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Eclectic Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. EclectiC International Committed to Ambitions
  2. 2. Human Capital Having access to human capital with the right qualifications accelerates business performance. Making talent available for unique positions is the essence of Eclectic’s service offering. Eclectic is a highly professional player in the SAP and Microsoft niche with a top quality solution involving recruitment, consulting and interim management. The clients’ ambitions, form the guiding principle as reflected in Eclectic’s mission statement. “Eclectic contributes to the realization of your ambition through a pro-active thought process aimed at improving the performance of your organization”.
  3. 3. Services Eclectic’s Recruitment team delivers experienced SAP and business consulting professionals to its clients, both specialists and project managers. The Executive Search function focuses on program and ICT managers. Eclectic also advises clients on how to set up a best practices recruitment strategy and process. Furthermore, relevant client staff is trained and coached in the execution of relevant activities. Eclectic Consulting offers top quality staff as well as advisory services aimed at the improvement of the clients’ business performance. Value is further added, through effective project management services. Implementations of SAP and Microsoft solutions and improvements of existing business process and application landscapes summarizes the focus. Interim Management completes Eclectic’s service offering with the provisioning of highly experienced program managers and interim ICT managers. These professionals are made available for the IT and business leadership of clients, safeguarding a return on ICT related investments. Clients are supported in the definition of KPI’s needed in order to monitor and improve business performance. Recruitment, Consulting and Interim Management are often combined in an integrated solution: Clients are provided with immediate access to the skills and competencies needed through Eclectic Consulting “Since ten years I have been working with Eclectic International. Eclectic distinguishes itself from other parties because of their excellent and Interim Management. Eclectic’s Recruitment and Executive search personal coaching. The company is very selective when it comes to offering ensures that the right skills and competencies are anchored matching personal interests, experience and their clients’ demands” permanently within the client organization. These skills might deviate from those needed in earlier phases of an improvement program. Global Manager Business Support Systems, BHP Billiton
  4. 4. Unique Selling Points & Total Staffing Solution • Total staffing concept: Recruitment, Consulting, Interim Management • Clear specialization in the SAP and Microsoft space with a deep understanding of business processes, industry benchmarks, labour markets and skills & competencies • Exceptionally high service level • Trusted advisor • Extensive international and local network of relevant senior professionals • Strong track record and references • Demonstrated long term relationships with clients and professionals • Personal development is valued: Knowledge networks are made available for clients and professionals through the Eclectic academy concept. Planning & Delivery of permanent and temporary professionals Since 1995, Eclectic has been an international player which recognizes that cross-border delivery is often needed in today’s business world. With offices in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands under one management, Eclectic is able to provide clients with an international solution. Activities are not limited to these countries: Eclectic consultants are frequently deployed in other parts of the world. Recruitment Recruitment “Eclectic o ered us a fantastic combined service then. We used their recruitment unit to search for the information manager and we hired an interim from the interim management unit” CPE Finance Director, Campina Interim Consulting Management Interim Consulting Managem
  5. 5. Process Regardless of the service involved, the client’s agenda always forms the starting point. In close cooperation with the client, Eclectic conducts a thorough need analyses with a tailor made strategy and approach as a result. The right mix of skills and competencies required by the client is determined. Subsequently, Eclectic’s extensive network of professionals is used to provide the right permanent employees or external professionals. Of course the delivery of permanent professionals requires a longer process. However, when it comes to consultants, project managers or interim managers, Eclectic typically is able to deliver within 48 hours. Deployment can be based on either an effort or a result obligation. During project execution and after completion, Eclectic frequently interacts with clients in order to ensure that client expectations are met. “Eclectic is a sparkling network organization, dedicated to support professionals in the realization of their ambitions. Personal development is encouraged and facilitated; individual choices are respected”.
  6. 6. The Eclectic Team Eclectic has a high staff retention rate because of its human resources approach. This is featured by attention for individual ambitions, personal development and performance management. This safeguards the clients’ access to a motivated team, with a multi-year experience level in its discipline. The Eclectic core team is strengthened by an associate network of some 1500 qualified consultants, project managers and interim managers which have worked with Eclectic in the past and as such are pre-qualified. This group of professionals has access to the Eclectic academies and when engaged with clients, receives the full support of the Eclectic core team. Field management is conducted, issues are detected and acted up on, access to knowledge needed is provided. “Business Process Improvement in conjunction with SAP and/or Microsoft, project / consulting approach”.
  7. 7. The Academy concept Eclectic values personal development for all stakeholders: Clients, external professionals and internal staff. The Eclectic Academy is a shared initiative of Eclectic’s consultants and management team, based on the ambition to share and develop knowledge relevant for the domain in which the organization operates. Relevant topics include project management, service oriented architecture, xRPM, SAP’s Solution Manager and Agile Development. Based on market developments, new topics are frequently added. When desired, the seminar setting is extended towards smaller groups which develop and exchange knowledge on a deeper level.
  8. 8. Eclectic Milestones 1992: Established as Recruitment firm 1995: Development of International approach and ICT focus 1998: Kick off Consulting Business Unit 2000: Set up German office 2004: Set up Belgium office 2005: Kick off Interim Management Business Unit “ECLECTIC: Choosing the best from various sources, the perfect match”.
  9. 9. Eclectic International BV Eclectic Germany GmbH Eclectic International BVBA Sprundelsebaan 47 AirportCity, Peter-Müller-Straße 16 Lange Lozanastraat 270 4838 GM Breda D-40468 Düsseldorf 2018 Antwerp The Netherlands Germany Belgium Office: +31 (0)76 5316631 Office: +49 (0)211 301 2780 Office: +32 (0)478 445541