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Cost competitive green power for telecom


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Cost competitive green power for telecom

  1. 1. Debasish Chakraborty CEO, RenCat +45 60173935 image: GSMA RenCat Catalyzing Green Power Fysikvej 307 2800 Kgs. Lyngby Denmark
  2. 2. RenGen is Zero-Carbon power generation Zero-Carbon cost competitive replacement of Diesel Gensets for powering poor/off- grid mobile telephone towers
  3. 3. Mobile phone towers in off/poor grid areas are growing fast 2014 2020 Off grid Poor grid 320,000 (31%) 701,000 (69%) 791,000 (67%) 389,600 (33%) ~1 million ~1.2 million +16% Source:International finance Corporation, World Bank, 2014 Total number of off and poor grid towers • Powered by diesel gensets
  4. 4. Source: Sahu et al. Atmospheric Environment 103 (2015). *NOx and PM emission estimate in India only Diesel Gensets are expensive and polluting to operate The operators are actively looking for cost efficient and clean replacements of Gensets Over 30M ton CO2, 0.3M ton NOx*, 0.2M ton PM* emission from diesel genset powering telecom towers: Equivalent to emission from 26M households or 5M cars Over €10B of diesel burnt by the operators globally
  5. 5. RenGen: Our product to replace diesel genset Ammonia powered fuel cell based power generator • Lower cost of ownership compared to gensets • No local carbon emission Not drawn to scale RenGen CO2 free power at a cost competitive price
  6. 6. Innovation:The game changer RenCat RenCat technology replaces € 22,000/kg Pd membrane with €1/kg metal oxides Existing Metal oxide catalyst (<€1/kg) NH3 Reformer Air PEMFC Pd -membrane (€22,000/kg) Reformer PEMFC NH3 2 patents pending
  7. 7. The cost of on-site H2 generation is drastically reduced HydrogenAmmonia Rencat technology: On-site H2 €5/kg compared to €17/kg H2 for cylinders Ammonia: High density zero-carbon H2 carrier - last 5 times longer than H2
  8. 8. Why RenCat technology generates cheapest on-site H2 Desulphurization Reforming Pd- membrane Methanation Cracking Purification PEM Fuel cell Diesel to H2(complicated process, use of noble metal) Ammonia to H2 (Simple process, no-noble metal) PEM Fuel cell Simpler process, no noble metal = cheaper H2 Reforming Pd- membrane Methanation Methanol to H2(complicated process, use of noble metal) PEM Fuel cell
  9. 9. Team Dr. Debasish Chakraborty, Co-founder & CEO • Principle inventor of the technology • Current Scientific Business Developer, DTU Physics • Former Head of Fuel Cell Applications, Amminex A/S Dr. Morten Godtfred Nielsen, Co- founder & Technology Developer • Expert in catalysis, reactor design and process control Professor Ib Chorkendorff, Co-founder and Chairman of the RenCat board • Inventor of the technology • World renowned scientist in heterogeneous catalysts and renewable energy • Director of CINF
  10. 10. image: GSMA RenCat Catalyzing Green Power Thank you!!!