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  • Slide 1: title and presenter's name Slide 2: topic intro - what product/technology is Slide 3: topic intro - who is the target market (be very as specific as possible: e.g. geo, developer type, etc.) Slide 4: demo Slide 5: certification Slide 6: call-to-action Slide 7: resources: (URLs, where to go/who to call for more information, etc.)
  • The NetBeans Profiler started out as a research project at Sun Labs. The goal of that research was to find a better way to profile Java applications, in particular, large Java applications. Older techniques for profiling Java applications did not always scale well. Once the proof of concept was complete, the technology moved over to the NetBeans project and became the profiler.
  • . Anyone here own a cell phone? :-) The Java Micro Edition, or Java ME, runs on over a billion hand-held devices around the world. It turns out, though, that developing for Java ME on these devices presents some specific challenges: different screen sizes, different hardware and software features available, etc. The NetBeans Mobility Pack provides some really cool tools to help developers with those challenges.
  • For folks who are doing C/C++ development we have support!
  • There's a bit of history to explain here. A few years ago a group at Sun created an IDE called Java Studio Creator. They wanted to create a special-purpose tool that addressed a specific use case: developers who were creating web application user interfaces and who wanted a graphical drag-n-drop approach. So JSC was created as a tool that did just that. In order to create the tool, the JSC team removed some features from the NetBeans IDE and then added some cool visual web application design tools. And that's fine, and JSC has a devoted audience of users who are happy with it. But members of the NetBeans community looked at it and some said: “That's nice, but I only want to install one IDE. Can I have those JSC features in a standard NetBeans installation?” That's why the Visual Web Pack was created. Note that there are still a few gaps between JSC and VWP functionality. (Quick demo of VWP if you have time)
  • The best enterprise OS on the planet. The TCP/IP stack has been reworked for both performance and security. Soundbite: Solaris 10 can run on more than 799 different systems, including those from Dell, HP, and IBM. No other enterprise class UNIX can do this. It's the result of a 1/2 Billion investment and 3000 engineers. 500,000 downloads in the first 10 days, a download/second!!!!!! 2/3rd of downloads were X86
  • The best enterprise OS on the planet. The TCP/IP stack has been reworked for both performance and security. Soundbite: Solaris 10 can run on more than 799 different systems, including those from Dell, HP, and IBM. No other enterprise class UNIX can do this. It's the result of a 1/2 Billion investment and 3000 engineers. 500,000 downloads in the first 10 days, a download/second!!!!!! 2/3rd of downloads were X86
  • Connecting the worldwide NetBeans community Share, participate, learn and have fun. Interviews Projects Demos and Screencasts On the Road
  • In order to land high paying jobs, students need to find ways to differentiate themselves from other recent graduates. Through the Sun Academic Initiative, Sun offers free training that will help you fast-track your career. As an example, a recent article in CIO Magazine included the Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 platform and the Sun Certified Systems Administrator for Solaris as two of the hot certifications that are able to demand higher wages. Refer to the hand-out with instructions for online registration and certification exams.
  • Netbeans Slides

    1. 1. Renato Puccini NetBeans 6.7 A única IDE que você Precisa! Embaixador de Campus da Sun [email_address]
    2. 2. Agenda <ul><li>O que é o Netbeans?
    3. 3. Sobre a Plataforma Netbeans
    4. 4. A Comunidade Netbeans e Você
    5. 5. Próximos Passos </li></ul>
    6. 6. NetBeans?
    7. 7. O que é o NetBeans? <ul><li>Uma IDE (Integrated Development Environment) compreensiva, modular e multilingagem </li><ul><li>Suporte para Java SE, Java EE, Java ME
    8. 8. Configuração para módulos e plugins
    9. 9. Desenvolvimento Intuitivo em Drag-and-Drop
    10. 10. Debugger, Profiler, Refactoring, etc... </li></ul><li>Uma Plataforma para construção de Aplicativos </li><ul><li>RCP = Rich Client Platform
    11. 11. Rich client Java applications
    12. 12. Framework de janelas, menus, tool bars, actions </li></ul><li>Comunidade OpenSource </li><ul><li>Open source desde Junho, 2000
    13. 13. Grande comunidade de usuários e desenvolvedores </li></ul></ul>
    14. 14. <ul><li>Desenvolver uma rede disponível com componentes Java Beans
    15. 15. Jarda Tulach, quem desenhou a arquiterura base da IDE, veio com o nome de NetBeans para descrever o que eles fariam </li><ul><li>Network + Java Beans = NetBeans </li></ul></ul>Um resumo da história do Netbeans O que é o NetBeans?
