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RO Martinez Architects Portfolio

  1. 1. Renato O. Mar tinez , Architect Por tfolio Residential High-Rise Consultancy Uptown 21 Residential Condominium Project Baranggay Culiat, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines • Architect-of-record for 570-unit mid-income Residential Mixed-Use Devel- opment with three 17-story residential towers, a 3-story recreational cen- ter and open space above multi-level underground parking, and a 5-story commercial/office building. • Design development and contract documents prepared based on concept design by collaborating architect, Solveit Architects and Engineering of Seoul, So. Korea. • Code-compliance review (National Building Code of the Philippines). • Site Area: 11,246 sqm • Building Area: 56,700 sqm • Approximate Cost: US$25M • Under Construction (estimated completion January 2010) Images courtesy of Solveit Architects and Engineering Ypao Luxury Condominiums Talo Vista Tower Condominiums Tumon Bay, Guam USA Tumon Bay, Guam USA • 646-unit high-end Residential • 236-unit high-end Residential Condotel on beach front property Condotel on beach front property with multi-level parking, resort with resort facilities, parking build- facilities and exclusive luxury ing and commercial strip. villas; site development includes • Code-compliance review (local adjacent Ypao Beach Park. code and UBC), Concept/Design • Code-compliance review (local Development and Contract Docu- code and UBC), Concept and mentation in consultancy with lead Design Development in consul- architect Setiadi Architects LLC in tancy with lead architect Setiadi Guam. Architects LLC in Guam. • Site Area: 18,300 sqm • Site Area: 32,000 sqm • Building Area: 65,000 sqm • Building Area: 95,000 sqm • Approximate Cost: US$185M • Approximate Cost: US$300M • Approved with the Guam Land • Recently approved with the Use Commission (2008); under Guam Land Use Commission Contract Documents phase. (2008); under design develop- ment. Images courtesy of Setiadi Architects LLC Images courtesy of Setiadi Architects LLC 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  2. 2. Renato O. Mar tinez , Architect Por tfolio Residential High-Rise, Resort Design Ramos Tower—Residential Condominiums Cebu, Philippines Gustilo Farm Lots/Resort Development • 32-story mid-income level Residential Tagaytay City, Batangas, Philippines Mixed-use Condominium Develop- ment with commercial/office spaces on the lower 2 floors, multi-level park- ing, and podium deck amenities. • Contract Documents prepared based on concept design by collaborating architect, TIV Architects and Plan- ners (Manila). • Code-compliance review (National Building Code of the Philippines). • Site Area: 1,100 sqm • Building Area: 28,000 sqm • Approximate Cost: US$32M • Under Construction (estimated com- pletion last quarter of 2009) Kota Keluarga Resort and Clubhouse San Juan, Batangas, Philippines • Master Planning of beachfront amenities (clubhouse, swimming pool, multi-purpose hall, • Master Plan for a 56-lot Residential Farm and Resort beachfront casitas) for a residential resort com- Development on a mountainside adjacent to freshwa- munity development. ter stream incorporates foothpaths, streamside ameni- • Site Area: 18,000 sqm ties and central clubhouse/multi-purpose open • Building Area: 2,000 sqm (total) grounds for weekend marketplace and recreational • Approximate Cost: US$0.75M activities. • Under Design Development Phase due to • Weekend Retreat, Organic Farming and Local Handi- change of ownership. craft Development was conceptualized for an upcom- ing resort lifestyle market alternative. • Site Area: 65,000 sqm • Approximate Cost: US$2.5M • Under Contract Documentation Phase. Images courtesy of TVAP Asia 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  3. 3. Renato O. Mar tinez , Architect Por tfolio Residential Design Reyes Residence Loyola Grand Villas, Marikina City, Metro Manila Philippnes • Single-detached, 3-story residence on a sloping lot (1:3 average slope). • Concept Design based on the local Heritage House/ Bahay na Bato (literally translated as “House of Stone”), typical of the colonial houses of the privi- leged class during the Spanish-era, and stylized to incorporate natural wood and stone of the area. • Multi-levels define the hierarchy of spaces: Upper floors for 4 bedrooms and family room, Mid level for the grand assembly space/living area, dining room, kitchen, den and garden, and Lower level for the dirty kitchen, servants and drivers quarters, laundry and utility spaces. • Fully operable corner windows provide passive cool- ing and unobstructed view of the mountains. • Highly detailed elements such as wood paneling, ventanillas (operable louvers below windows), media -aguas (eaves vents), pasemanos (hand/stair rails) are faithful to historical context of the Heritage House/Bahay na Bato. • Site Area: 650 sqm • Building Area: 650 sqm • Approximate Cost: US$1.2M • Completed in 2004. Photos courtesy of Archikonst Magazine Issue No. 35. Vol 10 No. 2 (project feature) - 2007 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  4. 