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Book club roles


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Book club roles

  1. 1. Book Club RolesJob descriptions*Remember each time youmeet, you’ll have a differentrole or job
  2. 2. Job 1: Wordsmith Look for : ◦ 5 (or more) important words or phrases ◦ Repeated words or used in a different way Mark unknown words with a sticky ◦ Then find meaning using a dictionary or another source Point out these words to your group and discuss them
  3. 3. Job 2: Captain Connector Find 5 (or more) connections to the book and the outside world ◦ To your own life ◦ To things at school ◦ Community ◦ Other people you know ◦ Other books Use sticky notes to mark the pages Explain your thinking on job sheet
  4. 4. Job 3: Genius Guesser Find special sections of the book to read aloud ◦ helps people remember interesting, powerful, funny or important parts ◦ Mark with sticky notes With your group you can: ◦ Read them yourself ◦ Ask someone else to read ◦ Have group read silently Discuss with group Explain thinking on job sheet
  5. 5. Job 4: Question Queen/King Make a list of questions to discuss ◦ Use sticky notes to mark the pages that made you think of the questions Think: ◦ What questions went through MY mind as I read this part? ◦ Use your own thoughts, feelings and concerns ◦ Use “fat” questions  These are BIG, open ended questions that members may not always agree with Write questions on job sheet
  6. 6. Job 5: Artful Artist Draw a picture related to the reading ◦ Sketch ◦ Cartoon ◦ Diagram ◦ Flow chart, any graphic is okay Mark page that made you think of drawing with a sticky note Make group guess about yourpicture and explain it
  7. 7. Job 6: Transformer Prepare a short summary of the reading Did your thinking change in any way? ◦ About the book, characters, author or yourself Discuss main points of reading and how the reading changed your ideas
  8. 8. Enjoy yourbooks, yourroles and happyreading!