    16. 16. <ul><li>Informações disponíveis em:
    17. 17. </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Arquivo de Comunicados de imprensa relacionados com NetBeans
    18. 18. A Visão Comunicação
    19. 19. NetBeans amanhã - O roteiro da Comunidade - Planejamento
    20. 20. História do NetBeans NetBeans o definitivo da Guia
    21. 21. Arquivo do original site </li></ul></ul>Um resumo da história do Netbeans O que é o NetBeans?
    22. 22. <ul><li>Java SE Support - Swing GUI Builder, Javadoc integration, Support for JUnit 3 & 4
    23. 23. Java EE Support (1.3, 1.4 and 5) – first IDE to fully support Java EE 5
    24. 24. Java ME Support - Visual Mobile GUI Designer, Mobile Game Builder, etc.
    25. 25. Visual Web Development – Visual Web Editor, Visual Page Flow Editor, Visual Query Editor, Visual CSS Editor, Database Explorer, etc.
    26. 26. Rich editing support - Smart Source Code Editor, Code Navigator, Code Completion/Folding, Refactoring support
    27. 27. Profiler, Debugger, Version Control, etc.
    28. 28. Visual UML Modeling,
    29. 29. Netbeans Platform Development – Visual Library API, Rich Client Development, Lexer API, etc.
    30. 30. Highly Modular Architecture, Extensible with user contributed plugins
    31. 31. C/C++ Development
    32. 32. Dynamic Language Support – Ruby, Javascript, PHP, Groovy, Python, and more </li></ul>Características Gerais O que é o NetBeans?
    33. 33. <ul><li>Binários para Solaris, Linux, MS Windows, e Mac OSX
    34. 34. 100% Java
    35. 35. Só fazer o download que roda em qualquer OS! </li></ul>Qual Sistema Operacional em que ele trabalha? O que é o NetBeans?
    36. 36. <ul><li>Faça Aplicações: </li><ul><li>Desktop
    37. 37. Web
    38. 38. Mobile
    39. 39. Enterprise </li></ul><li>Em.. </li><ul><li>Java
    40. 40. C/C++
    41. 41. Ruby
    42. 42. PHP, Groovy, Python, Javascript
    43. 43. and more... </li></ul></ul>O que eu posso fazer no/com NetBeans? O que é o NetBeans?
    44. 44. <ul><li>Ajax
    45. 45. C/C++
    46. 46. JSF
    47. 47. JSP
    48. 48. CSS
    49. 49. SQL
    50. 50. JavaDB
    51. 51. MySQL
    52. 52. PostgreSQL
    53. 53. JDBC
    54. 54. Ant </li></ul><ul><li>Java EE
    55. 55. Java ME
    56. 56. Java SE
    57. 57. Javascript
    58. 58. PHP
    59. 59. HTML
    60. 60. REST
    61. 61. CVS
    62. 62. SVN
    63. 63. Rich Client Platform
    64. 64. Ruby </li></ul><ul><li>SOA
    65. 65. UML
    66. 66. Web
    67. 67. WSDL
    68. 68. XML
    69. 69. MIDP
    70. 70. CLDC
    71. 71. CDC
    72. 72. EJB
    73. 73. JAX-WS
    74. 74. JSTL </li></ul><ul><li>And a whole lot more.. </li></ul>Tecnologias Suportadas... ;) O que é o NetBeans?
    75. 75. Características> Profiler O que é o NetBeans?