4. Renato O. Mar tinez , Architect Por tfolio Educational Facilities Design Fr. S. Urios University Basic Education Facility Ambangan, Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte, Philippines • Master Plan of the new campus and architectural design of buildings. • Concept Design based on Balanghai, the 2,000- year-old boat unearthed in the vicinity that is symbolic of the rich cultural heritage and indige- nous traditions of the community. • 26 classrooms in the Grade School Building • 24 classrooms in the High School Building • Multi-purpose Court/Gymnasium for 4 full-size basketball courts with elevated stage and back- stage facilities. • Canteen Building with concession stalls and Din- ing Hall. • Administrative/Registrars’ Offices. • Faculty Center and Conference Hall with Clinic and Counseling Offices. • Instructional Media Center, includes 200-seat Auditorium (with elevated stage and backstage), Integrated Library, Speech Labs and Exhibit Hall. • 4 Science Laboratories • 2 Computer Science Laboratories. • 2 Industrial Science Laboratories. • Homeroom/Economics Laboratory. • Site Area: 34,600 sqm • Building Area: 11,000 sqm • Approximate Cost: US$3.6 • Completed in September 2008. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  5. 5. Renato O. Mar tinez , Architect Por tfolio Medical Facilities Design Paranaque Doctors Hospital Cavite Medical Center Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines Operating Suites Renovation Cavite City, Rizal, Philippines • 8-Story, 99-bed Tertiary (Department of Health Classification) Full-Service Hospital. • Emergency/Trauma Center. • Laboratory. • X-Ray and Imaging Unit. • Administrative Offices and Pharmacy. • 10 Operating Suites (Specialized) • 6-Maternity Suites • Doctors and Nurses Central and Sat- ellite Lounges/Work Stations. • Interior Design/Space Planning of • 60 Outpatient Doctors’ Offices. Operating Suites in an existing pri- • Dialysis Unit. vate tertiary hospital. • Dietary Unit. • 4 Operating Suites (Specialized) • Underground Parking and utilities. • 3 Maternity Suites • Site Area: 1,420 sqm • Pediatric Center, Nurseries • Building Area: 10,000 sqm • Doctors and Nurses Lounge • Approximate Cost: US$6.25M • Waiting Lounge with closed-circuit • Completed in 2005. connection to Operating Suites. • Renovation Area: 850 sqm • Approximate Cost: US$0.5M Ayala Health Care Facilitiy • Under Contract Documents Phase. Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City, Philippines • Outpatient Full-Service Medical Clinic • 48 Doctors Offices. • 3 Operating Suites. • Cardiology Unit. • X-ray and Imaging Unit. • Central and Satellite Nurses Stations. • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Unit. • Laboratory and Pharmacy. • Dialysis Unit. • Underground Parking and utilities. • Site Area: 3,200 sqm • Cost: US$1.5M • Completed in 1999. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  6. 6. Renato O. Mar tinez , Architect Por tfolio Commercial and Retail Design PhilamLIfe Regional Offices Batangas City, Batangas, Philippines • Interior Design and Space Planning of insurance company regional of- fices, including Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FFE) sourcing. • Retrofitting in an existing building. • Ground Floor includes front-end, cus- tomer-oriented service center. • Second Floor includes various private and semi-private offices of insurance agents, and secretarial pool. • Third Floor includes meeting rooms, assembly halls and guest suites for visiting agents from remote regions. • Building Area: 4,000 sqm • Approximate Cost: US$1.3M • Completed in 2005. Fruit Magic Various Locations • Concept Design and Prototype De- velopment for smoothie retail store and concession stalls mostly in malls and fitness centers. • Graphic design and detailed equip- ment (specialized) layout for inde- pendent/stand-alone stalls as well as retail stores. • Typical stall size of 2.4 sqm 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  7. 7. Renato O. Mar tinez , Architect Por tfolio Earlier Works Costa de Madera Resort Community San Juan, Batangas City, Philippines Lauigan Condo Renovation Ayala Twin Towers, Makati, Philippines • Concept Design for the Master Plan • Interior Design retrofitting of an exist- of a resort beachfront community, ing 4-bedroom condominium. based on the Hacienda (Plantation) • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment and early Spanish settlements. (FFE) sourcing. • Golf course and Fairways Housing. • Detailed planning includes built-in • Anchor Hotel and amenities. cabinetry at kitchen and bedroom • Satellite themed beachfront hotels closets. • Central Town that includes functional • Purchasing assistance for owner. services (police, medical, townhall) • Area: 1,200 sqm • Area: 70 hectares • Approximate Cost: US$0.5M • Started in 2003; under Design Devel- • Completed in 2003. opment Phase due to change in own- ership. Clubs Diamond Poker and Recreation Center Batangas, Philippines • Concept/Interior Design and space planning for a 2-story poker and gam- bling center; retrofit in previous manufacturing facility. • Main Poker Hall Holy Spirit Convent • Exclusive Playing Rooms. Tarlac City, Tarlac, Philippines • Restaurant and Kitchen. • Architectural design of residential hall for • Integrated with closed-circuit cam- sisters of the Holy Spirit Convent. eras and security protocols imple- • 12 self-contained living quarters mented by the Phlippine Gaming Cor- • Recreation Hall. poration. • Dining Area and Kitchen. • Building Area: 2,400 sqm • Administrative Offices. • Under Design Development Phase. • Area: 2,800 sqm • Approximate Cost: US$0.2M • Under Design Development; awaiting finan- cial support. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7