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Krömer best practice-202

  1. 1. Ford FanAward Social Media Engagement Jan Krömerpicture by Marco Ely (CC)
  2. 2. 2006… social media twitter facebook web 2.0 web monitoring forumspicture by cyanopolis (CC)
  3. 3. 2006… fan clubs websites forums altered logos incorrect CI outdated informationpicture by Ilan Ransley (CC)
  4. 4. how do we deal with critical content? how do we deal with content that endangers the companys prestige? how do we engage in social media?picture by wonderferret (CC)
  5. 5. legal department lawyers written warnings dissuasionspicture by (CC)
  6. 6. negative impact anger even more discussions even more negative content streisand effectpicture by Nicholas Kennedy Sitton (CC)
  7. 7. general goals & objectives: improving knowledge of fords online target group establishing a positive, personal relation with ford fans showing appreciation for the fans work linking the digital world and the "real" world having the fans use logos, CI, etc. correctly and keep their sites updatedpicture by monica renata (CC)
  8. 8. specific goals & objectives: voluntary relaunch of the fans websites & bulletin boards raise the fans awareness of ford engaging in their platforms avoid negative engagement through legal actionspicture by Arturo Donate (CC)
  9. 9. What is a fan? And how many are there?picture by wonker (CC)
  10. 10. … interest in a brand or product above averagepicture by Incase (CC)
  11. 11. … high activity (online and offline)picture by ibrahim lujaz (CC)
  12. 12. … emotional bond to a brand or productpicture by Miss Turner (CC)
  13. 13. … very well connectedpicture by tangi bertin (CC)
  14. 14. … sharing its thoughts towards brands and products with more people than the average consumer → brand advocatepicture by Steve Jurvetson (CC)
  15. 15. applepicture by CAVE CANEM (CC)
  16. 16. tuningpicture by Mais Tuning (CC)
  17. 17. fans on the web? online research target group research more than 300 ford fan web sites bulletin boards, blogs, and classic web sites tuning as well as specific models, classic carspicture by rfranklinaz (CC)
  18. 18. Ford FanAward reward the fans for their work 2006 / 2008 / 2010picture by Marco Ely (CC)
  19. 19. every creator of a non-commercial ford web site can participate a jury picks a preselection of web sites winners are voted by the community itselfpicture by Marco Ely (CC)
  20. 20. marketing mainly viral 2 press releases 1 mailing to all ford clubs in the ford database 1 facebook page 1 youtube video no additional budget word of mouthpicture by Marco Ely (CC)
  21. 21. more than 50 participating fan sites on average constantly growing numbers of votes with more than 4.000 votes in 2010picture by Marco Ely (CC)
  22. 22. prices digital winners badges in bronze / silver / gold participation at the ford regional tour for the overall winner collectors items (ford watches, books etc.) "real life" award ceremony at ford in colognepicture by americanistadechiapas (CC)
  23. 23. outcome for ford distinct knowledge of their own fans established a positive relationship showed appreciation of their work received positive feedback on the webpicture by Nathan Bittinger (CC)
  24. 24. outcome for ford media coverage through press (online and offline) term "ford fanaward" with ca. 26.000 results on Google (before: zero) updating of designs with correct use of ford logo, ford CI etc. without any notice sentpicture by Nathan Bittinger (CC)
  25. 25. picture by woodley wonderworks (CC)
  26. 26. Jan Krömer +49 (0)221 99841010 jan.kroemer@infospeed.depicture by woodley wonderworks (CC) This presentation is licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0