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putracd intro for FLY conference 2008

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putra cd intro

  1. 1. 5 UPM students who discovered & developed their potential through an international youth organization
  2. 2. Bakerzin, 1Utama 3 Nov 2007
  3. 3. san san
  4. 4. “I wanted to join AIESEC in my first year but somehow did not. Then in my 2nd year, I told myself that I must check it out. So I went to AIESEC Nite and saw people shouting and dancing away on the stage so ever crazily… strange but true!” - san san
  5. 5. jamie
  6. 6. “He was saying something about internationalism and the so-called acronym of AIESEC –`Alcohol in excess, sex in every conference’ and exchange. That got my attention because I was and still am interested in cultural exchanges.” - jamie
  7. 7. seanz
  8. 8. “In the beginning, I thought it is I & Z. She explains to me about AIESEC - an international society, is doing student exchange, culture sharing, working abroad as an intern. I think it is quite an interesting club. ” - seanz
  9. 9. nicole
  10. 10. “Staring at the notice board, started reading and the word `exchange’ caught my eye! Whitsney, the AIESEC President saw me and my friend and invited us into the AIESEC room, shared with us about AIESEC and what it’s all about.” - nicole
  11. 11. ren chang
  12. 12. “I’ve heard stories of the AIESEC national conference from a friend and found it quite interesting! Told myself that I am attending AIESEC Nite in my 2nd year even I had no friends to accompany me. ” - ren chang
  13. 13. local leadership development seminar
  14. 14. “LLDS was great! I made many friends and found out I could go to another country to `work’ or organize events. What other society can do that? And also AIESEC is the world largest student run organization. So, why not?” - san san
  15. 15. “It was something different than any other student organization. I want to know more of what they can do and what they have to offer. Most importantly, it was because of my interest in exchange and internationalism.” - jamie
  16. 16. “Although all of my friends in my group who were with me to attend LLDS dropped out, I decided to stay on as I saw what AIESEC could provide, an opportunity to learn, develop and lead.” - nicole
  17. 17. “… as I have talk to myself, I need to pick up my English. Thanks to them - they did not look down at me. Whenever I have any words that I don’t understand, they’re willing to explain to me” - seanz
  18. 18. “It’s just amazing how we manage to work together so well though from different backgrounds and studies. Somehow each of our strengths complements someone else’s weakness.” - ren chang
  19. 19. Ren Chang, San San, Jamie, Seanz & Nicole's story is just five of the 28,000 lived each year by members across AIESEC's 100-country network They were UPM students just like you. Would you like to live a similar story?