Endangered Species


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Endangered Species

  1. 1. Endangered Species www.funnybytes.net
  2. 2. TIGER 7,700 left, due to deforestation and poaching
  3. 3. ALBATROSS 600 left, exploitation of their feathers and destruction of their habitat .
  4. 4. BLUE WHALE Declined from 20000 to just 800 at the present day. Hunted for monetary gain.
  5. 5. CHIMPANZEE 17,000 left, hunted for pets and the young are hunted for biomedical experiments.
  6. 6. ELEPHANTS No count available, hunted for ivory and destruction of habitat
  7. 7. GOLDEN TAMARIN 550 left, due to deforestation and agriculture
  8. 8. GORILLA No count available, deforestation, agriculture, poaching and commercial logging
  9. 9. MARKHOR 700 left. Hunting for trophies, and traditional Asian medicine.
  10. 10. GREY WOLF Conflict with humans that misunderstand the threat and breeding with feral dogs. 50,000 left.
  11. 11. HAWKSBILL TURTLE Believed to be only a few hundred left, hunted for their attractive shell
  12. 12. IBERIAN LYNX Traps set for rabbits and foxes count for over half of the deaths, and lack of breeding range. 1000 left
  13. 13. MANED SLOTH No count available, deforestation, hunted for pets and biomedical experiments
  14. 14. HUMPBACK WHALE Just a few thousand left. Hunted to the brink of extinction, now making a slow incline in population.
  15. 15. GIANT PANDA Only 400 left in the wild. Deforestation and hunted for their coats
  16. 16. ARABIAN ORYX Only 700 left, over half of which are in captivity. Reason for decline was hunting for sport.
  17. 17. MARINE OTTER Already extinct in most parts of the world, due to hunting for its fur.
  18. 18. ORANG UTAN Only 5,500 left, deforestation and hunted for it skull
  19. 19. RHINO 2,500 left, killed for sport, and hunted for its horn which is believed to have medicinal properties.
  20. 20. RUFFED LEMUR Deforestation and hunting for pets
  21. 21. SNOW LEOPARD 4,500 left. Hunted for its fur, and loss of natural prey
  22. 22. SWIFT FOX 400 left. It was hunted to extinction in many parts of the world, but a conservation programme is reintroducing them back into the wild
  23. 23. WOOLY SPIDER MONKEY 900 left. Deforestation and hunting the young as pets
  24. 24. WHALE SHARK Very rare, count unknown. Decline to destruction of its natural food.
  25. 25. GOLDEN BAMBOO LEMUR 1000 in a national park, none known elsewhere. Loss of habitat and hunting for pets.
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