    76. 76. Cool Features > Desenvolvimento para Mobile O que é o NetBeans? <ul><li>Suporte para Java ME – CLDC/CDC </li><ul><li>Sun Wireless Toolkit included </li></ul><li>Visual Mobile Designer Redesenhado </li><ul><li>Drag 'n drop MIDP authoring </li></ul><li>New Game Builder supporting MIDP 2.0 Game API
    77. 77. Suporte para UI SVG </li></ul>
    78. 78. Cool Features > C/C++ Development What is NetBeans? <ul><li>Completo Edit-Compile-Debug Para C </li><ul><li>Completação de código, Cruzamento, destaque de sintax, destaque de erro
    79. 79. Makefile wizard/import </li></ul><li>Desenvolvimento Remoto
    80. 80. Supoert para pacotes de aplicações
    81. 81. Trabalha com GCC & Sun Studio compilers </li><ul><li>Support for GDB debugging </li></ul></ul>
    82. 82. Cool Features > Visual Web Development What is NetBeans? <ul><li>Visual drag 'n drop web application development
    83. 83. Includes AJAX JavaServer Faces Components
    84. 84. Visual Page Navigation
    85. 85. Visual CSS Editing </li></ul>
    86. 86. Cool Features > The Editor What is NetBeans? <ul><li>Refactoring
    87. 87. Smart Code Completion
    88. 88. Insert Code
    89. 89. Inspect Members, Hierarchy
    90. 90. File History
    91. 91. Navigation </li></ul>
    92. 92. Cool Features > PHP What is NetBeans? <ul><li>Editor Highlights </li><ul><li>Code completion, syntax & semantic highlighting, mark occurrences, navigation
    93. 93. Edit embedded CSS/HTML/JavaScript
    94. 94. Code Generator & Templates </li></ul><li>Debugging via Xdebug
    95. 95. FTP Support
    96. 96. Support for web services
    97. 97. Easy AMP stack integration </li></ul>
    98. 98. Cool Features > Ruby What is NetBeans? <ul><li>Support for Ruby and Jruby
    99. 99. Editor Highlights </li><ul><li>Code completion, syntax highlighting, quick fixes
    100. 100. Support for Ruby, RSpec, and YAML files
    101. 101. Rails project generator
    102. 102. Ruby Gems installation manager </li></ul><li>Debugger
    103. 103. Deploy to WEBrick, Mongrel, GlassFish </li></ul>
    104. 104. Cool Features > JavaScript What is NetBeans? <ul><li>Editor Features </li><ul><li>Semantic Highlighting, Code Completion and Type Analysis
    105. 105. Quick Fixes and Semantic Checks
    106. 106. Browser compatibility support
    107. 107. Mark occurences and instant rename </li></ul><li>Debugging for IE & FF browsers
    108. 108. HTTP client monitoring
    109. 109. Bundled popular JS libraries </li></ul>
    110. 110. O que é o NetBeans?
    111. 111. Demo 1
    112. 112. Sobre a Plataforma
    113. 113. Java Monkey Engine
    114. 114. Demo 2
    115. 115. A Comunidade Netbeans e VocÊ
    116. 116. The NetBeans Community and You <ul><li>Start here - </li><ul><li>Open Source Projects- Code and Documentation
    117. 117. News and events </li></ul><li>Plugin Eco-system </li><ul><li>“ Plugins” tab on
    118. 118. Contribute and find plugins </li></ul><li>Join a vibrant community </li><ul><li>Over 20 Million Downloads
    119. 119. Mailing Lists – Over 500,000 mailing list subscribers
    120. 120. Over 130 Partner Companies
    121. 121. Active Blogging Community: </li><ul><li> </li></ul></ul></ul>
    122. 124. <ul><li>
    123. 125. Mande melhorias e novas características de melhoramento de desenvolvimento
    124. 126. Conserte bugs
    125. 127. Escreve plugins ou módulos
    126. 128. Desenvolva aplicações RCP </li></ul>Se vocÊ quer contribuir com código... A Comunidade Netbeans e Vocêou
    127. 129. <ul><li>Crie sua conta
    128. 130. Download NetBeans
    129. 131. Entre na comunidade
    130. 132. Escreva um aplicação Desktop,uma aplicação mobile..
    131. 133. Blog sobre NetBeans
    132. 134. Participe nas Lista de email NetBeans </li></ul> Next Steps Get Involved
    133. 135. <ul><li>NetBeans Product Site: </li><ul><li>Download: previews, current & past releases of IDE, plugins
    134. 136. Learning: tutorials, technical articles, flash demos
    135. 137. Community: latest news, forums, events, mailing lists </li></ul><li>NetBeans Wiki: </li><ul><li>Open-source documentation site for NetBeans </li></ul><li>Planet NetBeans: </li><ul><li>Aggregate for all NetBeans-related blogs </li></ul><li>Source Code: </li><ul><li>Mercurial source code access for Netbeans platform + IDE </li></ul></ul>Próximos Passos NetBeans 6.7 REsources
    136. 138. <ul><li>Get FREE Web-based training on Java TM , Solaris TM & more! </li><ul><li>Visit:
    137. 139. Course registration code for ABC University is XYZ </li></ul><li>Increase earnings potential with a Sun Certification! </li><ul><li>Sun Certified Associate/Programmer for the Java 2 Platform SE
    138. 140. Sun Certified Web Component Developer for Java EE
    139. 141. Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer for Java ME
    140. 142. Sun Certified System/Network Admin for Solaris Operating System </li></ul><li>Free practice exams
    141. 143. Discounted exams fees for academic developers – only US$60 (US$40 in APAC and Latin America) </li></ul>Next Steps Fast Track Your Career with Sun!
    142. 144. Obrigado! <ul><li>Renato Puccini
    143. 145. Embaixador de Campus da Sun [email_address] </li></ul>NetBeans 6.7 A úniva IDE que vocÊ Precisa!!!