • Margin tape Margin tape • Triple insulated wire  – Rubadue – Furukawa Tex E Courtesy of Furukawa
  15. 15. Example • Transformer 120V, 60Hz with 13V output;  requires UL listing, 1300C, Class II • Design and manufacture using existing UL  insulation system and UL recognized materials • Provide UL gathering sheets and varnished and Provide UL gathering sheets and varnished and  unvarnished samples • Customer Submits complete power supply to  UL for testing f i • Fastest turn around and lowest cost
  16. 16. Questions for the Customer Q i f h C • Who will submit for testing? Who will submit for testing? • Which Agencies? • Which Standards? hi h S d d ? • Time Line? • End Application?
  17. 17. Where Are Those UL Files on Renco’s Where Are Those UL Files on Renco’s Website?
  18. 18. Go to our website: and click on the  and click on the UL File Listings
  19. 19. Click on the yellow: UL Insulation & Material Listings for Standard Parts
  20. 20. You are then presented with a box whereby you may select the part you wish to view.
  21. 21. Click on the right‐hand arrow to display the parts and then click on the part you want to see.
  22. 22. The information for the part you chose is then displayed. The information for the part you chose is then displayed
  23. 23. Call our Friendly Engineering Staff! C ll F i dl E i i St ff! Custom M C Magnetics D i i Designs Standard and Custom Samples at NO Charge Problem Solving and Assistance with Agency Approval 1-800-645-5828