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7 reasons to design new products with 12 g sdi sfp pluggable

By using Embrionix video SFP and emSFP pluggable modules, your design team can focus on core product development. Our SFP’s are SMPTE certified, requiring no additional qualification for your IOs. When starting a new design, the video SFP cage approach for the first generation of the product allows your customers to use any type of I/O. This includes Fiber, coax, HDMI, and legacy CVBS.
Data rate also matters in this case. By carefully designing the SFP cage, 12G-SDI (UHD-SDI) is now a possiblity.The 12G-SDI video SFP cage design can be applied to every one of your products. There is no need for redesign, requalification, or recertification at the I/O level. A real reusable design without compromise.Time to market is crucial in our industry. The gap between introduction of ‘the next standard’ is shrinking, while complexities are growing.
Today target is 12G-SDI, while tomorrows is 96G-SDI. Time is too precious to attempt a ‘trial and error’ methodology. Do it right the first time!!
Embrionix goal is for our customers to benefit from the Profit opportunity, as well as to find the best chipset.
By simply swapping the SFP, our customers can have the latest chipset, and benefits from both worlds: Profit and Mass market.
One board cage gives endless possibilities for you and your customers. One SFP cages can support all the requested I/O, while a group of cages can support multiple configurations. Exactly what your customers want.
On many products, I/O’s are similar from vendor to vendor. Core design is what differentiates products for markets. Focus on your added value and let the Embrionix team focus on the I/O.

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7 reasons to design new products with 12 g sdi sfp pluggable

  1. 1. advanced I/O made easy .com
  2. 2. Features Without SFP With SFP Return loss Cable length (Interoperability) Components at the edge Number of board Spin due to I/O Fiber Upgradable HDMI, Analog Upgradable Optional Reclocking Crosstalk Free Need high cost equipment Not Guarantee Embrionix does it for you Active rear True hot pluggable 1-2 board spinUnknown Yes Yes Isolated IOs No Not required, Done by Embrionix New board TTM impact Unknown New VNA Not Guarantee Embrionix validates it for you Different SFPDifferent board
  3. 3. TRY 1 TRY 2 TRY 3 TRY 4 FINAL First and FINAL
  4. 4. Limited 12G-SDI components Multiples 12G-SDI components By simply upgrading to the newest SFP you get the best/latest chipset.
  5. 5.  Sales team   Tel: 450-688-8171  Sarkis Abrahamian   Tel: 905-870-3545 advanced I/O made easy