Company analysis of astra otoparts


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Mid term Project of Investment Analysis and Portfolio

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Company analysis of astra otoparts

  1. 1. Company Analysis of Astra Otoparts President University 3rd Floor, October 28, 2011
  2. 2. Presented by:• Bianca Tania I.• Dwiany Iswandari• Hesty Oktariza• Juniaty Gunawan• Martin Ernest• Renate Shafrila D.P• Rista Marliyani• Sabrina
  3. 3. Company in Brief PT Astra Otoparts Tbk. (Astra Otoparts) is Indonesia’s foremost automotive component Company Original Equipment for Replacement Manufacturers Market (REM) (OEM)
  4. 4. Company in Brief  Astra Otoparts has exported to 49 countries in the Middle East, Asia Oceania, Africa, Europe, and the Americas
  5. 5. History1976• Founded as PT Alfa Delta Motor with businesses in trading of auto industry, assembling of machineries, and construction. PT Alfa Delta Motor was owned by William Soeryadjaja and PT Djaya Pirusa.1997• PT Astra Dian Lestari changed its name into PT Astra Otoparts.1998• PT Astra Otoparts became a public listed company by listing its shares on the Jakarta Stock Exchange, with transaction code: AUTO.
  6. 6. Business Structure
  7. 7. Business Portfolio
  8. 8. BusinessPortfolio
  9. 9. Astra Otoparts’ SWOT Analysis Strength Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Effective Factories facilities Technology Government and distribution improvement global warming channels Policy Product Local brand Local and global Competitors development development market expansion Aftermarket Market Human resources Fake products product information availability Cuztomized Product design Decreasing of product world’s economic
  10. 10. Value Chain Primary Activities and Costs Sales &purchasing operation distribution Marketing Service Profit R & D, Technology, HRM, Administration Support Activities and Costs
  11. 11. Strategic Options for Achieving Cost Competitiveness Combat upstream disadvantage Combat downstream disadvantage Combat internal disadvantage
  12. 12. Current Strategy • The company strategy is to pursue a strategy of concentrating on high-value products based on market size, sales growth, and profit margin and the development of new products. • Astra otoparts got an increasing of net profit as 48% or reach more than Rp. 1.14 trillion.
  13. 13. Sales Force Excellent• To increase employees’ performance and competition• To strengthen relationship with dealer
  14. 14. Newest Milestone October PT Astra Otoparts Tbk in collaboration with PT Shell Indonesia announced the strategic partnership by launching Shell - Astra co-branding lubricants.
  15. 15. Financial Highlights
  16. 16. Financial Highlights (cont’d)• Stock Price
  17. 17. Financial Highlights (cont’d) • Trends market in Astra otoparts from 2006 until 2010 is increasing with a high scale of billion rupiah. • Revenue Contribution